Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Angoori in kitchen singing song, Vibhu visits Angoori at window and flirts. Angoori says go from here I don’t wanna listen any raag from you you dont sing raag you threaten people, you were threating Tiwari with knife. Vibhu says I was not threating him I was singing Chaaku raag in that you have to carry knife while singing that raag. Angoori says first you murder people and then say I was singing raag. Vibhu says raag doesn’t kill people it proved life. Angoori says you are lying you attacked Tiwari, you are a drama queen get lost from here and Angoori leaves the kitchen. Masterji visits Vibhu and says that famous singer Pandit Suresh Shashtriji died today morning when he slipped himself from 500m above and he was having a thumb in his mouth when he died. Vibhu remembers what he talked to Guruji regarding the Guru dakshina and start crying with Masterji. A drunk man comes toward Masterji and Vibhu and start crying with them

Vibhu in his hall practicing TMT visits vibhu. Teeka says to Vibhu why are you singing raag Samshan. Vibhu says I’m feeling very sad while saying that our Guruji Shree Suresh Shashtriji is no more whenever I visit him he always asks me for my thumb but he didn’t told me which thumb he want so today we will sing a raag in his memory and Vibhu TMT start singing. Vibhu says to Teeka that you are going out of melody. Malkan says to Vibhu after the death of Guruji one generation has gone of singer. Teeka says whill you continue to teach us or will stop doing that. Vibhu says why will I stop I will continue teaching you his legacy. Teeka says Guruji must have left something from his will. Vibhu says what he left is his raag in will those are the treasure of an singer. Happu Singh and Manohar visits Vibhu and says very good come with us to police station and asks Manohar to arrest Vibhu. Vibhu says to Happu Singh don’t you know me I’m Music Emperor why are you arresting me. Happu Singh says do you know what you Music Emperor did. Vibhu says what I did. Manohar says to Vibhu every culprit says that and asks what about TMT. Happu Singh says arrest them too. Tillu says why are you arresting us. Teeka says what guruji we dont know him who is this disgusting person. Vibhu says you don’t know your guru. Malkan says nothing you have taught us. Tillu says in the name of teaching he made us do his household work in free arrest him. Teeka says we will testify against him. Tilly says he is fraud and TMT ran away. Happu Singh to Manohar you became so slow before he run arrest him. Vibhu says do you have any knowledge about music. Happu Singh do you think me as fool I have knowledge about music and ask Manohar to to arrest. Vibhu says I want to sing a raag for you he start playing and ran away.

Angoori cutting vegetables in hall and Vibhuti enetr her house through window and drops the utensils. Angoori shouts thief but Vibhu says its me your Vibhuti. Angoori says what are you doing go from here. Tiwari come running towards them. Vibhu put a knife on Angoori and asks Tiwari to take his complaint back. Tiwari says what are you saying and says to Vibhu first you leave Angoori and they both start arguing. Happu Singh rings the doorbell, Vibhu says to Tiwari to take his complaint back and don’t tell him I’m here and scares him. Tiwari opens the door and Manohar says to Tiwari to repair his doorbell. Happu Singh makes fun on his doorbell. Tiwari says what rubbish are you talking and what’s the reason you came. Happu Singh says to Tiwari, Vibhu ran away does he came here. Tiwari giving him signal and saying he didn’t came here and says go from here and don’t trouble us. Vibhu says to Tiwari what signal were you giving to him. Happu Singh and Manohar enters Tiwari house from his kitchen window. Vibhu says yo Happu Singh, Angoori is in my possession if you didn’t take my complaint back I’ll hurt her. Happu Singh says to Vibhu how can I do that it can only be done by the person who has filed it. Vibhu says I was just singing raag for Tiwari. Tiwari gest a call from Ammaji and tells to Happu Singh that Ammaji told me my neighbour will attack me from knife if you don’t believe we listen to her. Ammaji says to Tiwari that pandit Ramphal called and said by mistake he saw someone else horoscope and said that Vibhu is no threat for you, Angoori greets Ammaji, Ammaji says I’ll talk with you later and hungs up. Tiwari says I take my complaint back. Happu Singh scolds Tiwari and asks Manohar to leave. Vibhu says sorry to Angoori, Angoori says no problem these things happen. Tiwari says well know will you stop singing. Vibhu talks to himself and start singing.

Angoori in her bedroom and talking about her diary and says today I’ll write the poem which I thought today. Tiwari come and asks Angoori aren’t you asleep. Angoori says I was going to to but a poem came to my mind. Tiwari says this is waste of time. Angoori says after so much time I picked up pen. Tiwari says to Angoori keep that pen down I’m feeling sleepy. Angoori says please listen my poem its an romantic poem, while Angoori was telling her poem Tiwari goes to sleep and start snoring. Angoori gets upset and goes to sleep

Angoori giving water to plants and singing song
Vibhu visits Angoori and calls her. Angoori says to Vibhu I’m upset. Vibhu asks why are you so upset. Angoori says to Vibhu that Tiwari never think of me he doesn’t love me nowadays, I was reciting a romantic poem for him but he slept while listening to that. Vibhu says he slept how dare he.

TMT and Masterji sitting near tea stall. Masterji asks TMT how are you. Tillu says to Masterji regarding having girlfriend. Masterji start teasing TMT and leaves. Teeka says he was right shopkeeper start singing and TMT leaves

Precap A man was beating Tiwari, Vibhu disguised as women approches Tiwari and beats the man.


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