Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 6 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anirudh analyzing bondita’s letter. She writes i will by no means lose and run away, i m your stubborn student bondita. She thinks i made you read the letter, i can know your emotions quickly. Chandrachur says i had taken the proper selection, bondita had left me in mandap and ran with anirudh, i got here right here on this haveli as jamai, i had made their enmity get sturdy, today those households’ enmity have created a wall among each the villagers, none can cross this wall or destroy it, bondita can in no way be a part of this relation, she can see her happiness burning, anirudh will burn her dreams.

Bondita involves tapur and says i’m able to practice oil for your hair, we’re nonetheless sisters. She asks approximately durga temple. Tapur says its no longer in our vicinity now, the puja rights are with tulsipur humans, we can’t pass there. Bondita asks did we divide durga maa additionally in our enmity. Tapur says sure, person who wins the sword fighting healthy gets the risk to do puja, anirudh is triumphing considering that 3 years, he practices inside the temple compound and additionally teaches his village human beings, he has turn out to be a volcano now, he may additionally burn everything. Its morning, anirudh comes to the temple.

He recalls thakumaa’s cheat. Bondita prays to durga maa. Anirudh gets tilak accomplished by way of the pandit. Pandit blesses him to win. Anirudh trains his people and fights with them. Bondita covers her face. She comes there. She thinks i experience scared seeing you with the sword. He goes to her and says sword fighting is a game of awareness and sight, in case you lose the sight, then you will lose your neck, do you need to win or lose. Bondita thinks i’m able to contact your ft rather placing. He says be brave, come on, strike. She moves. She falls in his ft. She touches his foot. She thinks he’s my guru, his blessings are imp for me. He teaches her. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…. Performs…

she runs upstairs. The fight maintains. She receives a wound on her returned. Anirudh gets taken aback. She runs away. Chandrachur gets prepared. He scolds tupur. He asks her to worry for her sister. She asks what happened to tapur. He says i m speakme approximately bondita. She says i don’t regard her my sister, i don’t care. He says i don’t take care of you, however bondita. She says you continue to like her. He asks her to peer her ugly face.

He says i received’t allow bondita make a relation with anirudh. Anirudh runs after bondita. He says your wound turns into painful if you don’t do the resource. He does the aid to her wound by making use of haldi lep. The turban falls off. Her hair receives loose. She asks who’re you. She says its up to you to determine, sakha babu. He says bondita. He asks her to head. She asks however why. She feels hurt. He says you’ll simply get ache and sorrow, simply move. She says i m equipped to endure any wound, simply solution my questions, then you may take any choice. He says go away my hand.

She says i can in no way go away your hand. He says i don’t have any solution to your questions. She says i m not able to become aware of you, you are hesitant to take my call, why don’t you name me barrister babu bondita, you’ve got proven me this dream and fought the sector, you have got grew to become away and don’t want to see my face, why, inform me, why did you convert a lot. He hears someone coming. He ties her up via the curtain.

He sends her out of the temple. He asks her to by no means come again, he doesn’t want to see his enemy’s face, she is from krishnanagar. She says nice, i can pass, however i’m able to come again for positive, until i am getting solutions from you, i can maintain coming and ask for answers, our enmity is deep now, we can have a deep friendship quickly.

Precap: bondita prays in the temple. The person says the durga idol is missing. Anirudh gets a letter from bondita. He reads, in case you want durga maa to come back back to you, then come to the antique palace to meet me. Somnath seems on.


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