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Barrister Babu 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Poet Kumar Vishwas has taken a dig at Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s statement that the government has no control over petrol and diesel. Kumar Vishwas has commented on the increase in fuel prices by sharing a video of a statement by Nirmala Sitharaman. While sharing the video, Kumar Vishwas wrote, “Divine grace means Act of God.” Actually, Nirmala Sitharaman had said in response to the questions of journalists on the rising fuel prices that the government cannot do anything in this matter. He said that the prices of petrol and diesel are decided by the oil marketing companies. The government has nothing to do with this.

Nirmala Sitharaman, while answering the media’s questions, had said, “This is a regrettable issue and no one can satisfy people except the reduction in prices.” Both the Center and the state should talk to bring down the retail fuel price to a reasonable level for consumers. The Finance Minister in Chennai had said that the production forecasts that OPEC countries had projected were also likely to come down, which is again raising concerns. The government is not in control of the price of oil. It has been technically freed. Oil companies import, refine and sell crude oil.

Explain that the price of refined petrol has reached Rs 100 per liter in Anuppur district of Madhya Pradesh and 19 districts of Rajasthan. Not only this, the price of petrol in Delhi is also close to Rs 90 per liter. The government is facing criticism for the rapid rise in fuel prices in the last few days. Meanwhile, to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel, the government is demanding a tax rebate. However, no indication has been given by the government so far. He has also been criticized by the government for raising taxes while petrol and diesel prices are low.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the BJP national officials meeting held on Sunday at the NDMC Convention Center. Party President JP Nadda also addressed the meeting. The meeting took place shortly before the elections in several states. All the national officials of the BJP, the presidents of the states, in-charge and co-incharge of the states and the state minister of state were also attended the meeting.

The Prime Minister started the meeting by lighting the lamp and also addressed it later. The meeting paid tribute to those killed during the Kovid-19 epidemic and a condolence resolution was also passed in this regard. PM Modi spoke to the national officials and addressed their concerns.

BJP general secretary Arun Singh said that during the day-long meeting, assembly elections in five states including Assam, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, self-reliant India campaign and three agricultural laws will also be discussed.

He said that proposals are currently being discussed in the meeting and after the meeting, the outline of the upcoming programs of the party will be announced. This is the first meeting of national officials during the Corona epidemic in which the leaders were directly involved.

This meeting is taking place at a time when farmers of Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh have been agitating on the various borders of the capital Delhi for the last about three months on the three agricultural laws. The agitating peasant organizations are trying to make their movement nationwide and they are constantly attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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