Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malkhan in marketplace having tea. Tiwari going somewhere. Malkhan receives up come across Tiwari and placed pockets in his pocket. Tiwari says don’t you’ve got got eyes cant you see. Malkhan says sorry I turned into simply going therr turned into no trick on this and depart. Tiwari ask for tra. Vibhu include Manohar and says he’s the one. Tiwari says why are you catching me and for what crime. Vibhu says you’ve got got an excellent enterprise a stunning spouse after that to you’re stealing things. Tiwari says what did I thieve a person pockets. Saxena come and be a part of them. Vibhu says sure you stole ky pockets. Tiwari says why will I thieve your pockets. Vibhu says I don’t recognize and ask Manohar to seize him. Saxena says to Manohar earlier than catching Tiwari simply suppose how Vibhuti is so first seek Tiwari then seize him. Vibhu says very well the whole thing might be clear. Manohar seek Tiwari and says right here is the pockets. Tiwari says that’s my pockets. Manohar says ok if that’s your pockets then whose pockets is this. Vibhu says this pockets us mine it belongs to me. Manohar says how can I agree with that its your pockets. Saxena ask him to test how plenty cash is in that pockets. Manohar says 10rs. Saxena says its his pockets. Tiwari says however I didn’t thieve his pockets. Saxena says his pockets can not stroll and are available into your pocket, you aren’t properly individual for Ram-Leela. Vibhu says to Saxena I don’t need a person report a police case in opposition to him, how he is probably however nonetheless he’s our neighbour and asks Manohar please depart him you may cross. Saxena says I’ll provide you with 30 factors to your kindness and disqualify Tiwari. Tiwari says pay attention its a conspiracy in opposition to me and I need to get factors for being victim. Saxena appears into Tiwari’s eyes and say I can see moisture to your eyes I’m feeling terrible for this so I’ll now no longer disqualify you I’ll minus 30 factors of you. Vibhu says you’re fortunate which you didn’t were given disqualify, way to Malkhan that he noticed you whilst you had been stealing pockets. Malkhan come and says you referred to as me. Saxena says properly you’re right here I’ll provide you with 30 factors for having eagle eye.

Anu on telecellsmartphone speaking to Rohini and says you’ll provide your pleasant to your examination and inform Rohini her trick to offer examination and hungs up. Tiwari come and walks to Anu. Anu says I even have by no means heard a lot silly query then this why you constantly ask Bhabhiji is in residence, I’m constantly in residence. Tiwari says sorry, do you recognize wherein I can get bus for Himachal Pradesh, Jaipur or chennai. Anu says what I seem like someone at bus prevent and who desires to cross. Tiwari says no person desires to cross I turned into simply asking due to the fact I don’t sense like being right here in colony so notion of going out until Ram-Leela. Anu asks why what take place. Tiwari says I can not cope with the conspiracy accomplished in opposition to me to get function in Ram-Leela, Vibhu made a plan and placed his pockets inner my pocket with assist of Malkhan and ask police to seize me in the front of Saxena and he deducted my factors. Anu in surprise says how can he do this. Tiwari says sure he did this to me. Anu says he isn’t always that terrible however I don’t recognize what take place to him. Tiwari says to Anu, Vibhuti asks Saxena are you giving Sita’s function to Anu. Anu asks then what take place. Tiwari says Saxena additionally hold eagle eye like me and he stated sure Sita’s tole suite you the Vibhu got here in among and says are you out if thoughts Surpanakhs is pleasant individual suites her. Anu shouts and says prevent it and says sorry to Tiwari, you cane to inform me approximately Vibhuti and I shouted on you, in case you wouldn’t have advised me then how could I recognize its ok in case you are backbiting approximately Vibhu and universal you’re best for being backbiter of mordern colony and permit Vibhuti come its gonna be a battle in bedroom.

