Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in kitchen cooking food vibhu come and says poem and flirts along with her. Angoori says i don’t apprehend what all you say its constantly complex. Vibhu asks what are you cooking.

Angoori says tiwari became telling it looks like it’s going to rain so cooking pumpkin pakoda for him. Vibhu says i dont like rain it aggravate. Angoori says i really like raining i love to get wet in rain and dance while raining, my mom use to mention who didn’t like rain his vintage-age is near.

Vibhu says i really like rain, its prem who said i don’t like rain then i slapped him tough informed its lovely climate and start flirting together with her says we will get moist and dance in rain. Angoori says tiwari is here i want to provide him breakfast and run away. Anu talking on phone with anjali speakme approximately there existence and says i’m lucky due to the fact vibhu is here so my lifestyles is straightforward and asks how’s going on with you.

Anjali begin crying and says my husband is having seriou affairs and i idea i’ll depart her after 2 affairs however he grabbed 36 affair yesterday. Anu says now divorce is an only choice, he doesn’t work in any respect and doing nonsense work all round.

Anjali asks am i doing right. Anu says yes there’s no choice then divorce, while he’ll get notice for divorce then he will understand what he has misplaced, until then simply act like you adore him. Vibhu concentrate the entirety and run away crying. Anu hungs up telephone call, thankgod my vibhu is not like that.

Tillu and malkhan status near tea stall talking yo eachother. Tillu says do have any piece of land wherein i can open a manufacturing unit of 1000corer. Malkhan says no i don’t have however i’ve place in which you may open manufacturing facility of 2000corer. Teeka says i’m sorry i’ve best 1000corer due to the fact i cannot deliver more coins then that.

Malkhan says i don’t like coins i love simplest diamond. Tillu says i have diamond in my footwear, ill beat you with my shoe and take some thing diamond fell down.

Tiwari come and says what nonsense are you doing. Malkhan says not anything we had been just goofing round.

Tiwari asks did you spot masterji. Tillu says communicate of the satan. Devil is right here. Masterji come and tiwari says i’m seeking out you there identity a few issues with my income tax papers and they have seized my account, my order is comming and for that i should deliver 2lakh rupees so if you will lend me will return you in 8-10days. Masterji says you’re making fun of a poor trainer after asking 2lakh rupees. Tiwari says i recognise you have bought your ancestral land and yoi were given money from that. Masterji says that money is for my daughter wedding.

Tiwari says i cannot take from market in the event that they were given to understand approximately that they’ll snatch that order from me. Masterji says when no one believe you so how you believe you studied i’ll consider you sure i’ve cash however won’t come up with and leaves. Tillu and malkhan giggling.

Tillu says now you ought to come with us. Malkhan says now you may be also like us terrible and they both run away. Tiwari says to himself now from wherein can i get money. Pelu sitting close to with the aid of gives him chit pronouncing i permit you to. Tiwari asks how.

He continues a plate in his hand. Angoori in kitchen doing work. Vibhu come. Angoori says while did you got here and also you didn’t greet me, what occur to you your face seems stupid you are jolly all time what manifest to you. Vibhu begin crying. Angoori says forestall crying.

Vibhu says anu is leaving me in line with her i’m unemployed, i don’t do any paintings tell me is that right. Angoori says sure she is right but this is a huge selection she’s been with you from many years, tell me one element on this cruel global did she can get a maid who can do all family paintings. Vibhu says satirically thank you for upscaling my temper, and says i desire able to do something and make anu happy.

Angoori says why don’t you begin enterprise. Vibhu says i have the entirety for commercial enterprise besides money, and begin crying.

Angoori says forestall crying if i might have cash i’ll provide you with however now you have simplest one preference that is to pray. Vibhu says i’ll go now and leaves her. Tiwari come to anu and greets her, says you are drinking espresso. Anu says i’m having green tea.

Tiwari says the manner you have maintained your self i suppose i need to also start having green tea and turn out to be match such as you. Anu says its not simplest inexperienced tea you need to workout and control your weight loss program which you can not do.

Tiwari says i used to be now not feeling appropriate notion of sharing with you don’t assume like i’m asking something from you there may be one among my friend who needs remedy so from marketplace i took money however handiest 2lakhs are left, don’t realize how i’ll keep his existence he were given children too. Anu says i’m able to keep your pals lifestyles however you’re pronouncing that you don’t need help and it’s approximately lifestyles i’ve 2laks in case you need i permit you to.

Tiwari says how can i take money from you however its approximately existence and loss of life if you’ll help you’ll get advantages. Anu says he’s your pal he will return money correct. Tiwari says its approximately 2days he’s going to go back however i feel shy asking approximately cash. Anu says so that you don’t want money. Tiwari say its okay so you are giving me money. Anu in her bedroom studying mag. Vibhu come and gets romantic together with her. Anu says i’m feeling sleepy.

Vibhu says but you are studying. Anu says that is my last page. Vibhu says after that we are able to do romance, yoi don’t have idea how a whole lot i really like you i can do some thing for you. Anu says are you able to contact celing whilst lie down on bed. Vibhu says what rubbish are you talking. Anu says i’m napping don’t disturb me and don’t speak to me. Vibhu start singing sad music and says to himself its all over the whole lot is finished she doesn’t love me anymore i’m a looser.

Precap: vibhu come to angoori says we got business idea it’s wet season so we are able to promote umbrella in much less price and our enterprise will boom. Vibhu and angoori making a song in rain


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