Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari in hall says to angoori to carry tea. Angoori brings tea for him and anu shouts angoori call, tiwari receives scared says inform anu that i’m out of city and cover at the back of couch. Angoori open gate and says to anu tiwari is out of town he informed me to inform you. Anu says why do i feel tiwari is herr. Angoori says he is out however i can see tiwari everywhere. Anu says the individual we like may be visible everywhere.

Angoori says but i can see vibhu walking right here and there because he’s unemployed. Anu says i experience pity for him he opened umbrella enterprise however wheather forcast informed it’ll no longer rain this time. Angoori says sure its bad and because of him the whole thing terrible become also gonna appear to me. A lizard falls hon tiwari shoulder and he gets scared and pop out. Anu gets stunned says to tiwari what are you doing right here and angoori why did you advised deceive me.

Angoori says i don’t tell lie tiwari instructed me to say. Tiwari says i was unable to withdraw 2 lakh rupees from bank so i informed her to mention. Anu says it’s okay tiwari you could return my cash the next day morning however from next time dont do like this you may supply my day after today morning good enough. Tiwari wondering something and says adequate.

Prem gets name from vibhu. Vibhu asks how are you my pal. Prem says i can not be terrible i’m all correct and begin talking approximately money for which prem tells vibhu a tale to mock vibhu and says i’ll now not buy your umbrella. Prem hear clouds trembling. Vibhu says those are clouds trembling and because the rain start fee will cross up of umbrella for now i can come up with of 200rupees one piece.

Prem says it’ll not rain and clouds tremble once more and vibhuti increases price after each tremble. Tillu standing out of doors his house start water to feel like its raining. Prem says i’ll buy 5 umbrella 250 rupees every earlier than you boom anu price more. Tiwari speakme on smartphone to babloo asking him to lend cash. A beggar sitting close by says absolutely everyone is beggar here. Babloo hungs up phone beggar says should i finance you.

Tiwari says you aren’t that well worth that you may finance me and sees anu coming from her residence. Tiwari receives scared and attempts to enter beggar’s blanket. Anu sees tiwari and says what are you doing. Tiwari says i used to be feeling cold.

Anu says in summer time you feel bloodless, inform me what is inaccurate with you. Tiwari says the money which i took from you and tiwari receives call he sees his telephone and receives scared, its earnings tax calling and asks anu to wait. Anu says communicate speedy.

Tiwari alternatives up name and officer asks is tiwari speaking. Tiwari says sure. Earnings tax officer says we’ve got got order from above that now not to problem small enterprise like you so i’m opening your account and you can use your account and hungs up smartphone. Amu says you had been saying something about cash. Tiwari says to anu don’t worry i’ll supply your money in subsequent 2-three hours.

Anu says adequate and leave. Teeka in police station. Manohar performing some work and says what happen. Teeka says i buied buffalo a person stole it and after that clouds tremble. Teeka says it’s going to rain. Manohar says weather forecast said it will now not rain this time how are clouds trembling.

Malkhan standing out of doors window begin faucet water to make it sense like rain. Teeka says its raining outdoor. Manohar says satisfactory its raining receives scared and says how will i am going again now i don’t have umbrella. Teeka says carried out fear we are able to give you we’ve got umbrella of various length and coloration and could come up with in excessive value 1000rs each.

Manohar says supply me 4. Commissioner sees malkhan status out of doors and faucets him. Angoori in her residence temple praying to god to make everything adequate.

Tiwari calls angoori come to her and say don’t hassle god because the entirety is pleasant earnings tax opened my account. Angoori says now you will not take cash from me. Tiwari says i understand that money is drowned so deep that no person can carry it so from next time do now not invest cash before asking me. Angoori says i’ll now not give with out your permission. Tiwari says accurate

commissioner called manohar and come police station. Manohar says you here boss, properly you got here its raining outside and those people are selling umbrella in reasonably-priced fee.

Commissioner says shutup outdoor its sunny day see outside and the rain which turned into taking place became from there pipe and do one component now great them with stick. Malkhan begin crying and says if we inform you the whole thing who’s plan become this then will you allow us to pass.

Commissioner mocks them and asks who is the actual boss. Malkhan and teeka says its vibhu. Malkhan receives call from vibhu, commissioner says cellphone on speaker. Vibhu says so what number of you sold do fast after this we must move yo commissioner he is a piece idiot however we will make sale to him, why aren’t you saying something. Commissioner says its no longer malkhan its me commissioner speaking.

Vibhu receives scared and says why are you speakme on malkhan phones. Commissioner ssys don’t communicate rubbish and your case is very small so i’ll now not take any action however if you didn’t prevent i’ll stop your everything.

Vibhu says keep in mind its accomplished and hungs up. Commissioner says to manohar you start beating them with stick that to heavy beating. Tiwari says to angoori now make tea for me and tiwari tries to transport his leg but it receives stuck. Tiwari shouts who is this.

Vibhu receives up says that i got yo realize you obtain money returned and please purchase my umbrella. Angoori says please help him think about anu believe her face how will she feel. Tiwari says its her horrific luck that she got husband like him however she got accurate good fortune too that she were given neighbour like me, adequate i’ll buy your umbrella how much it’ll fee. Vibhu says 2.

Seventy five lakhs. Tiwari says you still looking to earn income. Vibhu says adequate deliver 101rs more above 2 lakhs. Tiwari says ok i’ll sign a check for you. Vibhu says you are a goodman i’ll name tmt they’ll convey umbrella for you. Angoori says you are very great character, i’ll bring tea for you

vibhu chilling on his couch. Anu come and ask wherein sre the umbrella packing containers. Vibhu says they’re gone. Amu says what do you suggest. Vibhu says i offered them returned in rolling i buied for two lakhs and i again that of two lakhs. Anu receives happy says baby that is an merical i’m so satisfied. Vibhu says now you’ll now not divorce me.

Anu says i was not supplying you with divorce in the beginning area that i was talking to my buddy she became given divorce to her husband i was just fooling around with you because of that you became impartial and start a a hit business. Vibhu says this is dishonest.

Anu says i understand because of this game you probably did your best or else you would have come to bed room cried and might have liquids so this is a miles better scenario, so wherein did you sold all this umbrella. Vibhu says don’t take this stress existence is stunning.

Cloud tremble. Anu say’s hence it gonna rain. Vibhu says it cannot rain i talked to climate forecast cloud tremble once more. Vibhu and anu goes out see its raining. Vibhu buddy come from weather forecast and says congrats my friend vibhu it will rain closely this time.

Tiwari standing in balcony says vibhu now see how sick make 4lakhs from 2 lakhs. Anu says vibhu looser.

tmt and anu out of doors vibhu’s residence dancing and making a song. Anu in rickshaw speaking to tiwari says to him we could meet tonight under bridge.

Tiwari receives scared. Tmt, anu and tiwari dancing and singing outside vibhus residence


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