Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 21th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Bondita asking do you remember, you instructed me that you’ll elevate me in hands and take me around. She holds him. He receives away. Batuk says no, sorry, I can’t do this. She asks why. He says you want rest. She thinks why did I sense like I touched a stranger nowadays once I touched Anirudh. Trilochan and Batuk cry for Anirudh. Trilochan says we didn’t get his useless body, however we need to do a little rituals for his soul peace. Batuk lies in his lap and cries. Bondita asks in which did Anirudh’s percent move. She asks Bihari. He says I don’t recognize. Shashwati says Trilochan has taken it with him, I even have visible it. Bondita is going to see. Batuk does the rituals.

Trilochan asks him to position the ultimate chadava. They cry and hug. Sampoorna stops Bondita and asks are you locating Trilochan. Bondita says I needed to ask him, why did he take Anirudh’s percent. Sampoorna says he took it to restore the frame, include me, I want to talk. They move away. Batuk leaves from there. Sampoorna says there are numerous modifications going on in a female whilst she turns into a mother, you and Anirudh need to recognize this. Bondita says I sense the whole lot changed, Anirudh’s conduct has became strange. Sampoorna says perhaps he’s involved after that incident, you each were given stored from the death, provide him a few time, the whole lot might be fine.

Batuk is in a few party. He says how shall I make Bondita undergo this pain, how shall I burn her coronary heart withinside the fire, wherein my coronary heart is burning. He calls and says I need all of the information approximately Tapur and Tupur, their beyond and present, the whole lot. Bondita waits for Anirudh. Trilochan involves her. She says Anirudh didn’t come until now. Trilochan says he met me, he stated he has a few imp paintings, you move and sleep. He is going. Bondita says Anirudh continues his paintings and own circle of relatives time separately, why is he doing this, I sense his conduct different. She says I shouldn’t suppose much. Trilochan remains sad. Batuk receives a call. Bondita sees Anirudh’s percent and hugs it. She asks him to come, she is lacking him. Batuk laughs and says thank you. He says I were given beneficial information approximately Tapur and Tupur, I will use this on an ideal time. He is going to bounce with a girl. He receives drunk. Its morning, Bondita wakes up. She thinks Anirudh will come soon, I gets geared up and do the Durga maa puja. She fixes the percent back. Batuk comes domestic and greets Trilochan. Trilochan asks in which did you disappear at night, this isn’t Italy, Bondita will doubt you, move and persuade her with love. Bondita thinks in which is Anirudh. Batuk comes. She makes an disillusioned face. He says I m sorry. She indicates sorry written on his palms and at the slate placing on his back.

She says I even have forgiven you, why did you live out all night. He says its a hard case, the villain could be very smart, he/she killed someone, every body thinks she is innocent. She says he could be dangerous. He says yes, I even have trapped her/him, she doesn’t even recognize anything, I will seize her whilst time comes. She says very smart, are you able to fill sindoor in my maang. She receives sindoor. She asks why are you thinking, do it. He says actually… She says you forgot, you stated you’ll fill my maang, I m doubting you now. He takes the sindoor box. She says you need to open it this way. He says I recognize. He coughs and drops the sindoor box. She worries.

He says so sorry Bondita, I simply sneezed, I gets one more. She says no, its abshagun. She thinks its superstition, he’s going to scold me. She says don’t worry, I gets new sindoor. He thinks you don’t deserve Anirudh’s sindoor, see what I do. He receives a call. The guy asks is that this barrister Bondita’s house. He says incorrect range and ends call. He solutions once more and says barrister Bondita doesn’t live here. He receives angry. Somnath collides with Tapur. They choose the files. Somnath leaves. Tapur smiles. Batuk thinks see my subsequent plan, you snatched Anirudh from me, I will clutch your own circle of relatives from you.

Precap might be introduced later


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