Be Ready With B BETTER: Painful Knees? Don’t Forget to Be BETTER Don’t Go Slow With Divine Medicine: Even if you don’t have money, it doesn’t matter if you have good legs and hands. That’s ten thousand.. elders say. This is the literal truth. A word worth millions. But.. there is a big difference between those of then and now in terms of fitness. Food habits were different in those days. Their lifestyle was also very different. There is no resemblance to the lifestyle of the present generation. That’s why those generations are still into fitness. Now almost everyone regardless of age is facing some health problem. Especially the knee pains should be mentioned.

Don’t leave your childhood

Currently.. children are carrying the burden of books from birth. At the LKG and UKG levels, they are struggling with books that weigh a few kilograms and school bags that are too heavy for their age. Going up the stairs to the classrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors. Coming down the stairs. They rely more on their knees from childhood to stand on their own legs in the future. Due to this, they are affected by joint pains at a young age. Others are suffering from knee pain due to obesity.

Whether at home.. office

At home, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, great-grandmothers, and younger sisters are constantly chopping vegetables, washing clothes, watching TV, etc. In almost every case, the sitting arrangement is not proper, so backaches and backaches are coming. The kneecaps are growing. Also, Employees working in software, desktop, office work, agricultural and industrial sectors are becoming victims of back pain due to standing for hours or sitting in chairs due to the pressure on the vertebrae and wrists.

A misguided journey

From the towns to the rural people are affected by this problem as they are working in the same posture. Driving is not just about a lorry and car drivers. Today it has become a part of everyone’s daily life. They have the same problem. Driving for kilometers while sitting, pressing the brakes repeatedly with your feet, and turning the steering wheel with your hands causes your knees and elbows to hum. Even those who go to offices daily on bikes in cities are suffering. At every step, there are speed breakers on the bumpy roads so you have to brake every minute.

The source of the real problem

Due to this, every joint in the body especially the wrist, knee, and waist are under pressure due to body shaking. The lack of glue in the joints is more dangerous when under such stress. It eventually leads to bone erosion and the need for surgery. To avoid such conditions, the use of ‘B BETTER’ supplements keeps the gum content at the right level and maintains the health of the joints. Should be smooth

There is nothing special to say about the elderly. Knees wear and tear, making it scary to take four steps. Even if you sit, stand, or walk for a while, your legs will hurt. Pulling. They should not be consumed by joint pains. In this background.. various drugs are used for fitness. They roam around hospitals. Physiotherapy sessions are attended for hours. Thinking of the old days… oh.. they feel sad.

Be Ready with B BETTER

Physical health is very important if we are to compete with the growing body and the moving season, and if we are to move forward happily on our (mo)feet. In this “joint health” is very important. Proper exercises and walking are crucial to keeping the knees and knees future ready. Nutrition also plays a significant role. In this background, Monks’ Superfoods Private Limited, a healthcare company, has made joint support supplements widely available in the market under the brand name “Be Better”.

Remedy according to disease

The structure of the knees is complex. The femur from the top, the tibia from the bottom, and cartilage, and the gum in the middle. These allow the bones to move smoothly without rubbing when we move the knee. Cartilage, which is thick and strong, gradually begins to wear down with age. This happens due to the reduction of water content in the cartilage, dryness, and other reasons.

Once the cartilage is damaged it is impossible to get it back to normal. Nothing can be done except to preserve what is. Glucosamine supplements are great for cartilage health. They strengthen the cartilage and protect it from further damage. Glucosamine is produced naturally in our bodies. It decreases with increasing age. Glucosamine supplements are available to fill that deficiency. Most of the glucosamine supplements available in the market today are of the non-veg variety.

A pure vegetarian supplement

Be Better brand joint support supplements are pure vegetarian. These include ginger, turmeric, rose, cinnamon, and other ingredients with medicinal properties. Taking these supplements twice a day for three months is sufficient. Half an hour before tiffin in the morning and half an hour before dinner is enough. Life long can walk slowly. To this extent, many patients and customers have given positive feedback. Different age groups in the family are using these products safely.

The “Be Better” brand has become very popular as everyone from a younger age to senior citizens is selecting these supplements for stronger joints and better quality of life. Many people fear that knee problems will occur as they age. But.. that is not correct. It is enough to follow a joint health plan with foresight from the earliest possible age. Part of this should be moderate exercise regularly. Make sure that the water content of the camel does not decrease. Regularly improve the health of the knees with proper nutrition.

Prevention is (b) better than cure

Unlike Be Better brand products with zero side effects, conventional glucosamine products made from animal sources can lead to allergies in some people. In asthmatic patients, however, these symptoms are more severe. So.. there is no doubt that vegetarian glucosamine products are safe, healthy, and work just as well as non-veg supplements. These products are 100% suitable for people with seafood allergies. In one word.. health problems can be anything. Prevention is more important than cure. Prevention is (B) BETTER than Cure.

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