In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 14, there was a tremendous push between the members of the house over the task. Meanwhile, Rubina Dilac was also seen playing the task in her own way. He did not miss any opportunity to impress seniors Hina Khan, Gauhar Khan and Siddharth Shukla. Rubina was seen agreeing with seniors about the task. For this, he got the Clown getup.

Rubina impresses seniors

Actually, to buy goods from the shops of seniors in the task, the contestants had to make them happy. In such a situation, every contestant was accepting everything from seniors. Rubina was also asked to do makeup like a clown. Rubina did the same and then during the task she was seen playing in her style. She was seen playing games in a fun way. Sometimes, the battle has been announced, sometimes she would run away secretly and go into the aria of the opposing team. She also appeared in the land of cheerleaders and commentators.

Hina and Gauhar were impressed by Rubina’s actions. Gauhar called Rubina’s way of playing the task cute, while Hina Khan was seen hugging Rubina and laughing. Both the seniors looked happy with Rubina. At the moment, the task is not over.

Let us know that the BB Farm Land Task Contestants have been given to keep themselves safe from the next nomination. Two teams have been formed in this. According to the task, both teams have to make beautiful gardens. In the end, the team whose garden is the most beautiful will win the task. The director of this task is Nikki Tamboli.



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