Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori on telecellsmartphone speakme to Bhoore says your husband is taking you to Darjeeling we it’s true have a laugh hungs up and says to Tiwari Bhoore’s husband taking her to Darjeeling. Tiwari says he took 2 lakh from me for his juice enterprise. Angoori says sure however he back you with interest, what’s your trouble. Tiwari says sure I even have have he’s spending with none reason. Angoori says he’s taking his own circle of relatives on excursion and you watched it as extravagance.

Tiwari says you sister husband took your sister Mumbai too. Angoori says sure they went to Gateway of India however why do you experience terrible if different human beings are going. Tiwari says sure I experience terrible due to the fact it’s tough to earn cash and the way will you realize you’re usually in kitchen and communicate nonsense. Angoori says you suggest I communicate nonsense. Tiwari says sure you’re dumb. Angoori says then why did you marry me. Tiwari says due to the fact I become in love. Angoori says then why are you residing with me I’m going and leaves. Tiwari says wherein she can be able to move, handiest to Bhabhiji’s residence.

Angoori knocking on door. Vibhu shouts from interior wait I’m coming and open door sees Angoori and says what are your doing this past due in night time, you may have name me. Angoori says I need to return back that’s why I didn’t name you, I left the whole lot and are available right here. Vibhu says what are you pronouncing what absolutely each person will assume.

Angoori says I don’t care in any respect of anyone, I even have left the whole lot and are available. Vibhu thinks I am seeing her like this primary time. Angoori says inform me will you stay me right here. Vibhu thinks she is sooner or later right here hut what I’ll do approximately Annu. Angoori says what are you wondering will you now no longer calk me interior. Vibhu says I’m extraordinarily sorry and invite her interior.

Angoori receives interior and says inform me will you keeo me interior. Vibhu says ofcourse sure however what approximately Annu, whilst she can be able to find out about this she could be in shock, I’ll try and make her apprehend to begin new ritual and if she don’t apprehend then I’ll lease a room for you in Jhakarkatti, in night time I’ll spend with Annu and in day time with you. Angoori says what are you pronouncing I want to speak to Annu and begin calling her. Vibhu says please for god sake please don’t inform Annu or she could be in shock. Angoori says why she could be in shock. Vibhu says a girls can by no means proportion her husband with every other girls I’ll try and make her apprehend.

Annu walks in and ask what show up what you may make apprehend and ask Angoori what show up you return back past due this night time to us. Vibhu thinks what if she inform approximately our relation. Angoori says I’m harm and I had combat with Tiwari, he stated which you are handiest for cleansing and doing family work, you can not be enterprise girls and you’re dumb. Annu receives indignant and says why do guys deliver this a lot ego with them. Angoori says don’t be indignant and inform me can I stay right here for few days.

Annu says sure. Angoori says however Vibhu stated you may say no and stated that he’s going to lease a room in Jhakarkatti and could stay with me in day time and night time time with you. Annu scolds Vibhuti and says why do you watched I’ll have trouble with this. Angoori says thanks Anitaji. Annu says no issues you may stay right here until you need and ask herto include me to my room and says to Vibhu you realize what to do. Vibhu says sure I’ll get my matters down. Annu says earlier than that get all Angooris stuff from her residence. Angoori and Annu leaves. Vibhu say a poem and visit Tiwari’s residence.

Vibhu ring door bell together along with his slippers. Tiwari open door, cleansing his specks says I recognise your anger become for handiest brief length of time, however whu you appearance extraordinary. Vibhu mocks him. Tiwari says use your specks then you may recognise I’m Vibhuti. Tiwari put on speck and ask what are you doing right here. Vibhu says a woman use to stay right here, who become your spouse however you tortured her and she or he left home.

Tiwari says don’t communicate garbage she went out due to her anger. Vibhu says and also you didn’t even assume wherein she went. Tiwari says I recognise she can be able to visit Bhabhiji and she or he usually come returned in 15-20 minutes. Vibhu says this tiem she can be able to now no longer come returned. Tiwari says why she can be able to now no longer come returned. Vibhu says due to the fact she despatched me to carry her property now permit me move interior. Tiwari try and prevent him however Vibhuti steer clear of him and is going interior.

