Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in kitchen cooking and making a song. Vibhu walks in and begin making a song. They each making a song and Vibhu says I preferred it we ought to do it every day and ask how’s you. Angoori says you realize what show up remaining night time, me and Tiwari became sleeping. Vibhuti begin flirting with Angoori. Angoori says I don’t realize what you assert and says remaining night time a mouse bumped into Tiwari’s garments he became scared. Vibhuti and Angoori make a laugh of Tiwari. Angoori says to Vibhu aren’t terrified of whatever. Vibhuti says no I’m now no longer terrified of whatever and inform him tale of his remaining residence how he use to stroll in cemetery after dinner. Tiwari walks in and stand in the back of Vibhu. Angoori ask don’t you scared. Vibhu says I became now no longer scared, lifeless frame had been terrified of me until the time I’m there. Tiwari scare Vibhu. Vibhuti shouts, Tiwari and Angoori chuckle at him and mocks him. Tiwari says pass from right here and prevent losing my spouse time she receives past due to provide me meals. Tiwari ask Angoori to provide meals fast.

Masterji, Gupta and Teeka close to tea stall. Doctor ask Teeka to take deep breath for take a look at up. Teeka begin respiration like dog. Gupta scolds him and ask inform me what show up. Teeka says my food plan has decreased from eight roti and one entire bird to 7roti and 1 entire bird. Gupta says that is to fear and says consume some thing spicy. Teeka says what are you speakme like my belly will burst. Malkhan and Tillu walks and says why are you troubling him. Teeka says he’s making a laugh of me. Gupta says you’re making a laugh if physician says I’ll curse you which you get piles. Tillu says guve him some thing else due to the fact I actually have ability yo treatment piles in 3 days. Gupta walks away and ask Tillu to satisfy me in evening. Prem and Tiwari walks in. Prem ask Tiwari what show up why you appearance upset. Masterji says most effective Vibhu can insult him. Vibhuti walks in and says this character is been made to be insulted. Tiwari says to anybody that Vibhu became announcing each lifeless frame from cemetery are terrified of him, he play disguise and are searching for with witch. Vibhuti says I play and mocks Tiwari. Tiwari mocks him returned and says we could have a wager, live for one night time in cemetery, in case you are scared then you need to be my slave. Vibhuti says I’m now no longer mad to make a wager with you. Tiwari slides out a 500rs be aware TMT see. TMT begin frightening Vibhu to simply accept wager. Prem additionally mocks him. Vibhuti says I’m feeling stress could be returned. TMT ask Tiwari can we want to chase Vibhu it’s going to fee more 1000rs. Tiwari slap them.

Anu on telecellsmartphone speakme to Mr Kapoor says I’ll attain in 1 hr, I’ll see you bye. Vibhuti walks in and ask in which are you going. Anu says I’m going to Lakhimpur Giri now could be returned quickly and what show up to you, you appearance worried. Vibhu says Tiwari have a few problems with me usually troubling me. Anu says however you furthermore may problem him plenty. Tiwari knocks on door says Vibhu open door. Anu ask what show up why you appearance so scared. Vibhuti says I’m terrified of my anger, I assume I’ll ruin his hand. Tiwari shouts Bhabhiji open door I want to inform approximately your husband. Anu and Vibhu argue and Anu opens door. Anu greets Tiwari. Anu ask what show up. Tiwari says your husband is a lier, your husband display off plenty that he use to do night time stroll in cemetery and play disguise and are searching for with witchs. Anu says honestly so what you need now. Tiwari says I stored a wager infront of him says to live for night time in cemetery. Anu says properly I’m positive he can try this for one night time. Vibhu says what are you speakme. Anu says Tiwari is hard you and I need you to simply accept that and win, I realize I’ll now no longer be there to peer however I’ll hold a watch on you and I’m positive you may do a great job. Tiwari says I promise that no injustice will show up to Vibhu and says we could meet this night and leave.
Anu says all of the best. Vibhuti says why did you assert on my behalf. Anu says then why did you assert and leave.

Angoori in her corridor sitting cleansing rice. Vibhuti walks in. Angoori ask why are you scared. Vibhu says this night I’ll spend my time in Jhakarkatti cemetery. Anu says why Anu kicked you out. Vibhuti says no. Anu ask then what’s is the reason. Vibhu says your Tiwari is scared and thinks that I’m scared too and says he challenged me to spend one night time in cemetery. Angoori says right niw you may show which you aren’t coward due to the fact anybody became teasing you, now anybody will realize you aren’t coward all of the best. Vibhu says I’m now no longer scared and receives terrified of landline ringtone.

TMT, Tiwari takes Vibhu to graveyard even as making a song. Tiwari says to Vibhu now you need to pass by myself after this door of heaven. Teeka says sorry for what we did to you. Tillu and Malkhan says you operate to assist us in lots of situations. Tiwari says this graveyard is cursed whoever pass inner by no means pop out. Vibhu says are you scaring me and pray to God. Tiwari says don’t try and pop out due to the fact we’re right here watching. Vibhu pass inner graveyard. Tillu ask Tiwari we could play card to timepass. Malkhan and Teeka says yes. Tiwari says concentrate I don’t gamble. Malkhan ask Teeka to deliver out cards.

Vibhuti taking walks inner graveyard scared and study a grace Bella Dona Jacobs. A witch taking that call once more and once more. Vibhuti ask who and shouts. TMT and Tiwari outdoor listen his voice. Tiwari says I assume so it became Vibhuti’s voice.

Vibhu in his bedroom. Tiwari and Angoori round. Gupta analyzing him. Tiwari ask is he lifeless. Angoori says don’t say whatever first you ship him to graveyard, to someone who’s vulnerable at heart. Tiwari says you suspect he’s vulnerable at heart, in first light he became announcing many such things as night time ealk and disguise and are searching for. Gupta says I assume so he would possibly have doen night time walks with speak to a witch and misplaced his awareness. Vibhu regain awareness and ask in which am I. Tiwari says for now you’re alive. Angoori ask how are you. Tiwari ask how are you feeling. Vibhu says I’m scared she has blood in her eyes she attacked me. Gupta says I assume he’s speakme approximately witch. Tiwari says he’s coward would possibly have believe a department as witch. Gupta says I additionally assume identical and deliver him Bhabhoot to hold beside him and says observe it after bathing the whole thing could be finr. Gupta, Tiwari and Angoori begin leaving and that they listen wierd noises from Vibhu room. They get in to test and spot Vibhu mendacity with head down, has white hair and begin shouting and shaking. They get scared and run away.

Tiwari says to Angoori don’t exit Vibhu can harm us.

Angoori says to Tiwari in toilet ought to she are available in to assist him easy his returned. Tiwari says in case you are out then who’s supporting me and turns round sees Vibhu as ghost in the back of him.

Angoori hears a tune and says who’s making a song. Vibhuti as ghost below her mattress says it’s me. Angoori receives scared.


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