Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in kitchen saying to herself this time Ammajis custom are not functioning admirably I lost 3 chains. Vibhu come and asks what’s going on this time Anu was with you she is dark belt yet. Angoori says to Vibhuti she was directly till the time she was with me nobody came, however at that point one thug came and Anu was caught up with beating him till that opportunity 2 hooligans came to me and plundered my chain. Vibhu says this mean these gangsters are brilliant and they masked both of you to for chain, do you recollect there face do they seem as though me. Angoori says no and I don’t recall there face I got terrified when they came and shut my eyes till that time they grab my chain. Vibhu says did somebody grab your chain. Angoori says no they mentioned me join there submits front of me saying Bhabhiji give me chain so I gave him and after that I cried a great deal. Vibhu says you ought to have stood up to. Angoori says what would i be able to do I’m enthusiastic.

TMT sitting close in market. Teeka says see me I’m looking attractive in this coat. TMT flexing over taken things. Malkhan says stay silent on the off chance that somebody will hear we will be in a difficult situation. Tillu says no compelling reason to stress Vibhu took everything. Malkhan says we made Vibhuti take from his chacha. Tillu sees Malkhan says for what reason are your eye temples and mustache white. Teeka says you look old. Malkhan says I put on London cream which I got from chacha’s pack. Tillu says now I now for what reason are they white. Teeka says I swear chacha was having part of stuff with him. David joins TMT, they ask him for what good reason is he disturbed, David says once a lions nephew become a close acquaintence with some jackasses, Malkan says who was nephew, Tilu says clearly a lion not a jackass, David says this time nephew was jackass, and he took his own uncle, will go washroom and recount to you remaining story later.

Vibhu asks TMT did you see uncle, Tilu says yes he recently left, Vibhu says moronic individuals would you be able to stand by wearing his taken garments, Tilu says he didn’t get anything, Vibhu asks Malkan what befell his face, Malkan says I utilized reasonableness cream from uncles sack, Vibhu says it was hair eliminating cream and is there some other Gulzar posse, Tilu says who is it, Vibhu says there is somebody. David strolls to them with Happu, and request that he capture TMT and Vibhu, Happu says let me explore, David asks you need pay off, Happu says stop it, David says look my own nephew has taken me, Vibhu says I am honest, Happu says shut up, David says TMT remaining story is awful deeds have terrible outcomes.

TMT and Vibhu captured and in province, David says my property was your for what reason did you do it, Vibhu says you are liable for this, I never got any cash, this is out of dissatisfaction and capture him and not me, Happu says you will now be taken to jail David, Vibhu says gives up uncle have a great time together, David murmurs Happu gives up around evening time you will have part of fun. Happu begins snickering. TMT says how long will we remain here, Happu says till entire public see you, TMT says god public doesn’t extra hit any place they need to, Teeka says god, Vibhu gets terrified, Tilu says call bhabhiji she will help you, Vibhu calls Anu for help, Happu says individuals of province we have Gulzar pack before you, Anu, Angoori, Tiwari leave, Anu asks what’s going on, Happu says Anu I regard you yet don’t uphold, Everyone asks Anu not to help them. Prem says you manhandled me and take a gander at your better half. Anu says in reality each of the 4 are blameless, Prem says she is attempting to save him. Expert says I will not permit. Anu says pay attention to me first, me and Vibhu had wagered that, Vibhu will prep TMT and I figured nobody can prepare them, Angoori says I have dealt with every one of them and look what they did, Anu says I requested that TMT do it, David says I realized she was behind them.

Tiwari begins crying, and says capture me bhabhiji is honest, Anu says shut up, they all did this to cause Vibhu to acknowledge and esteem my prepping class, once while I was preparing an understudy and Vibhu needed to invest heartfelt energy and we battled and Vibhu tested me that he will prep TMT thus I called TMT for help and all taken things are with me. Happu says offer it to police and all gather it tomorrow.

Vibhu says Anu only for a test you did this, Saxena strolls to everybody and asks a puzzle and gets beaten.

TMT together, Tilu says this group and everything is so hazardous, similar to somebody will assault us whenever, Malkan says requires parcel of dare, they hear some voice and men in white stroll to them, Tilu asks who all are you, They say we are genuine Gulzar Gang individuals, and this posse was to clarify Gulzar sonnet however you offended us, and we will leave you just when you clarify us a few sonnets, TMT unfit to.

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