Bawara Dil

Bawara Dil 2 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

scene 1
sidhi is worried and thinks who have to have leaked the video? Where is shiva? Soni comes there and asks if some thing turned into found? Sidhi says shiva hasn’t come till now. Vijiya comes there and strikes with soni, soni says sorry and selections up her diya. Sidhi calls jalwa however he’s not choosing up. She says that is all because of me, i ought to have just mopped the floor. Vijiya says he became assisting you as your husband, he cares approximately your research so it’s fine.

Mangala comes there and says this all befell due to this woman, she wants to examine and wreck our lives, she will be able to’t even mop the ground. Akka bai scolded shiva due to you. In case you need to examine then why every person have to pay for it? Sidhi says it has nothing to do with my research. Mangala says shiva mopped the ground because of your studies, every body must be laughing at my son, i promise my son that i received’t do some thing horrific however if some thing occurs to son then i’m able to kill you. All are greatly surprised. Mangala tries to depart however slips and falls down. All rush to her. Mangala says that is black magic carried out by sidhi, she is doing all this. Shiva comes there and asks what passed off? Mangala says your wife pushed me, she made my again harm. Sidhi says i didn’t do anything. Shiva asks her to prevent it and takes mangala inside. Soni asks sidhi to not worry and allow’s visit the doctor. Sidhi and soni come to the medical institution. Sidhi sees sagar there and sees him with narpat’s man, they force away. Sidhi thinks what’s he doing with narpat’s guy? Sidhi comes home and sits with shiva. She asks what did the health practitioner say? Shiva says he has given remedy to her. Sidhi says i didn’t do some thing along with her. Shiva says you don’t should give an explanation for, i recognise you wouldn’t deliberately harm her. Sidhi asks if he determined something about the video? Jalwa comes there and says i will’t remember anything, we have to find the fact.

Shiva says i gained’t have any identity left if akka bai disowns me. Sidhi looks on and asks jalwa to loosen up and attempt to bear in mind who he met these days. We can remedy this. Jalwa says i made the video and confirmed it to my buddies, then i left the smartphone inside the jeep.. Yes sagar got here there to invite approximately shiva. Sidhi says what? Shiva says sagar is sidhi’s brother so he can by no means do whatever like this. Sidhi thinks i saw sagar with narpat’s guy. Sidhi comes to her house and meets sagar. She says you gave shiva’s video to narpat’s man right? Sagar says it’s no longer like that. Sidhi says just inform me in case you gave the video to narpat or not? Sagar says you’re doubting me? Sidhi says you came to my residence however didn’t meet me? Sagar says i wanted to fulfill shiva and he changed into now not there so i left. Sidhi says you obtain the video from jalwa’s telephone that’s why you left right? Sagar says sure, i’m operating for narpat but i’ve not anything towards shiva or akka bai. I’m doing all this to help bai. Sidhi says how? You are focused on an harmless man. Sagar says you care about your husband now? Baba could be glad to hear this. Sidhi says it’s not like that, you cheated and went in opposition to him. Sagar says i recognize what i did and i will talk to akka bai. Sidhi says then come domestic with me, she will be able to communicate to shiva. Sagar says i’m able to speak to her by myself terms. Sidhi says i’m able to inform our mother and father in case you don’t include me. Sagar says now you’re threatening your brother? Sidhi says i am now not, you realize when your name got here up, shiva trusted you completely and said you could’t do it, in case you confess then it will likely be salvageable otherwise i’m able to have to tell.

You’ll stoop low in his eyes and you understand how he is, he beats first and then talk. Sagar gets scared. Jalwa cries and tells shiva that i’m able to take the blame, i can lie that i took money from narpat. I know akka bai is god to you and you may’t be away from her. Shiva recollects a flashback of ways once he had by chance hit a man and the police caught him. Akka bai came to the police station and informed him that she could contend with him and not anything will appear to him from there onwards. The flashback ends. Shiva hugs jalwa and says nothing will occur to you. Jalwa cries and says i did a mistake. Shiva says i can go to narpat and ask him to admit if he wants to live. Bai comes there and asks shiva if he has the solution to her query? Shiva seems down. Mangala comes there and says sidhi need to have accomplished all this, our maid left and then.. Bai says i don’t care what happens in your own home. She asks shiva to reply her otherwise it will likely be their final assembly. Shiva says please don’t say that, you recognize you’re my existence. Bai says you’ve got executed lots for me however i can’t forget about this, i am like your mother so i have to punish you. Will you tell me how that video reached narpat? Sidhi comes there with sagar and says i will solution you akka bai. Bai says so inform me who’s the offender?

The episode ends.


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