Malkhan and Teeka walking. Teeka says one time I had an friendship with a wealthy man then evey nighttime I had blast for two months, each nighttime he use to name me and ask, Teeka trll me wehre you need to exit. Malkhan says then you definitely had first rate time and celebration with him. Teeka says it’s all temporary. Malkhan says then he left you due to you. Teeka says I simply were given stored due to the fact he use to take extraordinary type if drug,

one time he become celebrating his birthday on deliver however ended up reducing his cake in jail. Malkhan ask why do human beings have a good time there birthday in deliver. Teeka says overlook them they could do some thing they need why can we care this a lot. Malkhan says then we want a wealthy and respectable man who will assist us to have a good time each day. Teeka says however wherein we can get thid man. Malkhan says there are numerous silly human beings available. Tiwari walks out of his residence.

Malkhan and Teeka walks to him and greets. Tiwari says you’ve got got ruined my true morning via way of means of displaying your face. Tewka mocks him. Tiwari says prevent your nonsense already Angoori has left me. Malkhan says what show up did she trap you with a few different girls. Tiwari mocks him.

Annu receives espresso for Angoori and ask did Tiwari try and touch you. Angoori says no I assume he doesn’t love me. Annu says don’t assume like that now and again Men grow to be so rock hearted, see its been see you later and no touch from him. Angoori says that’s what I’m wondering and concerned whilst did he extrade this a lot. Annu says is he seeing a person due to the fact you’re pretty harmless and those guys are very foxy form of. Angoori says is Vibhuti a few form of person. Annu says no he’s in control, someday he display anger I neutralize him. Vibhu status in the back of them listen the whole lot and greets her. Anu receives stunned greets him and ask whilst did you return back. Tiwari walks in and greets Annu.

Vibhu says get misplaced. Tiwari says true morning to Annu. Annu scolds Tiwari. Tiwari says what show up what I did wrong. Vibhu mocks him and says go away from right here. Tiwari says I got here right here to take my spouse. Annu says sorry Tiwari however you’ve got got misplaced the authority to take your spouse. Tiwari says what are you pronouncing and what my spouse advised you. Vibhu says you’re a cheater.

Annu says I’m sorry whilst matters exit of hand among a husband and spouse then outsiders are available among. Tiwari says there’s some thing misunderstanding, not anything terrible show up among me and Angoori. Angoori says actually and what you stated to me final night time and says go away from right here and stated many stuff approximately Daddu, once I stated you I’m going to Anita’s residence what you stated move and didn’t prevent me too. Tiwari says I didn’t prevent you due to the fact you had been going to Bhabhiji’s residence. Angoori says shutup and says I idea to manipulate myself and become wondering you may come.

Annu says now matters will manner long. Tiwari thinks I by no means idea this subject matter will exit of hand bit Annu and Angoori are extreme permit me attempt one greater move. Vibhu says aren’t you gone. Tiwari says shutup to Vibhuti and says to Angoori are you coming with me or have to I name Ammaji. Angoori says are you calling or have to I name.
Tiwari calls Ammaji. Ammaji alternatives up and says why did you name don’t you realize I’m travelling. Tiwari says I simply referred to as to recognise approximately you. Ammaji says I’m on Himalayan mountains its nevertheless 25km to visit pinnacle at Shivjis temple. Tiwari says ok don’t get tiered a lot.

Ammaji says I’m now no longer antique such as you and Pandit Ramphal referred to as me stated how are you so energetic, capable of climb mountain like an professional. Tiwari says I become looking to say. Ammaji says I can not listen you and hungs up. Vibhu says she hung up and provide her toast and tea. Angoori says I don’t consume bread however you may supply me lemon tea. Vibhu says I’ll get for you and make push Tiwari to essential door. Tiwari at door calls Angoori. Angoori scream at him and he leaves.

Angoori in corridor sitting sad. Vibhu walks to her and says you don’t appearance true while you are sad. Angoori says I additionally need to be satisfied bit appearance what Tiwari did to me. Vibhu says I even have an concept for you and says from the following day a brand new collection is staring Balshiv and inform her the whole lot approximately Balshiv and says I’ll get espresso for you. Angoori says sure and use ginger in that. Vibhu confused

Malkhan and Teeka sitting close to tea stall. Teeka curse Sonpal. Malkhan says are you speakme approximately contractor Sonpal what he did. Teeka says I become staring me female friend however Sonpal see me so he’s growing his residence top in order that I can not stare my female friend. Malkhan says now we can not see terrace of Gulzar from our patio bit I could endorse to live farfar from his daughter she isn’t always true. Teeka says however I like her. Malkhan says you may love anyone. Saxena walks in. Teeka and Malkhan talk approximately Saxena says why become he born. Saxena mocks them.

Angoori says to Vibhu inform me how’s he did he had anything. Vibhu says I become on every other stage and says permit me display you. Angoori sees a video wherein Tiwari is with a girl.


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