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The Episode starts with Bondita and Tapur singing bhajans in the room. Thakumaa comes and gets happy. She says you have learnt it well. She goes. Bondita thanks Tapur for seeing Tupur at the door on time. She goes to the terrace and throws the note. Anirudh reads… I had hidden from Thakumaa and completed my studies today, you send me the notes same way tomorrow. He smiles. Rishta tera mera…plays… Bondita gets the tapes. She hides it from Thakumaa. Thakumaa says you have learnt it so soon, unlike Rimjhim. Sampoorna comes there. Thakumaa says she has come again, I will see her. Bondita sits to study. Tapur stands at the door and guards. Sampoorna says I had come to pay a price for your treatment. Thakumaa says you and your husband have to find a solution for your problem, does he love you or not.

Sampoorna says he loves me a lot, don’t you understand this seeing the jewellery, anyways you won’t understand a husband’s love, did Anirudh come here. Thakumaa says Anirudh will not come here, if he comes, then he will lose his life. Sampoorna says he isn’t scared, you won’t understand love, I came to say that Anirudh has come here to meet Bondita. Thakumaa says don’t tell me stories, how will Anirudh come here. Sampoorna says he will find some way to meet Bondita, maybe I m wrong, but you should check, you can’t treat defamation like illness she recalls seeing Anirudh with the tape recorder, talking to Bondita and recording his voice. She asks Batuk what is Anirudh doing. Batuk says he is recording it for Bondita. She sees Anirudh going to Thakumaa’s haveli and hiding the tapes in the sack. She leaves. Thakumaa shouts Bondita. Sampoorna says Thakumaa will see Bondita now, Thakumaa will become fire and burn Anirudh and Bondita’s relation. Bondita thinks Tapur is singing the shlok outside.

Anirudh is outside. Thakumaa asks Tapur to stop singing. She hears Anirudh’s voice and goes inside the room to check. Bondita hides the recorder. Thakumaa asks Anirudh to come out. Anirudh says Bondita understood the notes or not. He waits. Thakumaa says I heard his voice, where did he disappear. Bondita says trust me, he isn’t here. Thakumaa says you have to win my trust first. Rimjhim checks the room. She says Anirudh isn’t here. Thakumaa holds the pillow. The tape recorder plays. They hear Anirudh’s voice. They see the tape recorder. Thakumaa says you will be punished now. She throws the tape recorder on Anirudh’s head. Trilochan comes and asks Anirudh are you fine. Thakumaa stops Bondita. Bondita cries and says Anirudh got hurt, let me go to him. Thakumaa says I had already warned you, I will break your adamancy now, Bondita will never become barrister babu, you chose education, I choose fight. She asks Trilochan to explain Anirudh. She says I will not spare anyone when its about Bondita. Bondita says let me go. Thakumaa takes her.

Anirudh says I will make Bondita barrister babu. Thakumaa asks Bondita to swear on Sumati, she won’t go and meet Anirudh. Bondita says you can bound me by a promise, but not Anirudh. Thakumaa says family and dreams, they give happiness and sorrow, he isn’t my family, you are my family, I will not let Anirudh reach you. Trilochan asks Anirudh to have haldi milk. He says you are upset here, Bondita is upset there, are you getting anything, you got hurt also.

Bondita says Anirudh will find some way to teach me and make me barrister babu. Anirudh says I m fine. Trilochan says you heard what Thakumaa said. Anirudh says I will open another door if she shuts one. Trilochan asks will you do this always, its Raavan’s Lanka. Batuk says you said Ram has gone to defeat Raavan. Trilochan says she believes in Mahabharat, not Ramayan. Thakumaa says I will not let Anirudh cross this line. Bondita says he never loses. Thakumaa says I won’t him win. Bondita says he is fighting for my win, he respects me and worries for me, he will lose hundred times for my win. Thakumaa says if he loves you so much, then why did he break the marriage, he didn’t keep the relation of love, but I will keep relation of enmity, you swear on your mum, you won’t meet him again, else you will face my wrath, swear now.

Trilochan says even a patient doesn’t want to go to her house, either patient or her maid can go there, do what you want. Anirudh gets an idea. Its morning, Anirudh stops Kamla and asks her help. She says no, I can’t help you, Thakumaa will fire me from job. She gets dizzy. He asks what happened. She says I m feeling dizzy because of fever. He asks why don’t you take medicines from Thakumaa. Kamla says she just treats the rich people. He asks what, she is knowledgeable, and yet she didn’t end the caste difference. He gets water and medicine for her. She refuses. He says humanity is my Dharm, have the water. She takes the medicine. She asks how can I help you. He thanks her.

Kamla goes to Thakumaa and compliments her. Thakumaa asks what do you want. Kamla recalls Anirudh’s words. Kamla says I want a one month leave. Thakumaa says Rimjhim will die if you take leave. Kamla says I will get another maid and keep her here. Rimjhim says then call her inside. Anirudh comes in disguise. He thinks no one can stop me from meeting Bondita.

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