Sara Gurpal, who was a contestant of Bigg Boss season 14, may have become evictant but her discussion is still going on in the Bigg Boss house. Apart from this, she is making headlines even after coming out of the house. Millions of Sara’s fans feel that their aviation was wrong and this is constantly being discussed on social media.

Now a medical reason has also come to light, due to which Sara may have been thrown out of the house. Some new pictures have come on social media, in which Sara’s eyes can be seen clearly. According to information available on social media, Sara has suffered this injury during the immunity task.

He was hurt when Nikki Tamboli was trying to remove him from a bulldozer to win the immunity task. According to the information, Nikki had killed Sarah with her nails, which Sara complained to the seniors during the task. Although the footage of the show was edited, but in many scenes, the contestants were seen talking about it.

This conversation took place between seniors

Whether it was Ejaz Khan’s conversation with the stormy seniors or Hina Khan’s conversation with Gauhar, in many scenes, the contestants were seen talking about how all is not well, but despite this, they played the game in a very sporting style. According to information from sources, Sara is currently undergoing treatment and she will return to the show very soon.



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