Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Teeka, Malkhan and Saxena sitting close to tea stall. Tiwari walks to them and sit. Saxena greets him and ask what take place. Teeka says he have to have executed a few crime that’s why bhabhiji left him. Saxena shouts in ache and cry and says to Tiwari what you probably did yo my bhabhi maa I’ll kill you and provide it to my snake. Tiwari hit him and scolds. Saxena go away. Teeka gies to Tiwari and says why are you involved she simply went to Mishra’s residence. Tiwari says this is the issue, what ought to I do and begin crying. Malkhan says consume poision. Teeka says ilwe have treatments in your ache and ask Malkhan to takim him to our scientific keep and all of them go away.

Vibhu and Angoori in kitchen. Vibhu doing prepration for meals and flirts with Angoori. Angoori cries. Vibhu asks hat take place. Angoori says I do not forget Tiwari due to bajra chapati, on every occasion I make bajra chapati for him he use to consume masses of them. Vibhu says bajra comprise masses of warmth in warmth then after ingesting that he may do romance with you, I don’t like bajra chapati on every occasion I consume it experience like I’m chewing cement. Angoori says that suggest you didn’t had quality chapati, once I changed into in village I use to consume it eith tea it looks like biscuit and my mother use to make masses of factors from Bajra. Vibhu says we talked loads approximately bajra and flirt together along with her. Pelu outdoor kitchen list song, Vibhu receives misplaced in Angoori.

Teeka, Malkhan and Tiwari outdoor beer shop. Teeka purchase alcohol for them. Tiwari askw hat is that this you stated you may get remedy. Malkhan says that is the first-class remedy while you are sad. Teeka says Malkhan in proper and ask him to make peg its birthday birthday celebration from Tiwari side. Tiwari says I’m in ache and you’re doing birthday birthday celebration. Teeka says we want to proportion your ache thats why we’re having birthday birthday celebration. Tiwari ask what’s in that. Malkhan says that is bird for us. Tiwari says what approximately 3000 rs I gave you. Malkhan says 2000rs is of bottle and 980rs of snacks and 20rs for chana. Teeka says provide chana of 20rs. Malkhan says take of 10rs due to the fact we want to take vehiclemobile manner domestic again.

Vibhu walks in corridor with meals and calls Angoori to have it earlier than it receives bloodless. Angoori walks in says I don’t experience like ingesting due to the fact Tiwari have to be hungry too. Vibhu says he have to be having meals you don’t want to fear approximately him and says I’ll let you know a tale its time of third December it changed into bloodless and Anu went to Lakhimpur and I changed into lacking her then I visit garden and make bonfire to offer warmth to my frame then all at once Tiwari include meals and he unfold that meals and end it in 2 mins and stated my Angoori is indignant on me and she or he isn’t always having meals so I’m now no longer that mad that I’ll now no longer consume due to him. Angoori says sorry I don’t agree with you due to the fact you are saying something and inform one time we had in combat and didn’t consume something for five days. Vibhu thinks now I want to reveal some thing to Bhabhi.

Vibhu walks out if residence. Prem come on cycle. Vibhu ask him what take place for your moped. Prem says I changed into playing in membership and misplaced over that my spouse has grabbed all my cash now no longer giving me something, over that goons looted me so I want 25000rs to offer them and take my moped again. Vibhu says don’t ask from me I’ll already in trouble. Prem says inform me while did you assist me and mocks him. Vibhu says Tiwari and Angoori had combat and now Angoori is in my residence and she or he is upset. Prem says teel Angoori that Tiwari don’t take care of you and he’s taking part in with Teeka and Malkhan having drinks.

Teeka, Malkhan and Tiwari in TMT’S residence and they’re having drinks. Malkhan says this time Tiwari want Gulpham Kali very badly. Teeka says I’m lacking her loads now. Vibhu status outdoor with Gulpham kali says are you able to Tiwari he’s goal now pass. She pass interior and Vibhuti begin gambling songs. Vibhu statistics the entirety and she or he pass away. Vibhu says true activity and provide her cash and says now it’ll be fun.

Angoori sitting in eating desk recollects her true time with Tiwari. Annu walks in say you didn’t begin ingesting meals. Angoori says I can’t have it. Annu try and make her consume together along with her hand. Angoori says no go away it. Annu says why are you jot ingesting Tiwari have to have had meals a couple of times. Angoori says I recognise thoroughly he can’t consume something with out me. Annu says shall we wait and watch Vibhu went to peer the entirety. Angoori says now after list Vibhu I’ll determine I newd to consume or now no longer. Vibhu walks in says to Angoori I suppose you ought to consume. Angoori ask you went there inform me how is he changed into he ingesting. Vibhu says he changed into doing greater then ingesting. Annu says now you ought to consume he informed you. Angoori says wait first allow me recognise. Vibhu says in place of telling you I’ll display you what hebwas doing and display her video. Angoori in anger calls Ammaji and says I’m sad. Ammaji on mountains journeying says I can’t pay attention you kets speak later and hungs up. Angoori begin ingesting. Annu and Vibhu inspire her to consume.

Gupta close to tea stall with Master having tea. Gupta and Masterji speakme approximately divorce. Saxena walks in disguised as lady. Gupta ask Saxena what apparel you’re wearing. Saxena says I want to pay again to a person and tells his tale approximately someone who entered her residence in bloodless temperature and the way did they followed eachother, subsequent morning that guys left me, it could be he don’t recognise something however I do not forget. Gupta says will you inform in clean language. Saxena says Tiwari and Angoori had combat, Angoori left Tiwari and dwelling in Vibhus residence, now Tiwari is all by myself and he helped me in lot of terrible time so its time for me to assist Tiwari in his terrible time and leaves.

Tiwari in his bed room confessing his ache with Saxena disguised as Angoori.


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