Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 8th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with anirudh pronouncing i’m able to now not see you, i can prevent the lighting of the entire world. He breaks the lighting. He says no mild and no reflection now, we gained’t be visible together now. Bondita says we are able to be visible together. He says i don’t want to see you, stay away, don’t come here, else i can shoot myself. She says you promised to provide your life for me, no longer take your existence because of me, why do you hate me, tell me, why did you wreck my dream. He says dreams broke with the relations. She asks why, solution me. He says your circle of relatives cheated my family, we attempted to befriend them, however your family took revenge, they poisoned the goodies and fed us, my own family had tolerated lots, we got a lot harm, we didn’t forget about that. Somnath says anirudh got some letter and went to old palace. Trilochan says he would have long past to trap the thief, ask the guys to be geared up. The informer hears this and is going to tell chandrachur approximately it.

Chandrachur asks his guys to take the weapons. Anirudh says thakumaa’s lies and cheat created this enmity between the two families, villagers got worried in this. She asks why are you sacrificing our lovely relation. He says due to the fact you are from krishnanagar. She asks why did you care for me while i was away, due to the fact we’ve got a relation. He says we haven’t any relation, you had been my obligation, however you aren’t that now. Anirudh says i satisfy my guarantees and obligation, but i also fulfill my enmity, the day you became a barrister and fulfilled your desires, my duty ended, i left your hand that day. Bondita cries and says no. He says simply keep in mind one element, we have no relation now, our paths are so exceptional that it’ll never meet. Dur hai ek udaasi…plays… he says that is our closing meet, i’m able to in no way see your face. He goes. She cries. Trilochan and chandrachur see the durga maa idol. Anirudh comes there and prays. Trilochan says anirudh were given the idol back. Trilochan says cross and seize that thief. Tapur asks bondita to return along with her. The guys search for bondita. The man says there is no one inner. Trilochan says this time you purchased stored, in case you do some thing such again, then i will display your vicinity. Anirudh does the puja. Trilochan smiles. Thakumaa and chandrachur look on from a ways. Thakumaa says after one month, we are able to win the sword preventing competition, we are able to get the puja rights. Trilochan says its not suitable to dream in day, we are able to always win inside the puja. Bondita lies on the swing. She recalls anirudh’s words and cries.

Tapur comes and receives involved. Sumati asks what occurred. Bondita’s buddy calls her and says anirudh might be so happy with you, right, he made you wear the robe and hat, proper, he would have hugged you, this is your actual victory. Bondita takes the receiver. She says i misplaced, i was looking ahead to this moment, anirudh got here in the front of me, anirudh doesn’t even want to look my face, he said i was just his responsibility, we have no relation. Chandrachur gets happy hearing this. Bondita says everything were given over. Chandrachur thinks you misplaced, this is my win, anirudh left from her lifestyles for all time. He is going and beverages. He dreams of bondita. He says anirudh broke her heart, now she can realize how a great deal it hurts. Chandrachur dances with his guys. Jhoom le…. Plays… its morning, sumati and everybody worry for bondita. Tapur says she is heartbroken. Chandrachur says i will ruin the door. Bondita opens the door and is derived out smiling. She recalls a ebook falling down in the front of the idol. She thinks durga maa gave me a signal to hold courage. Sumati asks wherein are you going. Bondita says i m going to the court, i have courage, i prayed that i get my first case. Sumati blesses her. Thakumaa additionally blesses. Bondita is going. Chandrachur thinks its excellent she regular her broken coronary heart as destiny, i’m able to coloration her in my colour. Sumati thinks bondita is gaining knowledge of to cover her ache from me. Bondita is going to a person to take the case.

The man says its now not a woman’s paintings to fight a case. The men gossip approximately bondita. The man says you want a man’s call on your identity, you have come to combat a case for guys. All of them snort. Bondita says you men also want aid from women. She asks do they have an identity without their mum, wife and daughter. The guys leave. She coughs with the aid of the smoke. She asks kaka to forestall. Kaka says let me do my work. Bondita says i came here with my hardwork, i don’t have any paintings because the society stops girls, this thinking will exchange now, knowledgeable ladies gets respect. She leaves. Bihari sees her and comes to her. He asks her to return again to haveli and go back vintage anirudh to them. She cries.

Precap: bihari begs bondita to go back vintage anirudh. She receives a letter. She reads approximately a lady coming next week to look at. She thinks i m in love with anirudh. She thinks to visit haveli as vejayanti and realize anirudh’s emotions.


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