Angoori in corridor cleansing rice and throwing it everywhere. Ammaji come sees it and says Angoori. Angoori receives greatly surprised and says whilst did you return back and greets her. Ammaji says in case you need to feed birds then do it outdoor how will they recognize you’re giving them meals inner. Angoori in surprise says I turned into cleansing rice how did this rice come right here. Ammaji asks what take place are you misplaced somewhere. Angoori says sure I turned into wondering some thing and didn’t understood what I did to rice. Ammaji says in case you had been wondering that how I gonna beat Tiwari then its ok however its now no longer properly to disrespect meals. Angoori says sure you’re proper however I’m now no longer feeling properly due to the fact Tiwari is not able to get Shri Ram function in Ram-Leela. Ammaji asks why did every body provide him monster function. Angoori says no its all due to the fact if me I did some thing which deducted his factors. Ammaji says no want to fear if every body could have visible him in that function no person will come from subsequent time. Angoori says however I sense terrible for him. Ammaji says uf you feel that plenty terrible for him then why you deducted his point. Angoori says I didn’t try this, I’ll inform one component don’t say to anyone, God got here and advised me that don’t permit Tiwari emerge as Shri Ram. Ammaji says a few god got here and yold this to you, who turned into that god and wherein did you meet him
Angoori says once I turned into doing pooja in morning and he regarded in the front of me. Ammaji whilst god regarded didn’t you ask him why Tiwari will now no longer try this function and who will do it. Angoori says I didn’t got here into my brain. Ammaji says subsequent time whilst he come ask hima nd do permit me recognize in order that I can meet gid. Angoori says he advised me his call his call turned into neighbour god. Ammaji says I suppose so I recognize who’s that god we could meet gim the following day and ask Angoori to prepare dinner dinner Biryani.

Vibhu list to songs and having snacks hitting his tune participant with leg to prevent disturbence. Anu come and forestalls tune and ask him what you’ll provide me in breakfast. Vibhu asks what you need. Anu says whatever you like. Vibhu says ok I’ll provide you with juice, fruit platter or bread with jam and cup of coffee. Anu sayd each change days you provide me identical breakfast I want some thing else. Vibhu says ok I’ll prepare dinner dinner aloo paratha for you with butter..anu says you need to make me fat, provide me some thing which you like. Vibhu says vermicelli. Anu says who devour this. Vibhu says every body in my own circle of relatives eats this ok I’ll prepare dinner dinner pakoda for you. Anu says deep fried you need me to get fat, provide me some thing you like. Vibhu says do you need to devour poision. Anu cries and says you need me to die. Saxena come and says I’ll deduct 50 factors of your. Vibhu says its now no longer like that she requested me what you’ll serve me for breakfast so in comic story I stated I’ll provide you with poision. Anu says to Saxena I requested Vibhuti to offer me some thing and he stated me for poision. Saxena says I’ll reduce nore 50 factors of your for troubling bhabhi maa, now I’ll depart due to the fact need to reduce factors of different humans. Vibhu says now satisfied you probably did this on purpose. Anu says no, it due to temper swings. Vibhu says prevent it there’s some thing you’re behaving like this, I’m speaking like Surpanakh. Vibhu says however why are you calling your self Surpanakh. Anu says I’m now no longer pronouncing its you who’re pronouncing me Surpanakh and Tiwari advised me the whole thing. Vibhu says I swear on mother I didn’t name you and Tiwari is mendacity so you prevent me for taking function of Shri Ram. Anu says absolutely now I’ll see which you emerge as Shri Ram. Vibhu says I like that.

TMT in there residence having dinner. Malkhan says to Teeka you bear in mind one time you had been in fever and we notion you died. Teeka says bear in mind whilst you and Tillu had combat and also you stated whoever died the opposite one will put on luxurious shirt. Malkhan says you bear in mind this small component however don’t bear in mind whilst you had been approximately to die we notion of supplying you with our Kidney to store you. Teeka looses his calm and shouts on Malkhan. Malkhan additionally looses his calm. Teeka says you eve-teased neighbour’s spouse, I got here and stored you. Malkhan says there’s large distinction in giving kidney and getting crushed up. Teeka asks what’s the distinction inform me and says you each need I shouldn’t emerge as Ram you need me to free this race. Malkhan says pay attention sooner or later or different you need to pay off me and nowadays is the day. Teeka mocks Malkhan and that they each begin arguing. Tillu says no person from will sacrifice due to the fact you didn’t stored that sort of relation, there has been a time in mordern colony wherein humans use to inform approximately our friendship, tale turned into advised approximately us however because of greed the whole thing ruined, I swear Teeka, Malkhan we can not be Ram however I’ll bear in mind due to Ramji function we grew to become our returned to eachother and have become Ravan, we have become enemy due to Rusa its disgusting. Malkhan says to Tillu you’re proper. Teeka says I’ll do the whole thing all proper. Malkhan and Teeka hugs eachother, Tillu joins them.

Angoori in lawn doing pooja. Vibhu come disguised as god. Angoori receives greatly surprised after seeing him.

Angoori tells Saxena how Tiwari helped negative kids in there education. Saxena says to Tiwari you’re best for Ram function


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