Bawara Dil

Bawara Dil 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sidhi opens her cabinet to locate her old piggy-financial institution there. She breaks it and thinks i can purchase a new watch for baba with this money. Soni comes to sidhi’s residence and looks around for sidhi however sarkar comes to her and says why are you now not accepting my social media appreciate? Is there a trouble? He pins her to the wall. Sonal pushes him away and attempts to run however kiran comes there and asks what passed off? Sonal turns round however sarkar is nowhere to be determined. Sidhi comes there and asks what occurred? Kiran says i can go and look around. Soni tells sidhi that a person proficient me green bangles and that i noticed sarkar here. Sidhi says don’t worry, i’m able to parent this out. I am with you so don’t be scared.

Mangala receives bhavin’s name who tells her to come back and meet akka bai the next day. I suppose it’s associated with sonal and sarkar’s marriage. Mangala gets happy and says thanks. She ends the call and tells vailash that my dream of having sonal and sarkar getting married might be fulfilled soon. Yashwant comes there and says why do you look glad? Mangala says can’t i be satisfied? Sidhi comes there and takes yashwant from there. Sarkar involves bhavin and says it’s time, did you tell her? He nods. Sarkar says desirable activity, time is with me now. Shiva comes domestic and thinks i couldn’t buy baba a new watch even after working the entire day. He sees sidhi gifting a new watch to yashwant.

Sidhi says your son bought a brand new look ahead to you. Yashwant says you recognize i don’t take his cash. Sidhi says you are incorrect, he earned all this money, he spent his sweat entire day in the mandir, he labored hard there, he cleaned the mandir, cooked meals and washed dishes additionally. I saw him there. The flashback shows how sidhi saw shiva running inside the kitchen and the way he was praying to earn sufficient so he should buy a look ahead to yashwant. Sidhi tells yashwant that he labored tough but he didn’t supply this present to you because he notion you wouldn’t be given it. Shiva hides and hears all that. Yashwant says so he labored tough however you are giving his gift to me? I continually need you each to paintings collectively like this. He wears his new watch and says i must visit mumbai. He goes from there. Shiva looks on. Vailash tells mangala that i’ve an idea as a way to make soni and sarkar one for lifestyles.

Shiva comes into his room so sidhi says that take into account you’ve got a debt of five,000 that you need to give me. I’m now not requesting it. You simply wanted to shop for a brand new watch for baba with tough-earned cash so i used some of my very own money. Shiva says your debt is way larger than just 5000 rupees. Vailash tells mangala what if the following day devi enters your frame as it’s gondal. Every body will must take delivery of what devi wishes. Devi can say that sonal and sarkar ought to get married. Mangala smirks. Shiva gives 5000 rupees to sidhi and says it’s yours. Sidhi takes the cash and sees bruises on his hands.

She receives teary-eyed and her tears fall on shiva’s hand. Sidhi brings the first-useful resource container however shiva says my wound is healed now. Sidhi smiles. Sidhi is lying in her mattress and recalls all of the incidents associated with sarkar. She asks shiva if he is wakeful? You instructed me that you are in debt so can i ask for something? I think sarkar is up to some thing, i’m able to solution him returned but if you come to the function.. She doesn’t see that shiva is slumbering. Tomorrow, mangala tells sidhi to get equipped for the gondal feature. Sidhi comes to vijiya and asks if she saw shiva? She says shiva left for work. Sidhi thinks if he doesn’t come to the function then whatever can go incorrect. Sarkar buys some gajras for sonal.

He tells bhavin that no one likes to shop for stained items. I can stain soni nowadays in a manner that no one might be equipped to accept her. Then she may be compelled to return to me. I can give her that stain. Sidhi tells soni which you don’t have to worry when i’m with you. Just be there with me only. Soni nods. Sidhi gets geared up for the characteristic. She attempts to tie her dori. Shiva comes there and looks away. Sidhi tries to tie it however can’t. Shiva is going and enables her in tying the dori. Sidhi is tensed. He nods at her. Sidhi thinks i desire he would come to the characteristic so nobody would be involved.


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