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The episode begins with sumati jogging to the master. She asks him to study the letter. She cries hearing bondita’s emotional letter. She says my daughter is coming from abroad. Thakumaa comes and shoots on the master. She says i nonetheless manipulate everything in krishnanagar. Chandrachur says the bullet didn’t hurt you, move now, its now not a crime to read the letter. He is taking the letter and reads. Thakumaa says oil the guns, now bullets could be fired.

Chandrachur asks why, our bondita is coming, we should shower vegetation on her. Thakumaa says bondita has to settle the rankings for 8 years. He says maybe she has come to be a britisher female in london. Bondita is seen jogging. She goes to a british wedding ceremony. She takes her pal’s region within the wedding. She says my friend has long past to marry her lover. She says uncle, i did this in your gain, i’ve stored your money. She lectures her buddy’s dad and mom. She asks the person to bless his daughter’s love, nothing is imp than love. The man asks can everybody provide you with this kind of hazard on your united states. She says a person has given me wings to fly and fulfill my goals, he taught me what’s freedom, he has given me a voice to speak in the front of you. She recollects anirudh. The girl says you are absolutely lovely and also you also are a barrister. Bondita says i forgot, what could i do now. She runs again. Bondita’s name is introduced on the level. She is known as at the stage to get hold of the gold medal. She steps in the door and falls down. She gets up with a bit of luck and goes on the stage. She receives the honor and thankfully cries. The person gets her diploma. She says it took me 8 future years right here, i have usually waited for this second. The man says this became your dream.

She imagines anirudh and says i had to emerge as barrister babu, this wasn’t just my dream, but my teacher’s dream additionally. She says i want to put on this barrister gown through my teacher’s arms, thanks. She is going and makes a desire. She says i can go to india and meet anirudh first. The guy asks what then. She says i can bitch approximately the caretaker. She jokes. He says caretaker is right here, get silent. She says don’t worry, she doesn’t understand hindi. The lady solutions in hindi. She drops her icecream. The woman blesses her and smiles. The guy laughs. Bondita imagines anirudh. He says i assume anirudh has modified. She says he gained’t exchange. He says you furthermore may changed, how will he discover you. She says he’ll pick out me. He says your day to go back to india has come. She receives ready. She wishes for her dear ones. Back in tulsipur, trilochan is visible with the map of tulsipur and krishnanagar. Bihari says i have organized daliya for you. Trilochan scolds him. Bihari says i should make my wife wear the saree, she has pain in her hands. A person comes there to ask about his buddy anirudh.

Trilochan says anirudh is useless, i have erased this call from me long time lower back. Sampoorna talks to her daughter. She says when you consider that bondita left, we’ve got misplaced anirudh also. After few days, bondita travels within the train. She smiles imagining anirudh. She talks to him and gets shy. He asks what do you want. She says i wanted to touch your ft first once i come to be a barrister and are available domestic. She touches his feet. She reaches deenpur. She sees a person dressed as anirudh. She sees someone else and says wherein is anirudh. She sees chandrachur coming. She hides from him. Chandrachur asks the men to search for bondita. She hides in a coal vehicle. She reaches tulsipur. She says how shall i am going and meet anirudh. She enters a few haveli. She reads dogs and krishnagar human beings aren’t allowed here. She is going ahead. She says tulsipur changed plenty. She helps a girl. The girl asks from in which did you return. Bondita says krishnagar. The little boy hits a stone at her. She asks the youngsters to hit rasgullas, as an alternative stone. The boy says due to the fact you got here from krishnagar. The people go away. She gets kidnapped. Thakumaa asks in which is bondita. Chandrachur says she didn’t come. He says she cheated you once more. She sees the guys taking her someplace. She thinks where is anirudh.

Anirudh is seen coming with a gun. The guys say barrister babu will come and determine about the two girls who got here from krishnanagar to spy. Anirudh comes and sits there. The men chant his name. Bondita appears on and smiles. Rishta tera mera….. Plays. Anirudh says we need to do similar to the enemy, we can take a watch for an eye fixed and blood for blood. The person says krishnanagar humans have stopped our grains truck, we can die of hunger this way. Anirudh says they’ve stopped our top, we are able to forestall their water, prevent the river water accomplishing them. The guys chant his name. Bondita thinks how did he exchange a lot, he’s speaking of enmity. The man says krishnanagar humans have sent their girls as spy, we stuck them, you decide on them. She thinks how did anirudh trade so much.

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