Bawara Dil

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Scene 1
akka bai tells sidhi that i don’t know lots english but this is tic-for-tat. You reddened sarkar’s face by slapping him so in go back i have blackened your face. She laughs and attempts to show up her car window but sidhi blocks it. Sidhi says i have never visible a person more childish. I might just say which you have to develop up. She tells akka bai that i would pray to god with the intention to have extra brains. Bai says what did you assert? Sidhi says you must act your age, what you probably did just now was once finished by way of youngsters. It didn’t hurt me in any respect. I am not shiva lashkare that might fall for your ft and forget about all your wrong acts. Akka bai angrily drives away. Sidhi comes home drenched in mud. Vijiya rushes to her and asks what occurred? Shiva comes there too. Sidhi says an smug girl did it, this mud may be taken however that lady’s internal grime gained’t be removed. She seems at shiva and says it’s vain to argue with an ill-mannered.

Vijiya asks her to head and take a shower. Sidhi glares at shiva and is going internal. Mangala sees her and says you’re destroying the house. Vijiya says a mad woman mistakenly threw mud on her. Sidhi says i don’t suppose it become a mistake. Sidhi begins having a shower and recalls how bai stored playing with her life. How she were given her married to shiva and made him make it a contract marriage. Akka bai comes to shiva’s residence with items. Mangala thinks she has delivered sarkar’s marriage thought. She calls out to soni but bai says these gifts are for sidhi. Vijiya involves sidhi and says akka bai has come and is asking for you. Sidhi comes to her. Shiva comes there too. Bai says it’s now not properly that our daughter-in-regulation got dirty that’s why i’ve introduced garments for you. Shiva says mai you right here? Bai says it’s my son’s residence, that my manner of saying sorry is extraordinary.

If i do a little mistake then i repent in a large manner. Shiva says i don’t understand? Bai says i was driving on the road and the dust mistakenly fell on sidhi. I advised her that she shouldn’t cross home with a black face, what would her inlaws suppose? I asked her if she desires to come with me and take a bath at my residence however she denied me. She asks sidhi in case you didn’t tell them? Shiva says no, she just stated that someone threw mud at her. Akka bai says i didn’t like her black face and garments so i have brought new and luxurious garments for her. Sidhi says it’s about my basics. I may want to get the ones stains off without difficulty and if i used to be embarrassed then i wouldn’t come domestic. It’s suitable that you realized your mistake however i will’t receive your items. Shiva says if she is giving them with love then take it, what’s the problem? Bai says don’t scold her. These clothes are for her so you haven’t any proper to scold her. She will do something with those garments. She tells shiva to put together for the media the next day. She tells sidhi that guguji is coming too. She is going from there. Shiva glares at sidhi.

Scene 2
sidhi is in her room. Shiva comes there and shouts which you said all those horrific words for akka bai? Sidhi says sure, you known as her unwell-mannered. Sidhi says the female who didn’t slap her son on his mistake but asked you to slap your wife. The lady who can intentionally throw mud at a female but then bring new clothes for her as a pity.. What need to i name a girl like that? She must be boastful or crazy due to her useless son. Shiva says bai clarified it became a mistake, she attempted to provide you presents also as repentance. Sidhi says you are blinded by way of akka bai’s favors but you have to open your eyes and notice the truth. Shiva says you are crossing a limit.

Sidhi says you have crossed all limits. I instructed you in advance that it’s vain in arguing with an ill-manner. You have to wake up and notice things in any other case you may continue to be sick-mannered which akka bai likes. Shiva shouts enough, he throws away the glass in anger. Sidhi says why? Can’t you pay attention the truth? My tongue runs due to the fact i haven’t sold my self-respect and no one has made me this city’s goon after liberating me from the prison. Shiva is greatly surprised to recognize that she is aware of the fact. Sidhi says if someone enables you out of goodwill then they don’t want to brag approximately it however if someone is looking the help as a favor then she will be able to use you as a puppet.

That is what is occurring with you. Shiva glares at her and says jail? What have been you saying? Sidhi says i realize everything, how you end up a goon, how you became akka bai’s puppet. You have to assume why did she help you? Who had been you to her that she got the case closed? The most effective reason became her personal gain. Shiva says sufficient! Don’t take a look at my staying power, i received’t pay attention every other phrase. He angrily leaves from there. Shiva beats jalwa and says you may’t hold one secret? She asked you and you spilled the whole thing? Why are you growing my troubles? Move from here and don’t display your face for a few days. Jalwa says listen, please. Shiva says i received’t alert you once more, just go away. Jalwa says i did the sort of big mistake. Sidhi calls ishwar. He says your result is coming tomorrow. Sidhi says oh i didn’t recognize. Ishwar says is the whole thing first-rate there? She says yes. Ishwar says i ought to visit pune tomorrow however akka bai desires me to attend her press convention and ask a few questions. If a person else can attend the conference then i will go to pune. Sidhi says so i will attend the conference in your region, i’ve lots of questions for her.

The episode ends.


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