Bawara Dil

Bawara Dil 8th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sidhi tells shiva that i didn’t inform some thing to baba, he has gone to mumbai. Shiva attempts to mention some thing. Sidhi says if you have some paintings then speak. Shiva says akka bai called us for dinner, i don’t recognise why. After some thing came about the day prior to this.. Sidhi says we can go. Shiva says you’ll move? Sidhi says if she is looking us then we will cross. He nods and goes from there. Vijiya asks why is she calling you? Sidhi says i will discover after assembly her. Mangala tells vailash that sarkar didn’t say some thing to us. Vailash says permit’s move returned home for now. Shiva and sidhi come to akka bai’s house. Mangala and vailash cover from them. Vailash says bai should have invited them, mangala says why could she call them? Vailash says we can discover. Sidhi and shiva come to the living room. Bai comes there so shiva touches her ft. Bai asks sidhi to sit, we’re fortunate to have you right here today. What do you want to consume? Sidhi says thank you for the honour, i don’t want whatever. Bai says it will be fun to serve you, you’re shiva’s wife and my daughter in law proper? She tells shiva that some thing passed off shouldn’t have took place. It’s precise that sarkar apologized but i don’t like one factor.

Sarkar was slapped in the restaurant (through sidhi), some humans should have visible it and it gained’t take a great deal for this to become information. All should be speakme approximately it. Shiva says if you want then i will apologize in the front of all.. Sidhi and bai say no. Sidhi says you need to apologize on all people’s behalf. Bai says she is right, shiva shouldn’t express regret but justice must take place in opposition to that slap. She tells shiva that i want you to slap your wife in front of me to do that justice. Shiva is taken aback and says what are you pronouncing? How am i able to? Bai says sarkar requested me and that i instructed him that this is how justice is performed. Sarkar gained’t raise hand to your wife, he stated no but if you don’t do it then how will justice serve? Shiva appears at sidhi. Sidhi remembers jalwa’s words that shiva takes akka bai’s phrases as holy. Shiva says no bai, i’m able to’t try this. Bai is bowled over and says what did you say?

Shiva says you may ask for my lifestyles but i’m able to’t boost my hand on my spouse. Sidhi is amazed. Bai says sarkar getting slapped is like i got slapped. Do you even take me as your mother or now not? Shiva sits at bai’s feet and says you are my mom, you may ask for my life and i will happily supply it however i can’t slap her. Bai sits in the front of him and glares at sidhi. She starts offevolved guffawing and says you simply notion i would ask you to raise a hand on her? I will never let whatever wrong manifest with ladies. She tells sidhi that sarkar has lost his course inside the previous few years, i wanted to slap him but my motherly love gets in between. It’s top which you slapped him and did my paintings. She offers a present to sidhi. Sidhi opens to discover a watch interior. Bai says this watch will maintain reminding you about top or awful instances. Sidhi says it became no longer wished.

The episode ends.


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