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Bawara Dil 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Election Commission of India orders suspension of SP Kannan Tamil News: The Election Commission of India last Tuesday ordered the immediate suspension of former Chengalpattu Superintendent of Police D. Kannan . Following this, he has been transferred to a non-electoral post as per the instructions of the Poll Monitoring Committee.

Kannan’s name was found in a case where a female SP was sexually harassed by an officer in the post of Special DGP. In a letter to the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu, Election Commission Secretary Malay Mallik called for a report following the suspension order by 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

Following this, the Home Ministry ordered Kannan to be posted as SP in the Chennai Commercial Crime Investigation-CID Division. IPS officer E. Sundaravathanam, who was transferred from the post of Deputy Commissioner of Transport, North Chennai, has been posted to the post of Chengalpattu SP. It is said that the Chief Electoral Officer of Tamil Nadu has sent the report of the State Home Ministry to the Election Commission which ordered the transfer of Kannan on March 8. In it, it is mentioned that this officer is being investigated by the Criminal Branch-CID under the Tamil Nadu Women Harassment Prevention Act.

Considering the gravity of the case and the report of the Tamil Nadu Home Department, d. Mallik says the commission has advised Kannan to be suspended immediately and disciplinary action to be initiated against him. Female S.P. Kannan was accused of trying to stop him from going to Chennai. He later said he acted on the instruction of a high-ranking official.


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