Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in her bed room Tiwari walks in and ask her did you spot what I see. Angoori says sure Vibhu turned into fainted. Tiwari says I’m speaking approximately her ponytail which come suddenly. Angoori says sure I don’t forget how did it grow. Tiwari says I’m additionally searching for out. Angoori says you’re harmless too however you don’t have any quality. Tiwari says I’m concerned what manifest to Vibhu in graveyard. Angoori says pity Vibhu.

Vibhu in horrifying country recite Hickery Dickery Docks poem. Angoori and Tiwari observe voice and spot him from tgere window, sitting on rocking chair says my call is Belladona. Tiwari and Angoori receives scared. Angoori ask who’s he take Tiwari to mattress and ask why she turned into announcing Belladona.

TMT dozing. Someone fart within the blanket, Teeka wakes up and says what nonsense is this. Malkhan says I assume it’s Tillu he had paratha. Tillu says Malkhan its you. Teeka says shall we discover solution. Tillu try and provide an explanation for in urdu. Malkhan says please talk properly. Teeka says says aunty is right here and cross again to sleep. TMT listen Belladona voice. Teeka ask who’s making a song. Malkhan says ut ought to be Tillu. Tillu says this isn’t always my voice. Teeka says then who’s making a song and that they listen that voice once more and cross again to cowl them with sheet however they see Bella interior. TMT scared can not talk some thing and appearance interior one extra time.

Angoori doing pooja. Tiwari walks in and ask are you alright. Angoori says what manifest to me. Tiwari says there are possibilities some thing may manifest. Angoori says Ammaji is likewise ready some thing manifest a bir or a girl. Tiwari provide her appearance and says I’m announcing which you don’t want to exit due to the fact Vibhu is summon and may damage you. Angoori says Vibhu can not assault me. Tiwari says I’m speaking approximately the ghost interior Vibhu which can assault you. Angoori says I’m now no longer scared and I actually have advantages of Maa Durga no ghost can damage me. Tiwari says now what’s going to manifest.

Angoori out of doors doing pooja, making a song Aarti. Vibhu walks in and flirt with her. Angoori receives scared and says you’re ghost. Vibhu ask who stated I’m ghost. Angoori says all and sundry stated you’re ghost. Tiwari walks in see Vibhu and receives scared says what this ghost is doing right here. Vibhu says he informed you all this nonsense. Angoori says he didn’t stated some thing I noticed you from balcony. Vibhu says while did you spot me. Tiwari says we noticed you closing night time. Vibhu says I went to sleep closing night time via way of means of 10:30pm. Angoori says no you have been walking and your hairs have been large and white. Vibhuti says there is probably false impression. Tiwari says human beings can not have false impression and don’t you don’t forget some thing. Vibhu says no. Tiwari says ok depart it and ask Angoori to assist me easy my again. Vibhu says how disgusting, speaking approximately character matters in public. Tiwari says simply cross from right here and he leaves. Vibhu flirts with her. Angoori sees her leg says they’re proper and depart.

Tiwari in washroom expecting Angoori says so bloodless water now wintry weather is coming want to apply warm water in any other case it’ll provide me shiver. Belladona walks in and contact Tiwari. Tiwari thinks Angoori is right here and says now follow cleaning soap on my again together along with your gentle hands. Belladona begin messaging him. Tiwari says your contact experience distinctive and getting harm says its an excessive amount of friction. Angoori calls Tiwari from out of doors and ask did I come interior to use cleaning soap. Tiwari says in case you are out then who’s messaging me. Belladona flip Tiwari face. Tiwari receives scared and shouts.

Angoori walks in and ask what manifest, see Belladona and receives scared. Tiwari pop out scared and says she is interior get again and vome out with Belladona. He cross interior once more and get out with Angoori. They each run.

Anu get again from her journey tiered and calls Vibhu. Vibhu walks in and says sure baby. Anu says you stated that you’ll welcome me with espresso in which it is. Vibhuti says right here it is, warm and with much less sugar. Anu sip it and says suitable and ask what manifest in your undertaking did you live for entire night time in graveyard. Vibhu says I loved and had outstanding time with witchs play forums recreation with them. Anu says I’m glad for you happy with you and says please keep this cup I’m very tiered and produce that bag please.

TMT out of doors in marketplace close to tea stall. Malkhan says I’m tiered of jogging from morning please see if he’s following us. Tillu says no person is following us we ran with 200km speed. Teeka says that ia air can chase us at 500km speed. Malkhan says sure he’s going to come from at the back of faucet our shoulder and ask. Saxena walks in faucet Malkhan shoulder and ask what’s the time. TMT receives scared and shouts. Saxena says what manifest why are you shouting it’s me. Tillu says he’s Saxena no want to sacred of him. Saxena ask what manifest why are you speaking approximately being scared. Tillu says Vibhu is possessed. Saxena says outstanding and receives excited and says I were given some thing to have studies in ghost now I’ll discover what’s at the back of that pain, due to the fact I assume as the whole thing is there identical ghost also are there and I’ll certainly discover and he leaves. Tillu says don’t trust him he’s mad, for studies cause he may play poker with them. Teeka says let’s visit exorcist he’s going to certainly be having answer. Malkhan says see exorcist is coming.
Happu Singh walks in speaking on telecellsmartphone and scolding a person on telecellsmartphone. Happu Singh slaps Malkhan and take a seat down there says can’t you spot I’m standing. Tillu says we have been dozing collectively in our residence and that they 3 begin speaking nonsense. Happu Singh scolds them and says come to point. Tillu says Vibhu is possessed and now no longer letting us live. Happu Singh begin laughing. Tillu says we’re terrified of witch and you’re laughing. Happu Singh says now no longer to be scared and says he did this generally in advance don’t want to be scared. Teeka says it’s true. Happu Singh says if this factor takes place then have to manifest to me however it won’t manifest due to the fact there may be not anything like this.

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Angoori in her bed room and listen BelaDonna’s voice. She ask who’s making a song. Bela says its me and he or she receives scared. Tiwari cross interior mattress. Tiwari in case you are right here then who’s interior. Bela pop out. Tiwari receives scared and shouts.


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