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The Episode begins offevolved with Bondita pronouncing the witness will deliver the statement, the identification can be simply recognized to the choose, no person else. Subodh thinks she has nicely organized, I will see her. He says I should ask something. Bondita says you could ask them later. Subodh asks the ladies why did they get overdue to return back, whilst they’re true. Tapur says I didn’t had braveness, whilst Bondita insisted me to mention.

Subodh says Bondita has compelled them to present the statement. He confuses Tapur. Bondita says Subodh is attempting to feed his phrases into my witness. Subodh says whilst a female comes to inform approximately her private secret, it manner its associated with her respect, you imply you and Chandrachur had illegitimate relation, Anirudh has helped you. Bondita says I object, its incorrect to elevate a finger at my witness’s character. Subodh sees Tapur tensed and thinks she is the actual witness. He asks what type of garments did you put on that night, changed into your frame element visible thru that clothes, changed into your shirt tight, did you need to draw Chandrachur.

Anirudh receives indignant. Bondita says I object. Subodh says whilst Anirudh got here there, how did he see you, did you had saree for your frame or now no longer, whilst Anirudh stored you, on which a part of your frame did Chandrachur hold his hand. Bondita says I object, he’s scaring my witness.

Subodh says if she has come to mention the fact, then she need to say it, she didn’t lose her respect, a person misplaced his life, she will run away, she has to inform us, changed into there everyone else besides Anirudh and Chandrachur, changed into there any love sport happening among Anirudh and her, that Chandrachur had witness. Bondita says you’re pronouncing a lie. She asks Tapur to mention the fact, she is with her. Tapur says that night….

Subodh says Bondita is attempting to pressurize the witness. Judge says your witness will should solution Subodh. Tapur says Chandrachur changed into in that room, Anirudh got here… Subodh says Anirudh got here and noticed you with Chandrachur, it manner they each fought for you. Tapur says yes. Subodh says it changed into a combat among guys for one female, there’s not anything like dropping respect. Tapur says its now no longer right,

Chandrachur… Subodh asks did you adore Chandrachur, do you adore Anirudh. Bondita says I object. Subodh asks Tapur to mention the fact, what relation did she had with Chandrachur, what relation she has with Anirudh. Tapur says I don’t need to mention anything, forgive me, I don’t need to inform any fact, its my mistake, I need to have now no longer come there. Tapur and the ladies run out. Trilochan and all of the human beings come in. Subodh says you gave little little bit of braveness on your witness, you stated you’re a storm.

Subodh name callings Bondita. He is going to Anirudh and talks grimy things. Anirudh receives indignant and catches his collar. He scolds Subodh. Judge shouts order, order…. Bondita asks Anirudh to prevent. Anirudh says I can’t prevent, Chandrachur had attempted to molest that female, this guy had insulted her, he’s a devil, I will kill him. Subodh is going to his desk and liquids water. He says I relaxation my case, my goal changed into now no longer to insult a female, however to show that this guy is mad, if he can threaten me withinside the courtroom docket, then can’t he kill Chandrachur, his mad testimonies are famous.

Subodh says to procure faux witness, your lie won’t work, fact is Anirudh has killed Chandrachur in his anger. The choose says the closing listening to can be on Vijay Dashami day, if Bondita doesn’t get any evidence, then the decision can be given, the courtroom docket is adjourned until subsequent listening to. Bondita meets Anirudh withinside the jail. She says I even have misplaced today. He says no, you’ve got got organized nicely,

you’re a terrific barrister, you couldn’t fall low as that barrister, Tapur had fallen weak, don’t pressure her to return back withinside the courtroom docket. She asks what is going to I do then, there’s no manner to store you. He says there can be a few manner, I need you to win this case, your win will create history, in case you don’t win, then no female will dare to come to be a barrister, ladies will look at and deliver a solution to the guys, you may be their ideal. She says yes, I will discover the fact, lie’s Raavan will burn on Vijay Dashami, I promise, I will now no longer prevent and lose till I discover a evidence in your innocence.

At home, Bondita cries and prays for Anirudh. She does the aarti. Somnath comes and says police has given Chandrachur’s belongings. Bondita checks. She remembers Thakumaa’s phrases. Thakumaa says I will make a brand new ring for you. Chandrachur says no, this antique ring changed into given to me through Baba, it protects me, I will now no longer dispose of this. Bondita thinks why didn’t that ring come. She says I will hold this with me. Tupur seems on and thinks Bondita can attain the fact. Bondita thinks is that this the clue with the intention to join the damaged link.

Precap can be delivered later.


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