Bawara Dil

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Soni and sidhi come to the table to see shiva sitting with the own family. Soni says we gained’t inform them whatever, they may be all so glad, if we inform the truth then a fight will escape. Sidhi says we will’t conceal it. Soni says yashwant goes to mumbai today, if shiva receives to recognize then he’ll go crazy, please don’t tell them. Sidhi hugs her and takes her to the table. Sarkar comes there and sees shiva, he goes from there. Mangala asks soni in which had been you? Yashwant asks why do they appearance traumatic? Shiva asks soni to reply. Sidhi says in reality.. Soni says i slipped in the washroom, it’s suitable that sidhi got here and saved me on time. Sidhi makes soni sit down down. Shiva seems on. Within the house, sidhi tells soni that we have to tell the reality to the family now. Soni says what will happen then? Don’t inform something to shiva anything as he will kill sarker and visit prison. Sidhi says don’t you want sarkar to be punished? Soni says i am pleading with you to not inform whatever to shiva.

Sidhi says k, i can continue to be silent. You’re high-quality right? Soni hugs her and cries. Shiva comes there and asks why is she crying? What befell? Soni says baba goes to mumbai so i am unhappy, she is going from there. Shiva asks sidhi if there’s something else? Sidhi says nothing, she was telling the fact. Shiva begins leaving but sidhi stops him and says baba is leaving the following day at 8 pm, i idea to tell you. Shiva says thanks. Sidhi says mention.. She stops herself. Bhavin is trying for sarkar to open his room door. Bai comes there and knocks on his door. Bhavin says he isn’t answering every person. Bai asks her guards to break the door. They spoil it to find sarkar isn’t in his room. Bai says wherein is he? Bhavin says something is inaccurate. Bai asks to name shiva. Yashwant is leaving the house. Mangala asks him to attend to himself, i would be involved for you.

Yashwant jokes that she never makes tea for him anyway. Soni is crying, yashwant hugs her and says don’t worry. Yashwant takes away sidhi from there. Sidhi asks yashwant what took place? He says i need to ask for some thing. Sidhi says i’m your daughter, just order me. Yashwant says i realize your courting with shiva is suffocating you now, you need to be free from him but are you able to please provide me four months? Can you provide me that time? Sidhi says the entirety and now even four days are tough for me. Yashwant says one marriage makes quite a few relationships, while a marriage breaks, it breaks many hearts. I recognize shiva has done many stuff wrong however he has been responsible for the residence. I recognize you are the right lady for him, he isn’t incorrect. He’s simply exclusive. I like my son loads, i have hope for a miracle, i am soliciting for my son’s destiny from you, are you able to provide it? He folds his hand. Sidhi says the truth is that marriage is at a dead-end however your love and appreciate are so precious to me. Yashwant smiles and says my blessings are with you. Yashwant is leaving the house. Shiva is looking ahead to him.

Yashwant looks at his cycle. Shiva says don’t worry, i’m able to deal with your cycle. I’m able to drop you off. Yashwant says no go away it, i can take this burden however in case you want to proportion my burden then pay attention to me. He tells him that stop this house’s daughter-in-law from leaving this house. I don’t recognise how you will keep this relationship however you need to do it for this family. Your one decision will make the whole lot proper. A residence is bolstered with relationships so just attempt to protect them. Shiva touches his feet. Yashwant asks him to take care and leaves from there.

Akka bai is worried. Bhavin says shiva isn’t always taking his call. Bai says shiva never ignores our calls. She calls shiva. Bunty brings shiva’s telephone. He is taking the decision. Bai says sarkar is missing, he says what? Bai says i just need sarkar again in half an hour, shiva says don’t fear and ends the decision. Sagar involves akka bai’s residence. Bhavin says sarkar changed into partying with sagar yesterday. Bai asks what occurred at the birthday celebration? Sagar says i don’t recognize in which he’s however on the birthday celebration.. He tells her the entirety. How sarkar kept a watch on soni and made him put a faux snake in the washroom. Then sarkar started out leaving the eating place and informed sagar that his sister won’t be spared. Bai is shocked to hear all that and asks if shiva knows anything? Sagar says i don’t recognise. Bai says if shiva unearths out then he received’t spare sarkar.

Shiva asks his men to appearance anywhere for sarkar. He tells jalwa to move and have a look at narpat’s farmhouse. Sidhi comes there. Shiva says to jalwa that narpat is bai’s enemy so he might use sarkar as a weapon towards bai. Jalwa says i don’t suppose narpat has the guts. Shiva says i’m hoping so however he has carried out whatever with sarkar then i will reduce his palms. Sidhi enough of this drama. I’m able to’t see this drama taking place anymore. Shiva asks jalwa to go away, he goes from there. Sidhi tells shiva and says i received’t be silent anymore, i need to show you the reality of folks who you believe you studied are your very own. I promised a person but i’m helpless to break it. You are searching out sarkar however he need to be hiding his face because i slapped him the day before today. Shiva is stunned. She says sarkar was molesting sonal in the eating place’s washroom.

She tells him the entirety, how she stuck him and slapped him throughout his face. Shiva receives angry listening to that. Bhavin comes to bai and says i’ve discovered sarkar, he’s at your farmhouse. Shiva comes to the farmhouse and sees sarkar sound asleep there. He wakes up and asks what are you doing here? Shiva punches him and says how dare you to touch my sister? He slaps him tough. Sarkar says how dare you beat me? Shiva says i’m able to destroy your palms these days. He beats him. Sarkar says i am your brother. Shiva says i have to beat you in front of each person so no person can disrespect women like that. Sarkar tries to run away from the farmhouse but shiva runs at the back of him. They both prevent as akka bai arrives there. She sees sarkar mendacity at the floor and included in blood. Sarkar cries and says your dog beat me a lot, i told you this dog will bite, he’s biting his proprietor now. Bai glares at shiva.

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