Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bondita crying. She discovers Tapur terrified. She eliminates the mask. She says Tapur, you don’t have to kick the bucket, I will not allow anything to happen to you. Tapur embraces her. She says Chandrachur was gravely looking at you. Bondita reviews his words. Tapur says that terrible individual didn’t cherish Tupur, I went to your space to advise this to you, he was stowing away. FB shows Tapur coming to inform Bondita regarding Chandrachur.

He gets her. She says leave me. He slaps her. He says you will malign me, you could do without your sister’s bliss. She says disgrace on you, we thought you love Tupur, you are fouling up with Tupur and Bondita. He says you will tell when I leave you, how I planned to manage Bondita, I will do it with you. FB closes. Tapur says he is an awful individual, he contacted me. Bondita says excuse me, you needed to go through that aggravation as a result of me, I did this show to realize what happened that evening, pardon me, its my slip-up, don’t get frightened, I will not allow anything to happen to you.

Tapur says Anirudh saved me, he stayed quiet to save my regard, he took a chance with his life, so I planned to kick the bucket that evening. Bondita embraces her and says quiet down. Thakumaa comes. She overlays hands and says pardon me, Tapur revealed to me everything, I asked her not to say, on the off chance that her reality comes out, her life will be demolished, who will wed her, how might she carry on with her life alone, Anirudh got this, so he stayed quiet, I beseech you, save her life from getting destroyed, I will save Anirudh, I guarantee, I will do puja day and night, I know certain individuals who can make Anirudh run from the prison, you guarantee me, you will not let Tapur’s life get demolished, you will save her person from getting stained. Bondita cries.

Its morning, Bondita meets Anirudh in the police headquarters. She requests that he fill her maang with sindoor. He inquires as to why, is there anything exceptional. She says get it done. He fills her maang. She contacts his feet and takes favors. She says you are exceptional for me, I can gladly say that I m your significant other, you are at least Lord for my family, you acknowledged the discipline to save Tapur’s regard. He asks how… . She says you demonstrated that you have satisfied my wedding’s condition, you turned into Tapur’s sibling and Thakumaa’s child, I feel honored to get a spouse like you. She cries. He wipes her tears. She gets angry with him.

She says on the off chance that a spouse is cheerful, a companion is disturbed, you didn’t keep your subsequent guarantee, you kept quiet, even an understudy is angry with her instructor, you helped me to stroll on the correct way, and stayed quiet to cover reality, why. She says you showed me everything, for what reason did you do this. He says I m right even today, your schooling was my obligation, I have shown you everything, Tapur is unique, she isn’t care for crude soil, it ought to be her choice to bring her reality out or not, I can’t drive my standards on her, assuming reality comes out, she can’t bear the weight,

Tapur can’t stop the insults, its not her slip-up, her childhood happened that day, what’s the utilization on the off chance that we bring reality out, whom will be demonstrate as the offender, Chandrachur passed on, what’s the utilization, the men-driven society needs to make somebody a guilty party, everybody will point fingers at Tapur, attempt to comprehend, she will be rebuffed for reality, I won’t allow Tapur to take her life. She cries.

She grins and expresses profound gratitude Durga maa, you made this connection of instructor and understudy more grounded, every one of my mistaken assumptions got cleared, I will light the mental fortitude fire in each young lady, we need to change each young lady to change the general public, each young lady should battle for her regard, Tapur is powerless, however she will not be feeble consistently, you made one Bondita, there will be various Bondita in each home. He grins.

The man says Bondita would discuss her better half’s case. Subodh says you are insane, she realizes that she lost Anirudh’s case, think what is she conversing with the appointed authority, getting decked up and grinning. Bondita comes. Subodh asks did your confidence end on the laws of equity, that you are attempting to satisfy the adjudicator, its not your error, a lady’s solid weapon is her person, ladies finish their work, the manner in which you were attempting to satisfy the appointed authority, what occurred. Bondita requests that the appointed authority see,

what is Subodh saying about his person. He says no. She snickers and jokes. She says its simple to startle and overcome you, you don’t have a status and right to say about a lady’s person, when a feeble man can’t battle with a lady, then, at that point, they assault on their person, it will ruin your own person, clean your inclination and set up a contention, else this time you will get crushed by a lady, you will not have the option to show your face, even to a man.

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