The first weekend war in Bigg Boss 14 was quite fun. In the show, Salman Khan jokingly introduced a class of contestants. Many games were also played, tasked. The show received the first confirmed contestant. Whose name is Nikki Tamboli. Salman Khan’s marriage was also mentioned among all these things. Know what the whole scene is.

Is Siddharth going to get married?
Actually, in the last episode, Salman Khan told the contestants that Siddharth Shukla is going to get married soon. Their wedding date and timing have also gone away. On this, all the households are surprised as well as shocked. Hina Khan asks Salman Khan about the girl. Hina Khan is seen very much excited. Then Salman Khan reveals that Siddharth is going to be married in the show Balika Vadhu.

What did Salman say on the question of marriage?
After listening to this answer of Salman Khan, all the excitement of Hina Khan ends. Hina says- I thought there would be some celebration, someone would come, wear clothes, dance and sing. In response, Salman Khan says – you do not marry. Hina Khan says no to marriage. Also, she talks about marrying Salman Khan. Salman Khan gives a funny answer to this.

Salman Khan said- I am married. I am the age of marriage. Meaning that she has left. Oh no, brother, I don’t mind marrying you. If you talk about anyone’s marriage, then people come directly to me. Let me tell you, in the first episode of the weekend, three players from Chhoti Sardarni show and Mumbai Indians were guests. Everyone asked funny questions to contestants and also got them tasked.



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