Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu get down of rickshaw walks in her residence at the same time as speakme on telecellsmartphone announcing I can not come to many new addmission are been achieved ask a person else to come. Vibhu can’t come he doesn’t exit of Kanpur with out me, I’ll communicate yo Sudheer he’s going to come. Tiwari and Angoori come available residence scared. Angoori ask them wherein are you going. Angoori says we’re strolling out from our residence due to the fact Vibhu is been possessed with the aid of using BelaDonna. Anu says you each are incorrect why Vibhu will do like this. Angoori says no we aren’t lying. Anu says there’s a few confusion why Vibhu will visit a person else residence that to turning into ghost. Vibhu open his residence door. Tiwari and Angoori in shock.

Vibhu pop out says to Anu what are you doing out I became looking forward to you I even have cooked your preferred all low calorie. Tiwari and Angoori says Vibhu became right here then how did you return back there. Vibhu says that is my residence and status with me wife. Tiwari says you’re lying. Anu says it’s clean who’s lying. Vibhu says prevent seeing horror film and watch some thing romantic. Tiwari says if Vibhu is right here then who’s interior.

TMT sleeping. Teeka wakes as much as drink water and notice Belladona sitting above cupboard. Bela greets him. Yeeka receives scared try and awaken Malkhan however choke him. Malkhan beat him and scolds him. Teeka factor fingure at Bela. Malkhan see her and receives scared. Tillu wakes up and says you hit me and shouts in pain. Teeka ask Tillu to appearance above. Tillu see Bela and receives scared. Bela ask them how are you boys. TMT greets him ans Malkhan says do you need to drink some thing. Bela says sure I’ll drink your blood and ask Tillu to slap Tiwari and different will dance. Tillu says is there any reason, do you’ve got got antique contention with him. Bela says act like slave no want to be over clever or else. Tillu pray to god

Tillu knocks on Tiwari’s door and phone him. Teeka and Malkhan dressed as cheer leader. Tiwari open door and ask him what happen, chortle and says why are they dressed like this did they be a part of dance enterprise and ask why did you return back. Tillu says I’m going to do a terrific paintings want your advantages, he contact his toes and take advantages eliminate his specks and slap him. Teeka and Malkhan begin dancing. Tillu slap him once more and that they depart at the same time as dancing.

Angoori in marketplace shopping for vegetable. Saxena walks in and touvh her toes. Angoori says what are you doing you scared me and I’m already afraid of things. Saxena says I even have answer for you. Tantrik baba shouts and says I even have lot of experience. Angoori ask baba waht is your age. Baba says 100years. Saxena says he don’t have any concept approximately his age he performed marble with Duryodhana. Angoori says on the time of Mahabharata son of Dhritarashtra.

Baba says sure I performed marble with him and get scolded together along with his mother and dad. Angoori says to baba I’m in hassle one witch is troubling us a lot. Saxena ask did she harm you. Angoori says no if so she is pretty normal, she is sad, she had an daughter LeleDonna, she left her mother with a person Pele. Baba says sufficient take me to her. Saxena ask Angoori to take him yo Anu residence. Angoori says come we could move.

BelaDonna tied to bed. Everyone searching at her. Baba doing his exorcism and throw water at him. Bela says what type of water you’re throwing at me. Baba says that is drainage water and says until the time you don’t provide me solutions I’ll throw this water on you. Angoori says that is so smelly water. Tiwari says in case you maintain then all of us human will run away.

Baba says permit me do my paintings you don’t recognize how awful soul has possessed him. Bela tease him. Baba additionally tease her back. Bela spit at him. Teeka says this witch is dangerous. Malkhan says she issues us a lot. Bela says simply wait and watch to peer more. Baba says what are you speakme to youngsters communicate to me and ask what’s your call, from wherein you’re and what’s your business. Vibhu says my call is Belladona come from Barcelona and I wash clothes. Tiwari ask what are you doing exorcism or taking her interview. Baba shouts at him. Angoori says what are you doing permit him do his paintings hold quiet. Baba says he isn’t excellent man.

Bela micks Tiwari and says he’s a looser, he has trapped an harmless girl. Baba says I’ll train her lesson and throws water at Tiwari. Tiwari says what are you doing first eliminate soul interior of Vibhu. Baba says I’ll try this however first I’ll take your soul. Angoori scolds Tiwari and says to Baba you could maintain yor exorcism on her. Baba says ok and ask Bela what’s your father’s call, what do you need. Bela says Meradona and says I want to sleep with Tiwari. Angoori receives scared and saya what’s this nonsense. Tillu says to Tiwari if she desires to sleep and is satisfactory for all people you then definately need to move and sleep together along with her.

Tiwari slaps him. Malkhan says do it for humans sake. Baba says nobody will sleep together along with her I’ll sleep together along with her after which take all electricity from her body. Bela chortle and says to Tantrik I’m sorry I’m put on infront of you. Baba chortle and says I recognize she turns into my slave and says case is solved now she is my slave and ask for bottle. Malkhan drink alcohol and provide bottle to him.

Tantrik says now I’ll entice her soul on this bottle and take it to someplace a long way away. Bela says I’m sorry Tantrik I’m leaving this body. Tantrik says how you may move. Bela says I’m going and leaving this body. Tantrik trap soul and hold in bottle. Vibhu says Angoori. Angoori says he’s o.k. now no tone voice is coming from his mouth best unmarried voice now he’s Vibhuti. Tantrik says no want to fear I could make her run away in a single blow. Vibhu says now please open my hands. Tantrik receives up and unite him. Bela catches Tantrik and recite her poem.



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