Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu Singh in police station. Manohar walks to him with tea and breakfast and says looks as if you took large bribe. Happu Singh says this cash is of my grandmother want to deposit in bank. Manohar says she nonetheless paintings and don’t you experience terrible you ask her to paintings at this age. Happu Singh says forestall it that is hire of keep from Ram Narayan Market.

Tiwari and TMT walks in. Tiwari mocks him and says you don’t recognize what goes on in city. Happu Singh says what occur to you which you are screaming at me. Tiwari says why aren’t you list what TMT is announcing. Happu Singh says those boys say whatever and says if those boys come and say we see a fowl with 3 legs how can I agree with it while fowl most effective have legs. TMT says we’ve visible fowl with 3 legs. Happu Singh says while some thing there we are able to see it and if we can not see it then its now no longer available. Tiwari says anyone is capable of see besides you. Happu Singh says not anything is like thats its your imagination. Tiwari says k then proper on stamp paper which you can not guard morden colony. Happu Singh says after I’m announcing its not anything like that. Tiwari says sure it’s miles and its troubling us. Happu Singh says k I’ll cross and notice.

Tiwari deliver Happu Singh and Manohar to Vibhus residence and says right here it’s miles. Happu Singh says now I’ll additionally see the 0.33 leg of fowl. Manohar says he carefull chickens 0.33 leg hit hard. Tiwari will you speak out of doors or come internal. Happu Singh says no want to rush Anu has hooked up an amazing doorbell we could utilities them and ask Manohar to press.

Manohar ask what. Happu Singh mocks him and ask to ring door bell. Manohar visit ring bell however door open, he receives scared and says to Happu Singh you cross first you have already got nine youngsters my is at the manner proper now. Happu Singh ask did it open with the aid of using its personal however nonetheless I’m announcing its your imagination. Tiwari says cross internal fast.

Happu Singh enters residence and ask is Gori Maam internal and take a seat down says I assume so she is out and make contact with Vibhu. Vibhu pop out from kitchen and ask what nonsense is that this how did you input my residence with none permission. Happu Singh says I’m inspector of this colony and those have report a case in opposition to you which you are troubling human beings disguised as ghost, what are you doing. Vibhu says you’re troubling me, making me ghost. Happu Singh says there’s no income in that for me,

I got here due to the fact I want to mention reality approximately fowl 0.33 leg. Vibhu asks what do you assume. Happu Singh says this ghost and all is lie, Happu Sign turns round and sees Vibhu as ghost, Tiwari and Manohar pay attention his voice and combat on who will cross internal.
Happu once more tests and sees Vibhu normal, Vibhu asks all good. Happu Singh says sure and is going out, confused.

Manohar asks Happu what’s it, Happu says supply me water. Manohar run away sacred.

TMT having drinks. Teeka says whilst you are under the influence of alcohol you’ve got got power to combat however whilst you aren’t drink you don’t experience that power. Tillu says however I’m now no longer getting under the influence of alcohol. Malkhan says you’re proper. Tillu we could order one extra bottle tgat one desi it’ll supply us extra booz. Malkhan says we won’t be capable of characteristic well then. Tiwari walks in greets them and ask what’s going on. Teeka says come have drink you may experience good.

Tillu says you want this extra. Malkhan says its a announcing while we drink we’re much less sacred. Tiwari says however with me its specific after I drink I see ghost everywhere. Tillu says approach you’re coward. Malkhan says to Tillu don’t fear drink we can see if a person come. Tiwari takes bottle and drink it. TMT says what you probably did if we recognize you’ll try this we didn’t have provide you. Tiwari see a person in ponytail and receives scared says see what’s coming. TMT receives terrified of seeing a shadow and says we could run.

Rusa walks in and greets them TMT says its you you scared us. Rusa says what do you imply and ask Tiwari am I that scared. Tiwari says whilst you have been coming we were given scared. Teeka ask Rusa why are you carrying frok. Rusa says what’s trouble in that. Malkhan says we’re sacred of human beings carrying frok. Tillu says you’re looking hot. Tiwari thinks how have to I get out if Vibhu nonsense.

Angoori in her bed room making a song and pay attention Bela making a song. Angoori ask who’s making a song. Bela says it’s me and Angoori sees him below the mattress and receives scared. Bela Donna says I actually have daughter who looks as if you Lela Donna she ran away while she turned into younger and chortle. Angoori says your chortle is scary. Bela says in spite of everything I’m you Mommy and ask approximately Ammaji. Angoori says don’t say whatever approximately Ammaji. Bela says now I’m your mommy and says I love you, I omit you. Angoori says I love you and omit you. Bela says now your mommy will stay with you and feature meals with you and olay with you, will you try this a lot extra for mommy and sing poem.

TMT under the influence of alcohol deliver Tiwari yo his residence all under the influence of alcohol. Tiwari says I’ll now no longer cross. Tillu says you may cross. Teeka says otherwise you may stay with dog. Malkhan says Angoori is awaiting you.

Angoori and Bela gazing eachother. Bela ask did you ever cherished anybody. Angoori says sure I love Tiwari. Bela says I additionally did with a person you adore me extra then Tiwari, however he doesn’t understand. Angoori says what you assert I don’t understand, you may doze off I’ll cross downstairs. Bela says no sleep upstairs. Angoori says no I’ll sleep downstairs with Tiwari. Bela says no, you’re beautiful. Angoori says I want to move washroom.

Tillu says to Tiwari there’s disturbence in colony, you have to be with Angoori. Tiwari says she were given extra power then me. Tillu says disgrace on you I didn’t recognize you’re that scared. Malkhan says you’re egocentric usually consider yourself. Tillu says you have to cross and die and mocks him. Tiwari slap Malkhan and says I’m extra concerned approximately my spouse and cross internal. TMT talk approximately him. Teeka says after seein Vibhuti’s residence I experience very scared. Tillu says you’re proper. Malkhan says kets run and that they cross away.

Tiwari walks into his room says you slept Angoori now we can do romance and walks to mattress says I experience romantic these days after such a lot of days, you usually criticism which you don’t romance with me however these days I’ll do romance with you, come into my palms and cross internal bedsheet. Tiwari says what are you doing what sort of romance you’re doing why are you chocking me. Angoori walks in and says I assume so Tiwari is with Bela below sheet. Tiwari pop out with scars on his face and notice Angoori says you right here then who’s internal. Bela pop out and says its Bela Donna. Tiwari receives scared and shouts run.

Angoori in market. Saxena with Tantrik baba. Angoori says to baba I actually have a trouble one witche has made our lifestyles hell. Tantrik says take me to her.


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