Bibi Farm Land Task has been given to all the families in Big Boss to be safe from the next nomination. To do this, family members are divided into two teams. During the task, the family members are witnessing fierce aggression and arrogance.

Both Jan Kumar Sanu and Ejaz Khan are in different teams. During the task, it was seen that there is a debate between Ijaz and Jaan. Ijaz harasses life. Ijaz tells Siddharth that he has put his hands behind him and he will not raise his hands on anyone. Ijaz repeatedly approaches Jaan and Jaan asks him to retreat.

Jaan did bodyshame to Ejaz, during this, Jan angrily body shaved Ejaz Khan. Jan said to Ejaz- Skeleton looks his body. Look at their body. Ijaz, however, does not react to this matter of life. During the task, Shehzad and Ejaz also shout at each other. Both teams are putting their full strength to win this task. It will be to see who wins in the end.

Many families have suffered injuries during this task. According to the task, both teams have to make beautiful gardens. In the end, the team whose garden is the most beautiful will win the task. The director of this task is Nikki Tamboli. Nikki has also been accused by Jasmine Bhasin’s team of supporting Ejaz’s team. He has described Nikki as a biased captain.


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