Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet ask Chhavi to exit and take pizza together along with her and devour and no want to fear approximately Meet Ahlawat his spouse is right here to attend to him we don’t want your assist. Chhavi says I’ll devour this entire pizza by myself and he or she leaves.

Meet supply him soup. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll now no longer have it. Meet says medical doctor has stated to drink devour, he get soup on his face she wipes it and supply him extra soup to drink. Meet placed extra pillow to offer him help and try and supply him soup.

Meet Ahlawat says mother stated no to Deep to come, she thinks uf he’s going to meet me then I’ll take pressure of labor and ask her to byskip his laptop. Meet says in this example I’m with Babita, she ask for whole relaxation and also you want to attend to your mind too and supply him extra soup. Meet Ahlawat says no I don’t want nore and also you have to be loving due to the fact you may babysit me and says what’s this stupid coloration bedsheet and curtains and my photo. Meet says so need to I alternate your photo, she thinks don’t realize what to do he’s losing interest want to suppose something.

Meet says to Babita permit Meet Ahlawat exit and take a seat down with own circle of relatives he’s going to sense properly. Babita says no manner no. Meet says try and recognize Meet Ahlawat is workaholic and in room he’s going to entice and board so permit him pop out and communicate to different own circle of relatives members. Babita says are you knowledge my son’s fitness isn’t properly he want bedrest or even I shifted my entire paintings to domestic in order that I will have a glance on his fitness and I can not compromise on his fitness and calls Chitu. Chotu listening to the whole thing from behind. Babita says wherein are you Chotu it’s getting overdue for paintings. Chotu says I’ll be there quickly and says why did Meet concealed those applications right here, permit’s supply Babita now.

Meet carry bowl of unpeeled peas and says to Babita right here you may do time byskip with this you may peel it. Chotu include Babita’s package. Meet takes it and try and run away. Babita says I’m already overdue for my paintings supply me my package. Meet walks to her and says inform me one element you have already got lot’s of cash you can take a seat down and experience however nevertheless you figure why. Babita says due to the fact it’s my ardour I get innovative pride from my paintings I sense glad that’s why I want to paintings.

Meet says your son is reproduction of you, he additionally want to paintings have a take a observe the truth he’s now on bedrest so if he’s going to communicate to own circle of relatives spend time with them he’s going to sense properly and assist him in his recuperation and standard I’m right here to attend to him, you simply supply permission. Babita says k take properly care of him. Meet says thank you and leave.

Meet carry Meet Ahlawat outside. Meet Ahlawat says it’s my workplace time permit me pass. Meet says simply wait and counts until 3, all of us arrive and shout surprise. Ragini ask Meet, so what are we doing. Meet says we could play a sport. Ragini says which sport. Duggu says we could play passing the pillow. Meet says properly concept and whoever looses Meet Ahlawat will punish him. Duggu get’s stuck. Meet Ahlawat ask him to imitate Babu Rao from Hera-Pheri. Duggu entertain all of us one.

Hoshiyar receives stuck next. Meet Ahlawat ask Hoshiyar to imitate a person you’re terrified of most. Hoshiyar says I’m terrified of Masum simply don’t inform all of us and mimics Masum. All laugh. Meet Ahlawat approximately to clap. Meet stops him and says cope with your self and says we could play different sport. Isha says permit’s play Dumb Sharas. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll choose group first. Meet says no me first and choose Sunaina, Isha and Duggu. Meet Ahlawat take Hoshiyar, Ragini and Chhavi and that they begin sport.

Meet calls Chhavi first. Chhavi begins offevolved appearing. Everyone attempts there success however couldn’t guess. Babita concerned interior says I hape they’re looking after my son, I need to have now no longer given permission. Everyone makes a laugh of Chhavi. Meet Ahlawat calls Duggu Meet says I’ll pass next. Ragini says I actually have an awesome film for her and whispers to Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat tells it to Meet each awkward. Ragini says act fast. Meet begin appearing. Isha guesses it right. Ragini says very properly. Babita concerned interior how lond will they play it’s horrific for Meet Ahlawat I ought to pass and prevent sport.

Meet Ahlawat says I’ll pass next. Meet says sure play however take a seat down down. Meet Ahlawat and Meet argue on standing. Ragini and Sunaina ask Meet Ahlawat now no longer to stand. Meet Ahlawat try and stand however stumble. Meet saves him. Babita come dashing to her son and sees ketchup on his blouse and thinks it’s blood and panic and scolds Meet. Everyone try and calm Babita. Babita approximately to step on Meet Ahlawat Meet stops her and says that element hurts him. Babita says prevent this appearing and I actually have already misplaced my elder son and don’t need that ache again,

she exams Meet Ahlawat’s blouse and realises it’s now no longer blood. Meet Ahlawat says we try to inform you I’m nice. Hoshiyar says Meet Ahlawat misplaced his stability and so we panicked. Ragini says don’t fear however Meet stored him. Meet Ahlawat says I’m nice. Meet says to Babita I promised you don’t fear not anything will appear to him. Babita says however he misplaced his stability he become fortunate now prevent sport I’ll now no longer take any danger and says to Meet Ahlawat its vital to be interior I realize you get bore interior however now whole bedrest no going out.

Meet Ahlawat suppose’s however I want to exit this night for paintings and says I’m nice I’m recovering. Babita says no you’ll now no longer pop out, whole relaxation and says to Meet take properly care of him promise me you won’t permit appear some thing to him suppose it and inform me I don’t need to pay attention his scream. Meet says sure I’ll do. Meet Ahlawat suppose’s this may be trouble now Meet can be greater alert.

Masum sees Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave. She follows them. Meet messages Manushi to fulfill her


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