Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bondita reviewing Chandrachur’s injury. She asks Somnath did you see Chandrachur getting injured. Somnath says no, I saw him lying in torment and did the guide, for what reason are you inquiring. She says nothing, much obliged. She says possibly Chandrachur got injured previously and acted to get help by Somnath, he might have gotten in the event that he went to a specialist outside, so he utilized Somnath, assuming he was the cosmetics craftsman, for what reason was he abducting me, what had occurred. She hears Tupur crying. She goes to see. The family sobs for Chandrachur over his body. The white material moves off the dead body. Bondita doesn’t see the injury. She gets stunned.

She thinks his left leg had an injury, yet there is no imprint. She asks Somnath can any twisted recuperate and not have an imprint. He says dead body was in the waters and afterward kept in ice, perhaps stamps get cleared off. Thakumaa requests that Tapur come, send Chandrachur on the last excursion, its pixie to do, come. Tapur blows up. She tosses the blossoms on the dead body. Bondita thinks Tapur is additionally acting bizarre. Bihari comes and requests that Bondita accompany him, he needs to show something. Bondita sees a consumed saree and offered it to Tapur.

She says its Tapur’s saree, for what reason did she consume it, nobody should think about it. He says nobody would know. Bondita comes to meet Anirudh. She shows the consumed saree. She asks are you stunned, you figured I will not have a clue about reality on the off chance that you don’t advise me, I became acquainted with the reality of you, Tapur, Thakumaa and Chandrachur. Anirudh says in the event that you became acquainted with reality, guarantee me, you will not constrain Tapur to go to the court, it ought to be her choice, you will not ask her, guarantee me. She requests that he tell the whole truth, she realizes it however needs to know from him. Anirudh gets back.

She inquires as to for what reason are you quiet, advise me. He says you need to know the whole truth, I will advise you, truth is, you are lying, you know the fragmented truth, you are playing a game with me to cause me to admit the whole truth, I will not say. Bondita says indeed, I m playing a game, however not intended for myself, as far as you might be concerned, you have shown me barristry. He says I guaranteed Tapur, I can’t come clean with you. She says fine, I will discover reality, I will demonstrate you guiltless and take you home, it will be Guru dakshina for you, I m sure that you will be glad for me, you will say bravo Bondita. She leaves.

Subodh sees her and stops to insult. He says certainty and confidence don’t exactly measure up for a lady’s eyes, yet tears. Anirudh looks on. Bondita asks is your Gyaan over. Subodh says accept it as Gyaan or guidance, you can beseech me and say you won’t ever get equivalent to men, then, at that point, possibly my heart melts and I can get his discipline reduced, you will get saved from turning into a widow, you can keep red tone sindoor in your maang, do you have a scarf. He gives her a handkerchief and says in the event that you don’t pay attention to me, use it to wipe your tears.

Bondita says I don’t know will I giggle or pity your reasoning, I feel you are losing the land under your feet, accept my recommendation, ladies are made by uncommon soil, they turn delicate in spouse’s affection and turn strong as rock to ensure a husband, I will demonstrate Anirudh blameless and take him, we ladies can battle a case and win likewise, do you have a bandanna, no, then, at that point, keep this. She returns the scarf. She says you will require this to wipe your perspiration in the court after my contentions and confirmations. Anirudh looks on.

Tapur gets stunned seeing Chandrachur coming. She hurries to her room. She says don’t approach, I didn’t tell anybody that you don’t adore Tupur, you were severely looking at Bondita, don’t approach, leave me, I didn’t tell anybody that you assaulted my regard and attempted to stain my spirit, I will not tell anybody, I planned to pass on, I didn’t kick the bucket, I will not tell anybody that Anirudh is quiet a result of me. Bondita is in the mask. She gets stunned.

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