Bawara Dil

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Scene 1
kiran tells soni that i will give up the magnificence now. Soni says i’m sorry approximately how you have been treated. Kiran says no worries. Sidhi comes there and thanks him. Kiran says don’t embarrass me. He goes from there. Sidhi tells soni that we must tell everything to baba, soni says i don’t need this to return up. Sidhi says we’ve got to attend to this problem earlier than it goes out of hand. Sarkar involves akka bai and says i want to marry shiva’s sister soni. Bai is bowled over. Sidhi is setting out her bangles and one destroy on her wrist. She says some thing incorrect is going to happen. Akka bai tells sarkar to go to bangkok on excursion, you want it. She is going from there. Sarkar says i should do some thing huge so she will give me attention in conjunction with shiva’s own family. Shiva involves sidhi and says your mother got here to meet you. He sees a wound on her wrist and asks what took place? Sidhi says my bangle broke. He says we can visit the medical doctor. Sidhi says no i’m quality. She starts offevolved to go away however shiva which you have to have complained to her approximately me that’s why your mom is right here? Why do you have to inform her about our circle of relatives subjects? Sidhi name callings sure i complained to her about you, come with me so i can inform her in front of you most effective.

She shakes her head and leaves. Shiva says she is always taunting me. Malini meets sidhi’s own family and says we got here to ask you over gondal feature. We need to have a good time it because of sidhi’s end result. Mangala says you should show her mark sheet. Sidhi thinks she knows that shiva burned it that’s why she is soliciting for it. Shiva brings a replica mark sheet and suggests it to malini. Sidhi seems on. Malini invites shiva to come back for the function. Shiva says i have a whole lot of paintings so i will’t come. Yashwant comes there and says we can come for certain. Sidhi talks to malini. She asks if something is incorrect? Shiva showed me a duplicate mark sheet. Sidhi says yes, i referred to as for a duplicate simply to save the original one. Malini nods and asks her to put on a few bangles. Sidhi says i’m not a television serial daughter-in-law. I can talk to shiva and ask him to come back over for the function.

Malini smiles and leaves. Sidhi thinks how will i convince him? Sidhi comes to her room so shiva acts like talking on the decision. He thinks if i am getting unfastened then she will taunt me. Sidhi calls him and his smartphone earrings. Sidhi says accurate acting, you ought to be wondering that there is continually some thing going on with my circle of relatives. Shiva says i don’t assume that however if i go along with you then you would possibly insult me in front of your circle of relatives too. Sidhi says so you need to behave like a lion now? Sidhi attempts to cover her wrist wound. Shiva offers to bandage it for her but she attempts to push him. Shiva holds her hand and bandages her wrist. He says i’m simply seeking to be careful, if i was insulted as soon as then i must research my lesson and live away. Sidhi says this stuff don’t have any connection. Shiva pulls her nearer and says you keep reminding me that i am a goon, i married you forcefully, i am wrong..

If i go with you then you definitely might insult me if the songs prevent gambling or something else. I am answerable for the whole thing wrong on this world. Every time i attempted that will help you, you’ve got just insulted me in place of thanking me. He turns to leave however the lights go off. Shiva gets scared and hugs sidhi tightly. Shee activates the phone mild and says the entirety is satisfactory, i’m right here. Shiva appears at sidhi. She says i’m right here with you. They sit on the mattress. Ishq ki gustakhiyan plays. Shiva teases if she will be able to insult him again? Sidhi says in case you taunt me then i can turn off the flash light. Shiva pulls her nearer and says no, please.. Sidhi smiles at him.

The lights come returned so that they both move faraway from every different. Shiva is going to lie at the floor. Sidhi sits on the mattress and thinks i thought shiva could say he would come to my circle of relatives characteristic. Inside the morning, jalwa is going to shiva’s house for soni’s elegance. Bhavin stops him and says sarkar known as you. Jalwa says i’m busy. Bhavin says you’re pronouncing no to bai? I’m able to tell her you are busy. Jalwa says no no.. I am coming with you. He thinks i must go to shiva’s residence quickly. Kiran comes to shiva’s residence. Sidhi welcomes him. Mangala comes there and says you can wear excellent garments whilst you are coming to someone’s house. Kiran says i am carrying the garments needed to cowl a body. Mangala angrily leaves. Sidhi says sorry to him. Kiran says i ignore individuals who make a laugh of my negative way of life because it doesn’t outline me, my education defines me. Soni smiles at him. Jalwa comes to sarkar. He thinks i need to go to shiva’s house soon because the training trainer ought to be there.

Bhavin calls sarkar and says the tuition instructor is right here. Jalwa asks sarkar what work you have got from me? Sarkar asks him to deliver chocolates for him. Soni reads a lesson which says that a robust woman can arise for herself. Kiran tells sonal that the lesson is that you could take a rise up for yourself. You could have stood up for yourself the day gone by, these things will make you strong. Soni says it’s all simply in books. Kiran says no, the lesson says that a sturdy girl can rise up for others too like sidhi stood up for you. Sonal thinks i couldn’t inform the fact to shiva and sidhi did, sarkar got here right here and sidhi blanketed me. Why don’t have this strength in me? Sidhi hears all that and thinks why i sense some thing incorrect goes to manifest?

The episode ends.


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