Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 23rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

the episode starts offevolved with bondita asking why didn’t you hit the ball. Anirudh says much like that. She says you regard me a friend, proper. He says dust went in my eyes, so i couldn’t throw the ball. She says great, we are able to see it within the subsequent competition. Sampoorna asks did you see anirudh, he didn’t live his existence well, he works all of the time, he’s with us, he’s gambling with everyone, he looks as if vintage anirudh now, its due to vaijanti. Trilochan seems on. He receives worn-out. He says you all play, i m going. Sampoorna says i m additionally going, you all preserve. Anirudh says i m enough by myself for you all. They play. Bondita goes to maintain the rope and asks anirudh to pull it, they’ll win. She says we’ve gained sakha babu. Anirudh recalls bondita and asks what did you assert. She says i stated we have received. He asks what after that. She says not anything. He says no, you stated something. She asks did you hear something, my dad says that we pay attention what we want to pay attention, inform me. He says nothing. She says then befriend me, i imply smile a bit. He asks what. She says smile a piece.

The children tie them up by a rope. They try to get loose. He asks how did your returned have this deep wound. She gets afraid. She asks what wound. He says you have a wound on your again, inform me the reality, don’t lie. He factors the gun and asks her to say the truth. He says don’t pressure me to shoot you. Sampoorna asks what are you doing, she is vaijanti, she got harm on her back, she instructed me, don’t doubt her, the entire world isn’t your enemy, a few true people are also there like vaijanti, apologize to her in case you suppose you made a mistake. He says sorry, move now. Chandrachur’s guy runs to krishnanagar and thinks i’ve to tell him that bondita is vaijanti. Anirudh sees the youngsters near the sweets. Bondita asks him to see. He sees the rasgulla pots and recollects bondita. She says you believe you studied bondita were given this, i got this here. She stops him from throwing it. He asks her to get away else… she asks what’s going to you do. He says nobody will consume rasgullas.

She asks why. He says its sweet. She asks so what. He says their enamel will get decayed, they’ll get fat. She laughs. He asks changed into it a shaggy dog story. She holds her ears. She says i will devour many such rasgullas. He thinks of bondita. She says my weight don’t get lots, my enamel is robust, every color has its which means, similar to life. He says i don’t take care of all this, i have lived my lifestyles without goodies. She asks him to eat chillies, then he’ll want sweets. He eats the chillies. They get worried. He says i can prove it, i don’t want goodies. Trilochan asks him to prevent. Bondita also goes and eats chillies. She says i also want to expose that i m also mad, i’m able to stop whilst anirudh stops. They devour more chillies. Trilochan asks them to stop the insanity, elders get harm seeing the kids bothered. Bondita asks shashwati to feed candies to anirudh. Anirudh refuses. He says feed it to vaijanti first. Bondita says he will devour it first, then i can have it. He feeds the rasgulla to her. He says never compete with me once more, its simply sweets for you, but for me, its old reminiscences for me, i’ve locked them inside the darkness of lifestyles. She feeds him the sweets. He is going. The person asks chandrachur to prevent. Chandrachur leaves in his jeep.

The man throws a stone and forestalls him. Chandrachur says beat this mad guy. The person asks him to stop. Chandrachur says don’t depart him these days. The man falls down. He receives hit on his head. He says i m not mad. Chandrachur leaves. Anirudh is going to throw the sweets. He remembers bondita and prevents. Bondita involves see. He eats the sweets. He says i’ve eaten your fav rasgulla after eight years on your reminiscence, bondita. Bondita cries luckily and thinks i’m able to convey sweetness lower back to your lifestyles. He smiles. Chandrachur presents a necklace to tupur. He says you will be out of the residence if my 2d wife comes, so i was questioning that i can marry bondita, she takes care of you, she can not throw you out. He suffocates her with the necklace. He says you have to convince bondita. Tupur cries. Anirudh goes returned in the celebration. Bihari says you were going to throw the chocolates. Anirudh says let it’s, feed it to the children. The children get satisfied. They ask anirudh to have it. Anirudh leaves. Bondita thinks i were given you one step toward anirudh, i can make you admit your emotions quickly.


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