Bawara Dil

Bawara Dil 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
akka bai comes to sarkar and says you look satisfied. Are you leaving for bangkok? Sarkar tears the ticket and says i’m now not leaving now. He says you watched shiva will preserve sidhi in line is incorrect, that lady will make shiva right here slave soon. He says i’m your personal blood, you forget about shiva’s mistake which suggests that you are losing manipulate over him but that sidhi is controlling him now. I have made a plan on the way to get that control again.

Just name shiva these days and ask him to come for celebration work. Sidhi is with soni and kiran. She says i am going into the kitchen. She goes from there. A pen drops so kiran and soni each try to take it. Their palms contact at the same time, soni thanks him, shiva comes there. He sees kiran become touching her and shouts how dare you contact her.

You crossed the road so wander away from right here. Soni says i used to be just taking the pen from him. Kiran says i am simply doing my process. Shiva shouts at kiran to depart, he throws money at him and asks him to wander off. Sidhi comes there and looks on.

Shiva asks him to go away. Kiran leaves. Sidhi selections his cash and says don’t brag about your money to every body, you don’t have recognize for instructors and education. I was thinking about a way to take you to my family feature however you prove whenever that you don’t should be involved in something i have to do.

Jalwa comes there and says sorry i got overdue. Sidhi says where had been you? A lot took place due to the fact you were not right here. Jalwa says sarkar called me for some work.

Shiva says i didn’t do whatever wrong, i instructed you all that someone needs to be with sonal and kiran all the time. Sidhi says i used to be with them the entire time and i just went to the kitchen. Shiva says you didn’t see what i noticed. Sidhi says you simply need to peer what you need to. You raised a hand on a teacher, my father is a trainer too. If you think like this then you’ll insult my father too. You are so cheap. You have hurt kiran’s self-respect with your black cash.

Simply listen to me now, i will restart the training the following day and i’m able to sit with them. Shiva says kiran won’t come back after that insult. Sidhi says if a husband has done a mistake then his wife will make an apology. I’m able to do whatever but i can bring kiran lower back. She is going from there. Shiva receives a name.

Scene 2
sarkar looks in the mirror and says nobody can forestall the wedding now. He wears a turban. Bai comes to him and says take it off. I’ve called shiva, you could’t say that i’ve lost control over shiva. I’m able to prove to you that i’ve full manipulate over him.

Sidhi is calling jalwa however he isn’t always selecting up. Soni says he should be with kiran. Sidhi says jalwa is sort of a brother to shiva, he never denied shiva anything. He turned into coming right here nowadays additionally but sarkar called him.

I assume sarkar is gambling a few recreation here. I simply need to talk to jalwa first. Shiva meets akka bai. She says you know the entirety now? Shiva says i have labored for elections with you only and now..

Bai says if my son is taking interest in politics then i need him to lead. You may be dependable to sarkar such as you had been to me right? You will be with him at every stage right? Promise me. Shiva remembers sidhi’s phrases and says sure, i can be with sarkar. He goes from there. Bai tells sarkar that you noticed shiva can in no way say no to me.

Kiran comes to meet ishwar and says i am going to my village. Shiva comes there and says you can’t go away kiran. Jalwa calls sidhi and says shiva went to meet kiran, i am scared that this rely can increase. Sidhi is taken aback and says i am coming there. Sidhi comes to her house to peer shiva selecting up kiran from the ground.

She rushes to kiran and shouts at shiva how can you stoop this low? What have been you doing? Sidhi says i’m really sorry kiran. Kiran says i am definitely great, i simply slipped and shiva turned into helping me up. He apologized to me and asked me to come again. I’m able to restart lessons from tomorrow.

I understand why shiva got indignant within the morning, it’s k now. Sidhi says he got here to apologize to you? I notion.. Shiva says you thought i got here to beat him, you have to realize the reality earlier than blaming absolutely everyone. Ishwar looks on. Sidhi ignores him. Ishwar asks sidhi to stay for some time.

Shiva says give her some water, he goes from there. Sarkar says bai won’t pay attention to me till i prove that shiva is going in opposition to her. I idea shiva wouldn’t come today however he got here like a domestic dog whilst mother called him. He calls jalwa and shouts in which are you both? You want to assist me. Jalwa says we came to sidhi’s mother and father’ residence.

Sarkar says virtually? He thinks shiva left birthday party paintings to go to meet that teacher. Ishwar and sidhi come to fulfill akka bai. Ishwar invites bai to their characteristic. Bai says i recognize sidhi need to want me there but i have birthday party paintings. If i’m able to’t come then i will ship sarkar in my region. Sidhi glares at sarkar.

The episode ends.


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