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Barrister Babu 25th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who has become a global icon, is also known for her fabulous talent as well as amazing fashion sense. She is widely praised for her dress but it has been seen on many occasions that she has also been trolled due to her outfits. Recently something similar has happened once again. A strange dress of Priyanka Chopra came in such a discussion on social media that it started making funny meme in different ways. At the same time, when Priyanka herself saw these mims, she could not stop herself from sharing it.

Actually, actress Priyanka Chopra , considered a fashion icon, recently appeared in Halpern’s green polka dots balloon dress. During this time, when people saw her dress, many people felt this quite funny. Then started the process of becoming mimes, people made a real balloon in this dress with Priyanka’s photo through photoshop, then someone compressed it with puffer fish. Even this dress has been compared to a variety of Diwali crackers and Pokemon.

priyanka chopra

priyanka chopra

priyanka chopra
At the same time, like every time, Priyanka took this entire trend very sportingly and shared these stories made on her own on Instagram. While sharing these memes, he also showed how much he liked it. He wrote that- ‘Thank you guys for making my day’.

Let us know that these days Priyanka Chopra is in tremendous headlines for her recently released memoir ‘Unfinished’. In this book, he has made many shocking revelations related to his personal and professional life.


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