Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with anirudh and bondita bringing binoy domestic. Somnath treats him. He says we ought to keep him in chains, he has grow to be dangerous for us. Anirudh scolds him and says he’s our dad, he gave us birth, our name, this house, status and everything, you are announcing he will hurt us, can he harm us. They all get unhappy. Anirudh says don’t say that once more. Tapur asks bondita to have meals. She sees pillows in bondita’s region. She shuts the door. She says bondita didn’t change, she has run away again. Thakumaa calls out.

Tapur prays that bondita comes back domestic earlier than her lie gets caught. Anirudh sits sad on the steps. Bondita comes. He says thank you for saving my dad’s lifestyles, i m thinking to take him abroad again and get his useful resource done, he’ll get nice, i strive difficult, but i always lose, i don’t understand what to do, i have never seen him so hopeless before. He cries on her shoulder. Thakumaa and sumati visit bondita’s room. Tapur says bondita gets me scolded nowadays, what shall i do. She looks if bondita is coming. She sees bondita and calls her out. She throws a paper and alerts her. She says come fast, sumat is coming. She throws a curtain down and pulls bondita upwards. Bondita receives interior. Thakumaa and sumati come inside. They ask what’s occurring. Bondita says i used to be doing workout, my back were given stiff. Sumati asks are you exceptional.

Bondita says i m very exceptional, i m flying in the air and smiling, dreaming, seeing someone dear around me. She recollects anirudh. She says i m glad seeing you. Thakumaa jokes. Bondita says i feel like i got a treasure today. Its morning, bondita prays. She says i want to tell anirudh that i m his bondita, whom he loves, each lie will cease these days. Chandrachur’s mum comes and scolds tupur. He argues together with his mum and defends tupur. Thakumaa asks what’s our mistake. Bondita comes and appears on. The woman insults tupur. She says my son has cherished this female, else everyone else could have thrown her out, they didn’t get a infant until now, i need my circle of relatives to head in advance. He thinks mum is pronouncing as i taught her.

Thakumaa says tupur is taking medicines and keeping fasts additionally, she will soon conceive. The female says you comprehend it well, she is infertile. Bondita asks how can you say that, you believe you studied tupur doesn’t want to grow to be a mum, you are taunting her, you aren’t any health practitioner to declare that she is infertile, a child is their private choice, if they’re satisfied collectively, then why are you taunting her. The female asks who’s she to lecture me. Thakumaa says she is bondita. The woman says you ran away from the mandap, you ashamed your family, some thing is happening these days, you are liable for this, you snatched my son’s happiness. He says perhaps this was in my destiny, don’t blame bondita. The girl says we’ve decided to get chandrachur married once more, we can get different bahu to get a inheritor. They get stunned.

Chandrachur says this received’t manifest, mum is indignant, i can by no means permit anyone take your region. Bondita says i m with you on this, we can do this collectively and oppose this practice. He says what can be higher than getting your aid, i can do anything i need whilst you are with me. Tupur feels bad. She thinks i understand he has emotions for bondita even today. Bondita says the whole thing could be satisfactory, don’t fear. He thinks bondita turns into my wife. Bondita comes to satisfy anirudh. She pretends to speak on the phone. He gets stunned and asks you.. She says sure, that is the fact, it got here in front of you after 8 years, you keep in mind you made me drink kada here for the first time, you have got given me this dream to end up a barrister babu. He says you’re bondita. She says yes, i m your bondita, vaijanti is your bondita. She holds his hand.

She says we have a relation, i m now not just your duty, i have study the letters you wrote for me, i recognise that i m on your heart. He says no. She says you adore me as much as i really like you, this is the fact. He says we don’t have any relation. She says we’ve got a relation. He says i didn’t write something like love. She says every but supposed love. He says no, this isn’t the truth, we haven’t any relation. She says this isn’t the reality. Her imagination ends. Bihari comes and says anirudh stated he has a headache, he can’t teach you nowadays, you may move. She thinks to make anirudh confess his emotions first. She says then i’m able to tell him that i m bondita. Anirudh thinks i need to have not told vaijanti my emotions. She comes to him.

He asks bihari to apply oil to his hair. She applies the oil. He sees her and gets away. He says anything happened the day gone by, don’t get any incorrect which means, i shared my ache, but i don’t regard you my friend, i used to be in ache and anger, i m sorry. She thinks you may’t get pleasant with all and sundry, due to the fact bondita is for your heart. She says you needed a few assist, you wanted to share your pleasure and sorrow, i gained’t misunderstand you, you can befriend me whilst you assume i m suitable for it, you may inform some thing is in your heart. She asks him to use the oil. She is going questioning vaijanti turns into your buddy and make you admit your love for bondita. Rishta tera mera…. Plays….


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