Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bondita saying I need some time, I need to brush. She gathers her sack. She figures how might I meet you after I disappear. Sampoorna asks where did Anirudh take Bondita. Bihari says I don’t have the foggiest idea. She says you would know it. She admonishes him. She requests that he say where they are. She lifts hand. Trilochan comes and blows up on her. He asks her not to commit such an error, else he will fail to remember as far as possible. He requests that Bihari leave. He says regardless of whether Bihari knew it, he would not advise you, he sees Bondita as the proprietor, not you, avoid Anirudh and Bondita, go. She goes. He says possibly I discover some sign in Anirudh’s investigation. Anirudh requests that Bondita pick up the pace. He says I had kept the brush. He gets the sindoor box. She says it had accompanied my garments. He requests that she come. She says I will consider and satisfy your every fantasy, except was it devil to break our connection, wouldn’t you be able to make something new by breaking the old.

Trilochan says I need to send some assistance to them, I need to bring them home. He searches for some sign. He says I can discover some ticket or receipt, to know where they have gone. He gets a record. He checks the all inclusive school structure. Anirudh says like we have numerous approaches to arrive at an objective, your inquiry has numerous answers, I will offer you the correct response when opportune opportunity arrives, not currently. She gestures. He says its fundamental that we leave currently, come. She grins. They leave. She sees the sindoor box left there. Rishta tera mera… .plays… They arrive at the live-in school. Trilochan and Bihari come there. Anirudh says you here, who disclosed to you that we are here. Trilochan giggles and says I didn’t turn into a landowner very much like that, I have come to take my bahu back. Anirudh says she isn’t your bahu now, I got her here to secure her.

Trilochan says I will keep her ensured. Anirudh says she can’t remain in tulsipur. Trilochan says I have considered the big picture, I will get the haveli, when you wed her once more, who will try to say anything, when everything occurs by all customs, nobody will try to hurt her, wed her. Anirudh says you realize that I had committed an error once, you need me to rehash that botch, you need to smash her fantasies, no, we won’t go through a similar torment once more. Trilochan says take your choice back, I realize Bondita is your reality, wouldn’t you be able to see her tears. Anirudh says her tears will turn into her grin in future. He requests that Bondita come. Trilochan requests that Bondita contend and disclose to Anirudh that she is disturbed, she needs his friendship perpetually, ask her better half’s privileges. She cries. Anirudh requests her to think from her future. Trilochan requests that she come clean. Anirudh says I will offer you every one of the responses, however at this moment, she doesn’t need to stop, assuming she stops, numerous young ladies’ future will endure, they can’t dream or satisfy dreams, stride ahead Bondita. He says numerous young ladies’ future will be assemble, have an independent perspective and different young ladies for whom you will end up being a motivation, I realize you will take the correct choice. Trilochan says think regarding family. Anirudh says think regarding the young ladies. She holds Anirudh’s hand. Anirudh grins. They go to go. Trilochan holds his chest. Bihari yells. Trilochan tumbles down. Anirudh and Bondita get stunned and raced to Trilochan.


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