Bawara Dil

Bawara Dil 17 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Scene 1
Ishwar says Shiva made such delicious food, he should keep coming here. Shiva smiles and says for sure. Sidhi looks on, he covers the plate and eats his food but he notices it so Sidhi looks away.

Sidhi comes to the kitchen and looks at the food Shiva made, she smiles and starts eating from the pan. She says hmm, he speaks bitter words but can cook well. Malini comes there and catches her. Did you like your husband’s food so much that you are eating here too? Sidhi says I was just tasting it. Malini says I will pack it for you. Sidhi says no need for it. Malini says fine. Sidhi says if you are forcing then I will take it. Malini smiles and says Shiva can reach people’s hearts with his food. He came here for dinner but made it himself, he didn’t show any attitude or anger. Sidhi glares at her and says are you done praising him? Malini gives her packed food. Sidhi hugs her.

Shiva and Sidhi are leaving for their house. He asks if she can go home alone? Sidhi says yes but you are not coming? Shiva says I had some work, Akka Bai asked me to do it but I sent Jalwa so I have to go there now. Sidhi thinks he gave Akka Bai’s work to someone else for my parents? She says thank you. Shiva says why? Sidhi says I saw my parents happy after such a long time so thank you. Shiva says we have to do some things to show off to the world. Sidhi says what are you saying? Shiva says not me, I am doing all this for Akka Bai. Sidhi looks away and says what other reason you would have, thank you for clarifying it otherwise I thought.. Shiva says what? Sidhi says nothing. She takes out the tin pack and says you know I thought you cooked this food from your heart but you did all this to show off for Akka Bai only. It was such good acting that even I thought you were doing all that for my parents. She goes and gives the food to a beggar. She tells Shiva that our paths were always different so you can to yours while I go on my own. She leaves from there. Shiva looks on.

Ishwar tells Sagar why he is sitting in the house and not doing anything? Look at Sidhi, she is still trying to study. Sagar says I have been hearing that Sidhi is good and I am useless. Malini says listen to your father once. Sagar says you will take his side only. Ishwar says you should start working. Sagar says I was working but Sidhi’s video came out and my business flopped. Ishwar says then go out again and find work. Go to the city. Sagar says I don’t have the investment to start a new business, do you have money? Ishwar says so your pain point is that I don’t have money? You have done MBA so why don’t you try earning? Malini asks them to stop fighting, we will talk later on. Sagar angrily leaves from there.

Scene 2
Sidhi is busy studying. Shiva comes there and sees her water bottle empty as she tried to drink from it. Shiva silently takes the bottle from there and fills it. He puts it back there without disturbing Shiva but Jalwa comes there and says you are here Shiva? Sidhi turns to see him standing there. Shiva takes Jalwa from there. Sidhi takes her bottle to fill it but sees it’s already filled. Sidhi says how did it fill? Did that ill-mannered man do it? She looks on and drinks. Soni comes there crying. Sidhi rushes to her and asks what happened? Soni says I failed my first semester so I will fail my finals too. Sidhi says don’t worry, you will pass the finals. Mangala and Kaka come there. Mangala shouts why are you making my daughter cry? Soni says I failed my semester. Mangala laughs and says it’s not a big deal, it’s not like you will become an officer, it’s good that you failed so end this college drama, start learning to cook so you can cook in your inlaws house, unlike some girls. She taunts Sidhi. Soni says I will study and pass my finals. Mangala asks her to come for the shopping. Soni says I failed and you are worried about shopping? Mangala says don’t talk to me like that otherwise I will slap you, stop this college drama now. Soni says I want to graduate. Mangala says to leave it as Sarkar.. Kaka stops her and says let’s go. They both go away. Soni tells Sidhi that I want to graduate. Sidhi says everything will be fine, don’t cry, she hugs and consoles her.

Soni shows her report to Shiva and gets scared. She says I am sorry, I failed my first semester, I won’t graduate like this. Shiva says how can this happen? You were studying so what happened? Soni says I find English Literature hard, I don’t have help. Shiva says you should have told me, it’s okay, we will get a tutor for you. Who is your teacher? Soni says he doesn’t teach tuitions. Shiva says I will talk to him, he can’t say no to me. Sidhi comes there and says I can tutor Sonal. Shiva is surprised to hear that. Sidhi says I can teach her if you don’t mind. Shiva says but you have to study for your exam too. Sidhi says I will manage, I will study and I will make Sonal study too. She wants to study so that’s the best thing, she will become an inspiration for every girl. She might not have studied because of the house environment but now I will make sure that she gets good grades in her finals. Soni smiles. Sidhi says I have a question? You don’t mind her studying? Shiva says why would I mind? I am not educated but my sister’s dream will fulfill, an educated girl can choose between right and wrong better. He smiles at Soni. Sidhi looks at him in surprise, she tells Soni that we will start studying from now on. Soni hugs her and smiles. Soni says I will study hard. Sidhi says I am sure. Sidhi tells Shiva that I know you don’t mind her studies but your mom does. Shiva says she is my responsibility, nobody will stop your or Soni’s studies. Sidhi and Soni smile happily.

PRECAP – Shiva tells Sidhi that you took off my tension by agreeing to teach Soni so tell me your fees. Sidhi says I lost my peace by marrying you, can you repay that? Shiva says you always think foolish things? Sidhi says Soni is my own and you want me to get paid for her? She throws clothes at him. Shiva asks her to calm down and throws clothes back at her. Sidhi shouts ill-mannered.


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