Bawara Dil

Bawara Dil 30th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

He says i knew you’ll come. Siddhi tells narpat to come back to the point. Narpat says at some stage in opposition siddhi will feed intoxicated laddoo to shiva and as a end result he will fail to win the competition. Narpat’s competitor will win. Siddhi says how can she believe narpat. What if shiva drowns in the water in subconscious nation. Narpat says first pay attention to me nicely. He provides his men can be there to shop shiva. As soon as his accomplice will win the opposition they’ll move underneath water to take him out.

Siddhi says she will’t believe him. Narpat says reflect onconsideration on sonal and additionally akkabai will lose her control over rudrait too. Siddhi gets confused. Shiva practices for the competition and goes below the water. Jalwa says his timing and overall performance is great.

Shiva will win the competition for positive, he broke his previous record too. Shiva remembers sonal’s words and says he received’t permit something incorrect appear to sonal. Narpat gives knife to certainly one of his men. He tells the man or woman to stab shiva under water and latter replies if each person will check his clothes where he will disguise the knife. Narpat replies noone will suspect him and shiva will be dead.

Shiva says after day after today’s competition siddhi and sonal each will now not misunderstand him anymore. Jalwa says he is also certain approximately that. Shiva involves his room and is going to sleep. Siddhi and shiva take a look at every different. Siddhi thinks she has to do the work for sonal’s sake. Shiva says it’s approximately sonal’s lifestyles no longer approximately akkabai.

Siddhi looks at him. Shiva’s family do the aarti. Mangal receives satisfied questioning sarkar and sonal’s marriage will occur after shiva will win the competition. Shiva says he has to win these days at any fee. Sonal thinks she can kill herself if her marriage gets fixed with sarkar. Shiva and siddhi’s lockets get caught with each other and that they proportion an eyelock. Mangal separates them.

Everybody reaches the event spot. Shiva comes out of vehicle and appears at sonal. He thinks he has to make sonal accept as true with her brother,

he’s going to strive his degree great. Sonal looks tensed. Narpat meets siddhi and tells her he’s glad that siddhi agreed to aid him. Siddhi reminds him of his promise and says shiva should he secure after the opposition. Narpat offers fake assurance and says she have to not fear as he doesn’t like dirty politics and he respects yashwant and ishvar too. Narpat gives her laddoo packet and tells her to feed shiva. Narpat manipulates siddhi and the latter says she thoroughly knows narpat is likewise egocentric like akkabai.

His intentions are wrong however her intentions are not incorrect, she is doing it for her loved one’s safety. Siddhi tells narpat no longer to interrupt his promise. Nothing have to happen to shiva. Sarkar and akkabai arrive at the feature. Mangal greets her. Akkabai tells sonal that soon she becomes her daughter in law. Sonal receives irked. Sarkar looks at sonal. Shiva thinks today he’ll win the competition for sonal and her life gained’t get ruined. Siddhi thinks after ingesting this laddoo shiva will lose the game and akkabai will lose her role too.

Akkabai tells siddhi to present a dance performance as she danced well at some point of gondhal competition however akkabai couldn’t watch her performance. Shiva gets embarrassed and signals siddhi now not to say sure for performing in front of each person. However siddhi is of the same opinion and says she can do shiva’s aarti too. Later she starts offevolved dancing. Jalwa notices narpat’s guys are discussing something. He tries to overhear however someone takes jalwa from there. Siddhi even as performing slips and shiva saves her from falling. Siddhi does the aarti of shiva. She hesitates to feed the intoxicated laddoo to shiva. Shiva seems at her.

nalini slaps randhir. She asks vijender to throw out randhir and amrit from the palace. She says kaveri issues for me, she gave me a evidence. Amrit asks what proof. Karam comes there.


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