Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in kitchen says Tiwari is in ache and I can not sense is ache he were given loss however nevertheless I changed into troubling him. Vibhu walks to kitchen window and says you in tears what show up. Angoori says I’m now no longer feeling exact. Vibhu says inform me what show up. Angoori says Tiwari. Vibhu says oh once more Tiwari and insult him. Angoori says first pay attention me and says his 2 order were given cancelled he changed into unhappy and I changed into inquiring for necklace, I’m so fool. Vibhu says no want to be unhappy on small subject matter you’re harmless and warm girl you now no longer to be scared of those and display her necklace. Angoori receives satisfied says its so lovely. Vibhu says it’s for you. She says I can not have it, you’re my neighbour and we can not take highly-priced present from neighbour Ammaji instructed me. Vibhu says isn’t she useless yet, I sense she ought to move in and says it’s a easy principle whilst a neighbour guft some thing to different neighbour then who accepts the present his all desires come true. She says truely is that true. Vibhu says sure and provide her necklace and flirt with her. Angoori says it’s so lovely it’s going to appearance lovely on me.

Tiwari in corridor calls Gupta says please don’t cancel order, Gupta maintains name. Tiwari in anxiety ask Angoori to convey water. Angoori brings water for him. He says to Angoori I can not convey necklace for you and notice her carrying a necklace, ask what’s this. She says its present Vibhuti provide me. He shouts and says throw it. Tiwari receives name from Gupta receives satisfied and says order isn’t always cancelled, says you’re first-rate thankyou a lot I’ll be there at vacation spot in no time. He says to Angoori that Gupta gave me order lower back. Angoori thank god and says I changed into praying to God. He says God continually pay attention to our prayers and shouts at Angoori I pray you throw this necklace proper away. Tiwari receives name from Agrawal and says thankyou for giving me order lower back. Angoori ask what’s the information. Tiwari says Agrawal gave his order lower back to us and shouts at her says throw that necklace and he receives a name from unknown range he alternatives up and ask who’s this, says says is it Jimmi Chandani Ji what show up and receives satisfied begin dancing in excitement. Angoori says are you long gone mad. Tiwari says we were given new customer from Surat and he’s onboarding with us. Angoori says for this exact information I’ll get candy for you.

Anu in corridor analyzing magzine. Meenal walks in and greet her. Anu says long term how’s you and wherein have been you those many days. Meenal says Anurag want to do formalities for his chemical factory. Anu says so why didn’t you come. Meenal says it changed into critical to be with him. Anu says you’re so satisfied that you purchased Anurag with you who maintains your existence interesting and satisfied now no longer like mine. Meenal says why are you pronouncing like this. Anu says you realize we’ve got marriage anniversary this month so I requested Vibhu to present me some thing, he delivered a necklace for me which changed into vintage with none right design. Meenal says your trouble is which you don’t see price of human, did you idea with how an awful lot love he delivered present for you, our husband thinks that we ought to recognize there emotions. Anu says thankyou for starting my eyes. Meenal says recognition on Vibhu’s emotions. Anu says ok and says I’ll convey espresso for you.

Tillu and Malkhan digging floor and says Kuber’s temple is underneath this floor. Tillu says why don’t you pay attention properly. Malkhan says how we are able to get to recognise will we pay attention bell. Tillu says you’re such dumb, temple are empty from interior so whilst we are able to dig and if we hit floor then we are able to pay attention the echo. Malkhan says you’re proper Tillu and begin shouting. Tillu ask did you pay attention echo. He says no and says I can pay attention extraordinary voice. Tillu says is there everybody else interior and says shall we recognition on digging and begin. They each hit water pipe. Malkhan says what’s this now. Tillu says this could water of a river that’s flowing close to temple. Masterji walks to them says there may be no river, you hit colony water line curse them. Tillu says we didn’t recognise and why sre you getting irritated a lot. Masterji says how will I take bath, there isn’t always water deliver in toilet and I’m already protected in soap. Malkhan says you could smooth your self from this water. Masterji says you’ll get punished for this. Tillu says until the time you’ll convey your stick until that we are able to run away. Masterji hit them and walks away. Tillu and Malkhan in ache.

Tiwari and Angoori in market. Tiwari receives name from Mittal, says what my undergarments will rock in London, that’s first-class I’ll ship you pattern simply byskip the order and hungs. Angoori ask what show up. Tiwari says Mittal is a commercial enterprise grom London and says he want my undergarments in London. Angoori says however what he’ll do together along with your undergarments they’re dirty. Tiwari says he’s speakme approximately order. Angoori says it’s an awesome information however what benifit you won’t take me London on vacation. Tillu and Malkhan list the whole thing. Tiwari says I’ll take you on Vacation anywhere even out of earth in area close to moon and stars. Angoori receives excited and says atleast provide me someday to head in order that I can do packing. Tiwari says sure however pay attention we’re out of success proper now and our fortunate allure is that this necklace proper now so take exact care of it. Angoori says the whole thing happing with you is due to me so I want commission. Tiwari says the whole thing is yours you simply want to take exact care of necklace. Angoori says sure and that they each stroll away.
Tillu says we want to scouse borrow that necklace tonight. Malkhan says then we are able to provide it to Rusa.

Vibhu in kitchen cleansing dishes. Anu calling Vibhuti and walks to him says I’m calling you cant you pay attention and I’m sorry. Vibhu says can’t you spot I’m doing dishes. Anu says I’m pronouncing sorry to you and you’re nevertheless caught with utensils. Vibhu says why are you doing drama of pronouncing sorry. Anu says I simply realised that yoi delivered a guft for me however I criticised over that I recognise it’s my fault I ought to have now no longer finished that I changed into not able to recognize the emotion at the back of that present, if I price emotion extra then you could love me extra proper and I’ll admire that, I recognise I hirt you so I’m sorry. Vibhu says in case you realised that then it’s sufficient for me now come meals it prepared let’s have it. Anu says on one wager first provide me that necklace. Vibhu shouts mommy. Anu says now no longer mommy necklace. Vibhu thinks I gave that necklace to Bhabhiji and if she noticed that then I’m useless says there may be a crises, you rejected that necklace so I gave to Prem. Anu says is Prem your spouse or me. Vibhu says you rejected so I gave to him. Anu says so take it lower back. Vibhu says it won’t appearance first-class now. Anu says you realize what’s going to now no longer appearance first-class that you’ll now no longer are available residence in case you now no longer convey that necklace. Vibhu days that necklace is in his locker in order that it’s far safe. Anu says I idea she gave to her spouse and changed into wondering how I’ll get it from her neck, I’ll ask prem to get it for me from locker now shall we consume meals. Vibhu says I’m now no longer feeling hungry and leaves.

Angoori sleeping. Vibhu in her bed room come to scouse borrow necklace. Malkhan and Tillu hiding underneath bed. Vibhu scouse borrow it and says I’m sorry.


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