Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Bondita coming to Tapur. She says you already were given ready. Tapur says I notion you won’t come. She argues and is going. Bihari comes and says Anirudh requested you to get the presents saved for the groom. Bondita opens a cabinet and receives the letter. She says I wrote Tapur’s letter for Somnath, what’s it doing here. Batuk appears on and remembers maintaining the letter with the presents. She says it method Tapur didn’t deliver this letter to Somnath, then why did he deliver her a flower. She is going to Somnath and enables him. She says you examine Tapur’s letter and selected her gift than the past, you take delivery of this relation proper, will you preserve this relation all life. He says yes, I don’t have any hassle with it. She smiles. Trilochan comes and asks him to look the Shiv idol, display it to Tapur also. Bondita asks why. Somnath says Tapur wrote this withinside the letter that Shiv ji’s idol is likewise located in our temple, I fulfilled her condition, you consider me now, proper. She says yes. He is going. She thinks to locate the fact.

She tests the drawer. She receives the letter. She says its a faux letter, how can this take place, I actually have to inform this to Anirudh. Somnath and Tapur take a seat down for the engagement. Bondita asks Sampoorna and Bihari approximately Anirudh. Sampoorna says he became here. Bihari says he went to get shagun things. She is going to the room and says its proper you’re here, I m in a large hassle, Tapur is mendacity to me, its now no longer Somnath’s mistake, he has a proper to realize the fact, we concealed the fact, if Somnath is aware of that a person attempted to stain Tapur’s dignity, he’ll assume that we cheated him, perhaps Somnath breaks the alliance. Trilochan turns and shouts. She worries. Batuk comes there and smiles. She remembers giving the pink stole to Batuk. Batuk remembers giving it to Trilochan. Bondita says forestall, I will inform you, don’t say anything, the visitors are here. Trilochan throws the presents. Bondita says I beg you, don’t say anything. He says no rasam will take place here. He requests them to depart. Somnath asks what happened. Trilochan says lie doesn’t closing for long, you acquire cheated, its proper I were given to realize this from Bondita, a person had attempted to destroy Tapur’s dignity. Everyone receives shocked.

Bondita says I will restore everything. Everyone is going. Batuk says I will see him. Bondita asks why didn’t you inform the fact to Somnath before. Tapur says forestall faking issue for us, forestall this drama. She scolds Bondita. Bondita cries. Tapur says you aren’t satisfied with this alliance, I heard it that night. Bondita says I wasn’t feeling proper. Tapur asks what, that an everyday woman is turning into Roy Choudhary bahu. Bondita says pay attention to me once, don’t pass. Trilochan scolds Tapur and Tupur. He says my bahu shouldn’t cry, depart. Bondita says they’re my sisters. Batuk says I will take care of Bondita. He sends Trilochan. He says anything happened, I take the blame on myself, I will give an explanation for Kaka and Somnath, don’t depart the house. Tapur says don’t fold hands, please. He says you don’t need to live beneathneath the equal roof as Bondita, you live in our different haveli, you’ll be secure there. Tupur says okay. He thank you them. He stops Bondita and says you shouldn’t pass there, you ought to wait, don’t worry, they may be secure there, I will carry them back. She asks really. He says really. He thinks you snatched my brother, see how I grab your own circle of relatives from you.

Its morning, Trilochan says I won’t permit Bondita visit the court. Bondita says I will do all of the paintings from home. He says no want to do any paintings. Some guys come. Bondita asks why didn’t you ship the case papers. The guy says we known as you a lot times, a person stated barrister Bondita doesn’t live here. Trilochan sees Batuk. Bondita asks what, its our number, I will see the case document now. The guy offers the case and is going. Trilochan says it happens. She asks how can this take place. Batuk says simply permit it be. A woman comes and hugs him. She says I ignored you, my sweetheart. Trilochan symptoms and symptoms him. Bondita makes her away and asks who’re you, via way of means of what relation are you hugging my husband. The woman says sorry, love is blind, I noticed him after a protracted time, I m Mallika, do I want to inform our relation, I m Batuk’s girlfriend. Bondita thinks why is she calling Anirudh as Batuk. Everyone appears on.

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