The house of Bigg Boss always takes the test of people’s daring. The same thing happened with 4 contestants of Bigg Boss 14 when they were given a hard task to get inside the house. Seniors proposed to have Mohok cut hairstyle in front of Jan Kumar Sanu to come inside the house, after which Jan agreed to cut her hair without thinking anything. Jan’s mother became emotional after seeing this hairstyle. 

Jan’s mother Rita discussed this in an interview to The Times of India. He said- ‘Yes I felt very bad and I got emotional when I saw him getting Mohok haircut because I know how much he loves his hair. She loves oiling, shampooing and taking care of her hair. He has very thick hair ‘. 

By the way, Jan’s mother has been very impressed by this incident. Seeing Jan’s confidence, he said- ‘I was shocked when he took this haircut, but he did not create any scene about the way he agreed or cried, so I like his confidence. He Came’.

Recently, in the house of Bigg Boss 14, Jan had told about the separation of his parents Singer Kumar Sanu and mother Rita. He said- ‘For me my mother plays the role of both parents. When my mother was pregnant for 6 months, my parents were separated at the same time, so I have been with them since childhood. My mother is my mother as well as my father.

Jaan told this to Jasmin Bhasin, Sara Gurpal and the rest. He further said- ‘The thing that I was most worried about before coming to Bigg Boss house is that who will take care of my mother now. My love for my old school is due to my mother. I think that love can only happen with one person and we should be with that one person only. I am just like my mother ‘.


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