Bawara Dil

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Shiva ties Sidhi’s back dori and ventures back. Jalwa shouts to him so Shiva begins leaving however Sidhi stops him. She inquires as to whether he is going to her home for the capacity? Shiva says no. Sidhi says I advised you such a lot of last night even after that.. Shiva thinks she is gloating about the watch she purchased. Sidhi says did you by any chance hear what I said last evening? Shiva says you attempt to focus on things, I have no motivation to go to that capacity. Sidhi figures he doesn’t think often about his sister. Sidhi says our marriage is for imagine purpose till your decisions so isn’t that reason enough? She goes from that point.

Ishwar and Malini are inviting individuals to the capacity. Sidhi comes there so Malini embraces her. Sarkar comes there and welcomes Sidhi. She thinks I wish Shiva would come for the wellbeing of his sister, don’t have the foggiest idea what Sarkar is doing. Sidhi blends with her family members. Sarkar attempts to prod them so they disappear. Sidhi reveals to Sarkar that I realize you can’t regard ladies yet no one can affront a lady in this house. It’s a devi day so don’t attempt to do anything. Sarkar says I have come to learn things. Mangala comes there with Soni. Sarkar contacts her feet and goes close to Soni. She gets terrified. Sidhi scowls at him.

Shiva goes to the kitchen and searches for food. He finds a lunchbox that has a message from Sidhi that assuming he gets eager, he can eat it. Shiva begins eating and peruses her further note which says that you can fail to remember your obligations however I can’t. Jalwa comes there and how about we go to the capacity. Shiva says I need to go however Sidhi.. he figures she helps all that like out on me. Jalwa says regardless of whether this marriage is for a half year then you need to satisfy your obligations. That Sarkar is available in the capacity as well. Shiva looks on.

Sarkar blessings gajras to the ladies in the capacity. Sidhi comes to Kiran and says I need your assistance. This Sarkar.. Kiran says I realize he is attempting to act pleasant however his expectations are bad. Sidhi says indeed, assuming I get going, would you be able to if it’s not too much trouble, watch out for Sonal? Kiran says sure. Sarkar goes to give a gajra to Soni yet Sidhi comes there and takes it from him. She says it should be for me, bless your heart. Sidhi takes Sonal from that point. Sarkar is irate.

Scene 2

The gondal work begins, Sidhi is as yet sitting tight for Shiva and petitions God for him to come here. Sarkar continues to eye Sonal. Sonal goes to Sidhi and inquires as to whether Shiva didn’t come? Sidhi says not yet, she thinks I feel he would come. Sidhi says don’t be dismal on the off chance that he would not like to come. Sonal takes a gander at Kiran and grins. Sidhi sees it and says what is happening? Sonal reddens and says nothing. Sidhi advises the family to we should celebrate. Sidhi and Sonal dance together. Sidhi pivots to see Shiva entering the capacity. He grins at her. All applaud them. Sidhi goes to Shiva and says you came? Shiva says indeed, you said it’s gathering work so I should come.

The gondal ceremonial beginnings, Mangala reveals to Vailash that I will begin the dramatization when all is good and well. Sonal goes inside the house. Sarkar goes behind her and locks the room. She is dazed to see him there. Sarkar gets her. Sonal cries to let her be. Sarkar tosses her on the bed. Soni shouts for somebody to help her however no one hears her outside as the music is noisy. Sidhi glances around and asks Kiran where did Sonal? He says I don’t have a clue. They go to beware of her. Shiva sees Sidhi proceeded to say where did she go?

Sidhi and Kiran are searching for Sonal in the house. Shiva goes inside as well. Sarkar is attacking Sonal in the room. Kiran goes into the room so Sonal takes cover behind him. Kiran yells at Sarkar what’s happening with you? Sarkar says see you Soni, he goes from that point. Kiran inquires as to whether you are correct?

Sidhi goes into another room and sees her auntie having an assault.

Soni is crying in the room, Kiran attempts to quiet her down. Shiva comes there and blows up seeing him contacting her.

PRECAP – Shiva goes to beat Kiran thinking he was attempting to feel up Sonal. Otherside Akka Bai goes to Mangala’s home and says Sarkar likes Sonal so I need them to get hitched quick.


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