Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari in lawn making a song and consuming. Vibhu walks to him and says in case you don’t thoughts can I say something, pakodas had been cooked however chutney completed and pakoda are cherished with the aid of using chutney so idea of getting liquids with you. Tiwari says can I let you know one factor this become the worst excuse to invite for drink. Vibhu says so can I make drink for me. Tiwari says sure make your drink and I don’t apprehend what to speak to you may’t even ask approximately your paintings. Vibhu says come to factor and inform what is going to be your function in Ram-Leela. Tiwari says for apparent prabhu Shri Ram. Vibhu says what are you speaking stay in fact and mocks Tiwari. Tiwari says appearance with the aid of using Angooris eyes then you’ll recognize that I’m the simplest one appropriate for that function. Vibhu says she may have stated to preserve yor emotions, however sorry bu seeing your face and intelligence you may get function simply in monkey army. Tiwari says your eife will then nk like that. Vibhu says precisely and Anu stated to me I deserve Ram’s function. Tiwari says bhabhiji want to put on glasses. Vibhu mocks Tiwari. Tiwari says so are you best for Shri Ram function. Vibhu says sure. Saxena come and says wow you’re consuming that’s horrific I’ll reduce 25 factors. Vibhu why are you deducting my factor I got here to train Tiwari that alcohol isn’t exact for health. Tiwari says this is incorrect he got here to drink. Vibhu says he’s lying, you may scent my mouth. Saxena mocks Vibhuti.

Angoori in lawn watering plant and making a song. Vibhu come dressed as Ram walks to Angoori. Angoori sees Vibhu and receives shocked. Vibhu says lady. Angoori greets and asks which god are you giving me your blessings. Vibhu says I’m neighbouring god I become satisfied on you so got here to go to you. Angoori says I’m fantastic ful however in no way heard your call and in no way did your Pooja’s. Vibhu says watering vegetation and speaking to humans is likewise one in every of my devotion. Angoori asks in case you’re satisfied from me can I ask for blessings. Vibhu says no you need to earn that blessing with the aid of using your very own I got here to present you truth, I recognize your husband has a massive location in you however you’ve got got given him pointless attention. Angoori says sure due to the fact he’s my husband and that is my responsibility. Vibhu says I recognize and I recognize which you see your husband as Shri Ram character. Angoori says sure I see that continually. Vibhu says you have to now no longer see out of your angle, study him from different angle how can an undergarments supplier may be Shri Ram. Angoori says however that’s his paintings. Vibhu says you ask him to forestall taking component in Shri Ram function. Angoori says how can I forestall. Vibhu says if a spouse need can kill her husband that is a small subject matter, in case you need can irritated me however there could be repercussions for excursion husband. Angoori says don’t do something to him. Vibhu says its for your hand in case you forestall him then I’ll now no longer punish him. Angoori says k and greets him. Vibhu says now near your eyes I need to get invisible. Angoori says oh god you’re devine.

Anu running out in hall. Tiwari walks her and greets. Anu says come take a seat down and says why didn’t you shut up your eyes these days. Tiwari says given that I even have sacrifice Shri Ram function matters are bit stumbled. Anu says so that you desired to try this function. Tiwari says Angoori informed me there may be a few sort of purity in my face, a peace which is ideal for Shri Ram function. Anu laughs and says there may be not anything like that. Tiwari says that’s why I got here to you for advice. Anu says you probably did proper in any other case humans could forestall seeing Ram-Leela. Tiwari says sufficient I need to pass and choose Ammaji she is coming, properly bhabhiji I become announcing that I admire you and stated you may perform with function. Anu says Vibhuti additionally admire me so a good deal. Tiwari says you’re innocent. Anu says inform me what manifest, you suggest to mention Vibhuti don’t admire me. Tiwari says Vibhuti become satisfied while together along with his function however stated Anu will do Sita’s function there could be no fun, how are you going to name Anu as Sita she seems so foxy like fox and he stated greater. Anu asks what all he stated. Tiwari says he determined a function for you of Shurpanaka. Anu receives irritated and says that one with out nose. Tiwari says don’t says something to Vibhuti in any other case subject matter could be stretched. Anu says its k I’ll now no longer say something to Vibhu. Tiwari says you may do anything you need he’s your husband. Anu says sure now I’ll see how he’s going to do function of Shri Ram.

