Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu and Angoori in corridor. Vibhu walks in greets them and deliver warm chocolate to Angoori and espresso to Anu. Tiwari knocks on door. Angoori says who’s this. Vibhu says who it would be. Anu says you’re so scared being a person and ask who’s this ediot knocking door. Tiwari under the influence of alcohol says horrific matters have occur to me. Angoori receives up in surprise. Anu says live calm he’s under the influence of alcohol can do new experience with you permit Vibhu handle. Vibhu says buffalo why are you troubling this late. Tiwari says if I’m buffalo then my cart is internal. Vibhu Angoori isn’t kart she is Metador and I’m her driver. Anu calls him and says whya communique is that this what nonsense it’s miles. Vibhu says I changed into simply checking out how lots indignant he’s. Tiwari knocks says please open door my love. Vibhu ask her to mention undergarments. Angoori shouts shutup undergarments. Tiwari says I by no means concept you may be that difficult to me. Angoori says I take my phrase lower back. Vibhu says however you’ll now no longer take your phrases lower back. Angoori says I will now no longer take my phrases lower back. Tiwari says you harm me plenty. Anu says overlook it he’s under the influence of alcohol and could make fuss of it. Tiwari outdoor crying. Vibhu, Anu and Angoori internal playing and consuming espresso.

Next day Tiwari in his room searching at Angooris picturegraph pronouncing I pass over you in which are you. Angoori walks in with milk name him and says have it. Tiwari ask wehre have been you, I changed into burning from internal. Angoori says that’s why I sense hit after touching you. Tiwari praises her extra. Saxena says I like it. Tiwari in surprise and push him lower back says why are you disguised as Angoori. Saxena says I’m right here to provide you milk. Tiwari slaps him and move. Saxena drink that milk.

Angoori and Anu in corridor. Angoori says to Anu I like your Kurta. Vibhu walks in with warm beverages. Anu ask did you get warm water in bathroom. Angoori says I don’t that due to the fact I take bathe from bloodless water. Vibhu says to Anu research some thing you tubtub from boiling water. Anu says I take luke heat water. Vibhu says I checked that water it burns finger. Anu says is my pores and skin of armour, its extra touchy that’s why I should bathe from lukewarm water. Vibhu mocks Anu and says a poem. Angoori says antique human beings says you need to use bloodless water to tubtub. Anu says I assume so there are benifits of heat water, your pours open and your muscular tissues loosen up however with bloodless water you sense breathlessness.
Helan and David walks in. Vibhu greets them. Helan mocks Anu. Angoori greet them both. David says se that female greets all and sundry and our daughter in regulation now no longer greetings at all. Anu says sorry greet them and says I were given amazed. Helan and David says we usually come with none notice. Vibhu says Anu is amazed to peer you. Anu whispers I’m bowled over of seeing them now what we can do if Angoori. Helan says what are you whispering. Anu says to Vibhuti please assist me in kitchen and that they depart

Vibhu says to Anu how can I say them depart this house. Anu says then what need to I say to Angoori, ship her lower back to Tiwari. Vibhu saya no she can be able to now no longer move. Anu says no want to shout simply make preparations for Helan and David. Vibhu says I don’t understand what they may assume. Anu says in the event that they might have heen my family you then definately have to have taken many movements until now. Vibhu says don’t examine your relative with me. Anu says what are you speaking approximately comparison.
Angoori says to Helan have biscuit. Helan says what are you doing right here. David shouts what are you doing internal come out. Helan says you could communicate whilst we depart. Anu says so that you are leaving. David says we simply arrived and you’re speaking to depart, says to Vibhu study your spouse. Vibhu says Anu is right, you need to move. David ask in which. Vibhu calls them with him to communicate. They 3 depart.
Angoori says to Anu is there any hassle due to me then I’ll depart. Anu says don’t fear he’s going to set up some thing for them. Vibhu says to David and Helan move and stay with TMT. David says are you out of thoughts we can move and stay with them I changed into going to call my 20crores assets to you and you’re doing like this to me. Vibhu says if you’ll have achieved that then now have to be celebrating in my Jhakarkatti bunglow however you didn’t so jow suffer. David says k I’m leaving for Bangkok. Vibhu says what you’ll do there, k I produce other choice you could stay with Tiwari and I’m getting new bottle will convey there. Helan and David says k then we could move.

Tiwari in corridor seeing looking Angooris picturegraph on telecellsmartphone says why did you left me. Saxena walks in disguised as Angoori says right here have breakfast. Tiwari says take it I don’t need to have it. Saxena says consume ir or how you’ll get energy, concentrate cautiously I don’t need to pay attention some thing I simply understand I love you plenty and can’t see you sitting unhappy, h ve me one threat and take a seat down in his lap. Doorbell rings. Tiwari says seems like Angoori is right here he push him and run to open door. See David getting surprise. Tiwari says what are you doing right here. David says poem. Helan says come to point. David says Iwe are right here for live. Tiwari says why can’t Vibhu maintain you. David says Vibhu have already got Angoori. Helan says you spouse is burden for us. Tiwari says to Helan why are you speaking like this, we had small combat and she or he left home. Helan and David walks in and take a seat down. Helan says concentrate cautiously until the time your spouse don’t come lower back to your home we can additionally now no longer depart. David seems at Saxena and says I’ll now no longer depart you. Saxena blushes and says you’ll now no longer get nothing. David begin flirting with Saxena wondering he’s women. Tiwari says what’s going on. Helan scolds David. Tiwari says he’s guy disguised as women. David says I can’t agree with this. Saxena says include me in bed room I’ll clean the whole lot.

Malkhan, Teeka and Tiwari having drinks. Tiwari says you informed me alcohol will remedy the whole lot however I’m nonetheless in ache. Teeka says have endurance its now no longer at some point job. Malkhan says it’s miles like ayurvedic medication it takes time. Teeka says in advance we use to be unhappy plenty however from the time we were given this we don’t have any hassle in life. Tiwari says there’s distinction among you and me, I’m a married and I even have ache for my spouse. Vibhu walks in disguised as baba and says to Tiwari your spouse permit you, I noticed misplaced human beings there path, you appear to be misplaced so got here in to reveal you path. Tiwari says my spouse is misplaced. Vibhu says your spouse will come, there’s nicely wherein you need to throw a coin and desire what you call for like your spouse. Tiwari says I don’t understand. Vibhu provide an explanation for him and says you need to call for on your spouse. Tiwari says if this occur then lie down to your feets and live there forever. Teeka says to Baba deliver us advantages in order that we get girlfriend. Malkhan says baba deliver us a few ideas. Vibhu says human beings like your face die single.

Tiwari is going to wishing nicely and desire for a stunning lady. Vibhu takes Angoori to concentrate the whole lot.


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