Bigg Boss 14 is getting a little thrill in the second week. Many contestants are now opening. They are trying to impress seniors by giving their best in the task. In the upcoming episode, Rahul Vaidya will be seen trying hard to impress Hina Khan.

Rahul’s shirtless dance went viral this week, the BB Farm land task has been given to the contestants. In which Rahul is performing best with his team. Rahul’s unusual and funny actions are entertaining the fans a lot. While Rahul did a funny dance for Siddharth, Rahul Sr. will do a shirtless dance in the coming episodes to woo Hina Khan. Rahul also spoke a romantic shayari for Hina Khan.

Hina Khan impresses with Rahul

Rahul Vaidya got busy impressing him as soon as Hina Khan’s rose shop opened. In the video, it is shown that for Hina Khan, Rahul is dancing as a tawdle sanwaria. Rahul’s shayari won the heart of Hina Khan. Rahul’s outlandish dance and gimmick made everyone swell. Rahul also danced shirtless with Ejaz Khan during the task.

Where Rahul is showing his fun side. At the same time, a fierce battle will also be seen in Wednesday’s episode. Jasmine Bhasin is very angry because of abusing the director Nikki. Jasmin complains to Nikki, crying to Bigg Boss. Nikki will fight Jasmine and Shehzad. Jasmine’s team is very upset with Nikki’s handling.



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