Vibhu close to temple says that is the time while Saxena come to temple in which is he. A beggar touches Vibhuti. Vibhu says don’t contact me you’ll spoil my clothes. Vibhu sees Saxena and take a seat down with beggar ask him in which have you ever studied until you appearance exact. Beggar says you furthermore may appearance exact however you had been hitting me together along with your legs. Vibhu says I become looking to assist you, looks as if you didn’t had something from days and deliver him his pockets, Vibhu says you aren’t sporting footwear and deliver him footwear. Beggar says so that you will take new paur from outdoor temple. Vibhu says no son I even have greater footwear I can pass undergo foot however can’t see you want this. Beggar says you’re type hearted its like gold. Vibhu says thankyou, you have to have a few desires want to put on gold chain. Beggar says sure and Vibhuti deliver him his gold chain. Saxena seeing everything. Beggar receives emotional and says you’re god and pray for him. Vibhu says no I’m one in every of you. Saxena walks to Vibhuti and says these days I understood you’re character with massive idea you gave him your pockets for that I’ll provide you with 25 factors. Vibhu says I’m now no longer doing this for factor. Saxena says that’s an praise to your paintings and also you gave him footwear 25 factors for that and 25 factors for gold chain and a hundred factors for being a great character congratulations. Vibhu says my philosophy is to be type to every body and god desires you to look me, I continually do this. Saxena says you’re doing very thoroughly I’m pleased with you and leaves. Vibhu says to beggar deliver returned footwear chain and pockets. Beggar says however sir you gave me this. Vibhu says you’re beggar so behave like that and leaves. Beggar mocks Vibhuti.

Saxena in his balcony having soup. Tillu walks to Saxena and greets him says can I communicate to you for two mins and says I experience like beating you hitting you to your face punching you however in go back are you able to boom my factors. Saxena deliver him bloodless appearance says if I convey my non-public happiness in among of Ram-Leela then Ram will punish me. Tiwari walks to Saxena and says to Tillu you continually say I don’t provide you with your income so these days I’ll grow to be loose right here is your income general 15000. Saxena says to Tiwari you’re doing exact. Tiwari says every body have to be paid for there paintings. Saxena says unwell provide you with 25 factors. Tillu says that is an excessive amount of many time I took ill go away so please deduct that. Saxena says 25 factors for you Tillu. Tiwari says you probably did beyond regular time recall that more. Saxena says Tiwari you get 25 factors. Tillu says that is your generosity however many time I took cash of keep and stored it in my pocket right here preserve this cash. Tiwari says right here take one month more income. Saxena says Tiwari right here 50 factors for you. Tillu says feed negative humans from this cash, they’ll get meals and I’ll get there blessings. Saxena says I’ll 50 factors to you Tillu. Tiwari says k then I’ll upload 1/2 of greater. Saxena receives emotional and says you continually live like this I’ll provide you with each more 50 factors. Tiwari says stayed this lengthy for income so that you can wait greater. Tillu says deliver me how a good deal you’re giving. Tiwari says I’ll provide you with however there may be a massive pooja in residence I’ll provide you with after that and Tiwari leaves.

Prem sitting close to tea stall. TMT come to Prem and Teeka says we want a few cash. Prem says circulate ahead. TMT begs Prem. Saxena come together along with his register. Prem says inform me how a good deal cash you need. Teeka says we want 1000rs. Prem says what is going to manifest from that right here preserve all cash. Prem is going to Saxena and asks hiw a good deal factor you’ll deliver me for that. Saxena says you aren’t from this colony so that you aren’t eligible to take part in play, you had been disqualified earlier than taking component. Prem receives irritated says to TMT I’ll take that cash from you and leaves. Vibhuti, Tiwari, Gupta and Masterji come. Vibhu slaps Saxena and says it’s far complimentary. Teeka says to Saxena every body is right here so please inform score, who’s winning. Saxena says k I’ll begin from Teeka. Teeka says he’s taking my call first that suggest I’m at top. Saxena says I’m beginning from backside and says Teeka receives -25 factors, Malkhan receives -10 factors, Gupta receives +five factors, Masterji receives +50 factors, Tiwari receives +60 factors, Tillu you got +60 factors. Gupta says to Master I suppose so Tillu performed a game. Tillu says this suggest I’m winning. Tiwari says we’re on equal location. Vibhu asks how a good deal factor do I even have. Saxena says you furthermore may have +60 factors so this suggest you 3 have tie, shall we see who will win all of the satisfactory to all of you.

Angoori says to Tiwari this icecream is like powder. Saxena says being reasonably-priced for icecream this isn’t exact I’ll provide you with -25 factors.


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