Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bondita thinking there is a missing connection, I didn’t find solutions from Tapur. She sees somebody’s shadow and goes to see. She thinks there is nobody here, possibly Tupur stayed in bed Thakumaa’s room. She proceeds to check Tupur’s room. She gets Dhaka’s tickets. She reviews things. Tupur comes there. Bondita returns hearing some strong. Tupur stows away from her and goes out around evening time. Bondita goes to the room and sees Tapur tumbled down. She asks are you fine, for what reason did you get on the seat. Tapur says I was taking some stuff, I lost equilibrium and tumbled down. Bondita thinks what’s happening with she. She sees the fabric lying there. She checks and says Tapur, what were you going to go, for what reason were you going to hang yourself. Tapur says no. Bondita says advise me, what’s wrong, I m your sister,

you can reveal to me everything. Tapur cries and says really… . Thakumaa signs no to her. Bondita sees her in the mirror. She thinks what truth is Thakumaa rejecting her to say, its identified with Anirudh. She says I can hardly imagine how you are preventing her from saying reality, I have seen you marking her no. Thakumaa says I didn’t sign anything, I heard the sound and came. Bondita asks Tapur. Tapur says no, I didn’t see Thakumaa. Bondita requests that she say reality. She says Tapur planned to end it all. Tapur says no, for what reason would I do that, my saree was stuck. Bondita says investigate my eyes and say. Thakumaa says we are there to help, however we can’t uphold you in the franticness.

Bondita sees Tupur coming from outside. She really takes a look at the tiffin. She requests whom did you take this tiffin, advise me. Tupur says for my significant other. Bondita gets stunned. She asks what, for Chandrachur. Tupur says indeed, its better half’s work to take care of a spouse, he was dozing since three days, he would be ravenous, so I took his fav food, however he declined, he said he would not like to have, I demanded him and took care of him myself, he would be resting in harmony now. Bondita asks how are you frantically talking, he is dead at this point.

Tupur says he isn’t dead, he was killed, his spirit is meandering, he requests that I get equity for him, none can stop me. She goes. Bondita says i’m not sure how to save Anirudh, how to discover any proof. She thinks and gets miserable. Anirudh shows up. He says you need to battle for equity, only one thing is demon, that is truth’s triumph over the falsehoods. He energizes her and makes her wear the lawyer robe. Rishta tera mera… plays…

He says when you wear this, you are only an advodate, don’t allow relations to debilitate your objectives, it ought to be the triumph of equity and truth. She embraces him and says I can never be distant from everyone else and frail until you are with me. Her fantasy closes. She glances around. Bondita says there is somebody whom Anirudh is attempting to save, I need to find that individual and get reality out. Its morning, Bondita does the aarti. She offers prasad to Tapur and Thakumaa. She says its Durga Maa’s sign, truth will win on Dashami day, I trust Durga Maa.

Sampoorna checks the wedding pics. She says I miss Anirudh more seeing the pics. Trilochan says I used to move miserable in the event that he disappeared, he isn’t here at this point. He says Bondita is coming, Sampoorna stow away the pics quick. The children stow away the pics. Bondita gets the prasad for them. Shashwati and children say we petition God for Anirudh to return. Bondita says I guarantee, I will get Anirudh back soon, proceed to contemplate.

They go. Bondita offers prasad to Sampoorna and Trilochan. He favors her. She sees the pics. She sees Chandrachur’s pic. She reviews. She thinks he had attempted to abduct me. She thinks who is he, how to discover, the eyes look recognizable. She really takes a look at Chandrachur’s pic and matches with the other pic. She thinks it implies Chandrachur had come to seize me.

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