Bartonhill Government Engineering College, Thiruvananthapuram opens the way to the possibilities of translational engineering course. The course was started anticipating the future potential of translational research in the field of engineering and provides excellent career opportunities as well as molding socially responsible engineers. In 2015, M. in Translational Engineering from Barton Hill Government Engineering College, Thiruvananthapuram. Tech, the program started.

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18 students have the opportunity to study in a year. Out of this, eight seats are in various Govt. Reserved for in-service engineers in departments. Those interested in becoming translational engineers who have completed B.Tech in any engineering discipline can join the course. Students will also get necessary financial assistance under the Project Assistance Scheme for expenses related to project works.

The objective of the course is to mold young translational engineers with the skills to start new ventures for the benefit of the society and problem solving skills in social issues. A two-year Translational Engineering M.Sc., run by the College’s Translational Research and Professional Leadership Center. Tech Course A.P.J. It is affiliated to Abdul Kalam Technological University and recognized by AICTE.

Cooperation agreements and MoUs with various government institutions, agencies, NGOs etc. provide opportunities for students to engage in socially responsible projects. The center has internship agreements with five universities internationally. So far 22 students have completed two months long international internships. Five students were able to successfully complete the credit transfer envisaged by KTU through the residential courses of IIT Madras.

Social responsibility camps, contact visits to IITs and the Earn While You Learn scheme play a major role in molding translational engineers. This course is not only helpful for comprehensive personality development and expansion of leadership skills of the students but also to develop their skills in entrepreneurial activities. Translational engineers are distinguished from other disciplines by their in-depth knowledge and expertise in various disciplines.

The services of translational engineers/scientists are crucial in the decision-making and decision-making process of societal issues. The State Planning Board has earmarked Rs 200 crore in the current financial year for setting up translational research centers in universities in Kerala.

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