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Barrister Babu 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Batuk asking what are you saying. Bondita says you didn’t recognize gambling the mouth organ, did you research this overnight. He asks are you doubting me. She says yes, its a spouse and barrister’s paintings to discover the whole reality. He says k my Lord, I will inform you, after I changed into locked withinside the jail, a fellow prisoner taught me to play this mouth organ, you weren’t there, I changed into by myself and this mouth organ changed into with me. She says you aren’t by myself now, why have been you staring this %, elders say that pregnant women need to see the person, like whom she wishes the child to grow to be. He asks her to simply see Anirudh’s % each day. She asks why will I see this %, while you are in the front of me. He says you may see this %, child need to be like this. She asks him to sit, calm down, what befell. He sees Tapur coming. He says I changed into wondering, are you now no longer satisfied with Tapur and Somnath’s marriage. She says its now no longer like that. He asks aren’t you now no longer satisfied, don’t you need the wedding to happen. She says yes, I m now no longer satisfied. He asks why don’t you need the wedding to happen. Tapur hears this. Bondita says Somnath…

He drops the mouth organ. Tapur is going. He says sorry, what are you saying. Bondita says I don’t discover it proper. Its morning, Batuk shouts and asks Bondita to pop out now. She asks what befell. He asks wherein is my watch. She says you’re shouting for that damaged watch, its withinside the proper place. He asks what’s the proper place. She says I gave it to the junk trader. He asks what, you didn’t ask me. She is going and applies the tika. He says I need my watch. She smiles and receives a few container for him. She asks him to take it. He says thanks. She says I were given a brand new look ahead to me, it’ll appearance true in your wrist, its true, proper. He throws it. He says I need my vintage watch, its valuable for me, it changed into junk for me, it changed into Anirudh’s….. it changed into my fav watch, wherein is that junk seller, I will discover that watch. He is going. Trilochan appears on. Bondita alternatives the brand new watch and receives sad. She says don’t recognize what befell to him, he has modified a lot, I m now no longer capable of apprehend his love or anger, I sense he isn’t my husband however a few stranger. He hears this.

Batuk stops the junk buyer. He asks approximately the watch he were given from Roy Choudhary haveli. He says I need that watch, search for it. He receives the watch and will pay the cash to the person. Trilochan involves him. Batuk says Bondita is mad, I were given the watch. Trilochan says you made Bondita dissatisfied again. Batuk says you understand its Anirudh’s watch, what it method to me. Trilochan says its Anirudh’s remaining signal for you and me, now no longer for her, you’re Anirudh for him, girls have sharp instincts, if she doubts and unearths the reality, then Anirudh’s child…. Batuk says it won’t happen, I promise, I will communicate to her with love. Trilochan says take care.

Batuk involves Bondita. She says your complete reality is in the front of me. He asks what reality. She says the reality of your change. He says I don’t apprehend. She says I understood the entirety now. He thinks does she recognize that I m Batuk, now no longer Anirudh. He says I changed into going to inform you… She says no need, I understood that some thing is wrong, the person status in the front of me isn’t my husband, so I desired to recognize why are you so modified, why do you fear for the child so a whole lot. He says I will give an explanation for you. She says no need, sit, I spoke to physician, she stated that this occurs, husband and spouse’s lives change, their wondering additionally change, we might also additionally combat and get indignant additionally, I even have modified now, you’ve got got modified, we can simply have love among us, we need to be close, now no longer away. He thinks physician doesn’t recognize the reality, even she doesn’t recognize that that is only a drama. She says I love you a lot, physician stated that a could be mum’s fitness remains true whilst she receives a whole lot love from her husband, say I love you Bondita and provide me a good hug, we turns into vintage Anirudh and Bondita again, you grow to be me and I turns into you. She opens arms.

Batuk says I could have tightly hugged you, however my mannat will break. She asks what mannat. He says whilst we have been getting swayed withinside the river, I changed into scared that we can get apart, I prayed to Durga Maa that we stay together, if this occurs that I won’t hug you and pass near you for a year. She laughs and says I sense you aren’t Anirudh, however a person else. He says now no longer at all. She asks in view that whilst do you trust in this, you’re doing the opposite, what befell. He says I recognize the ache of dropping my pricey ones, I don’t need anybody to endure this ache in our family, I can do whatever for family. She says you adore me a lot. She holds his hand and says I promise, I will help you on your each mannat. He thinks I even have tears, however now no longer for you, however for Anirudh, as soon as I get his child, then I will settle ratings with you.

Precap: Same as remaining episode – A woman comes and hugs Batuk and says, I overlooked you. Bondita pulls the woman lower back and asks who’re you? And why are you hugging my Pati Babu? She says, I am Malika, Batuk Roy Chaudhary’s girlfriend. Bondita wonders why she is looking Batuk to Pati Babu.


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